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Posted by Ousmane Diane 2016-05-24

I love this game!!! One idea that they could add is a rematch in vs tournament mode but because some people that I see would love to rematch other people but they can't. Another this is that if you can add people in a friend list so you can keep in touch with people you meet and you'd like to battle them again or become friends. A way the they could do this is to put icon on you and people can click on it to friend, but if you don't want be friends they could reject there invite. Overall this game is amazing and addictive and will do well in the future.

Awesome and really AddictivePosted by Ay men 2016-06-29

The game is even better now with the accessories... but some does not line up with the face like the chin and glasses it goes beyond or above the face and eye.. you should consider this for the next update and also make the training mode more harder for practice. The multiplayer is now awesome with the new maps!!! Also add a Bluetooth multiplayer next time, I would love to play against friends offline.. Add more items to buy as i have a lot of coins and can't spend. Dont forget to add new taunts, greetings and bombs next time.. Great game..! ;-)

Worst game everPosted by No No 2016-05-07

Where do I start,oh yeah the impossible quests that give you a bomb... yeah, and sometimes it's one of those boring bombs like, like a meatball. But if your into food then there you go but then there are boring bombs, that you get for working 24/7 on a quest... even though the cool bombs cost a fortune in real money and what I'm talking about is just the bombs you get from a quest that takes forever, even though you have like 10 hours, then you are on last level and it ENDS so that is why everyone hates it

Please Fix the "PUBLIC GAMES"Posted by Josef Dasmarinas 2016-02-04

The game is totally addicted. However, on the Vs Friends or "Public Games" Whenever I choose a specific Game Room, it always routed me to a different Room and ALWAYS disconnected. I hope this will be fixed for the coming updates. I also want to suggest to add an option to find your own MATCH like "CHALLENGER RANK", Coz like me I am a Supreme Commander, I want to find a match on my Level and I'm having a hard time to find the same level as my rank. I really love this game. I'll wait for the updates. Thanks.

FUNtastic.Posted by Anurag Jain 2016-04-22

But there's a problem. The Controller(Joystick) in the game Sucks. Sometimes it keeps on moving by its own. The problem is not only with my device but many other devices too. Please look towards it and fix this bug! I am Addicted..umm.not only me but many of my friends whom i shared this game are addicted. I think u should add up some more players in a friends match (6-7 players). The game is "FUNtastically Amazing". But bcoz of that bug it stops me rate 5 Stars. Hope u fix this bug and I change my rating.

Ideas for updatePosted by Mabuga Master 2016-04-16

Great game, loved's really addictive.. i have some ideas for the update, add some superhero costumes.. more levels with aliens etc.. and in training mode opponents doesn't use bigger bombs or throw when collected plz fix this.. yup the curse should be specified with different colours for players to know which slows us or make go faster or places bombs automatically.. more than 4 players in tournament.. ghost's curse should only slow player or make go faster, not auto bombs which is suicide..Thank u

2 and a half stars right now.Posted by Antonio Fields 2016-02-11

Yall need to take care of the glitches in this game. It would be 5 stars but this game bs's too much. I lay a bomb down and people get to walk right thru it way after i put it down. But when im right with someone step for step and they put a bomb down im stuck n cant pass it. Then wen i get cursed its always the curse that drops bombs behind me but i rarely see anyone else get that curse. My player stops moving After i put a bomb down and i hafta hurry up and remove again,Those are just a few things wrong.

GlitchesPosted by Tony J Heart 2016-08-15

First after playing for hours it's movement controller joysitck gets glitched n go oposite direction instead of the one where pressed to go and 290 level has way enemies then it should have respawning special bots ok but too quick that's messed up plus so many grey stun n red mine bot makes hard to move quickly or bomb cos either you are stunned or gets stucked by red bomb either by its gas bomb or its death bomb and if u r lucky enough to get away from them then there is this big guy who can't be killed!

HATE IT!Posted by Xin Yi 2016-02-23

Glitches! Theres always these 1 or 2 person in a match that always pass through my bombs after i trap them. And they cant see it. But i can. Then they just won automatically after im left in between the bombs while they just pass through min. Or there will be invisible players placing invisible bombs and i just got easy killed for nothing and theres also some players that can pass through walls and bombing me like wtf was that? Wth is with those intruding ads zzz. Better fix it or im uninstalling THIS.

Hi Hypperkani!Posted by Pither Sutardji 2016-05-21

Thanks for this amazing game! if i would i could rate 100 stars... My character is Congatwz. And plz 1 thing, Plz let the packs be on the levels so people dont have to spend money... I know that you guys want money for succes but... i think its better for that so people can have more fun... since lately i have been promoting the game. like i have tell it to my friends like every people that i know. cause i love this game. Thanks for making this game. bye guys i hope u guys add packs on the levels! Bye!

GREAT STUFF BUT...Posted by NICKY OH 2016-02-14

I seem to have issues connecting to online games. Says data retrieval error check connection when I have WiFi on at a relatively high speed. Some days I can't play at all then others it works fine so unsure if it's google play services errors or if the game servers are down for maintenance. When it does work it's an amazing game but so far it's not worked more than it has so I've had to download competitor options but none are as good so hope this will become full time working and not two days of week!

More skinsPosted by Shani Wright 2016-04-10

Hello could you add more skins maybe more black skins and different culture skins,more clothes, more hats and hairs, got a new idea for curse so where you change into your opponent so you don't know who you are. Also new power up so you can jump over walls 27/100 chance of getting this so you can jump over walls and away from people with invincibility. And one more new power up you get to roll the bomb away from you if there is a bomb right there it cant slide over it should be as rare as 90/100

I don't play video games but...Posted by StreetLife925 RAP MUSIC 2016-04-12

Like I said before, I love this game but I hate it how much it lags and it's not my phone and it's not my internet connection. It just lags I wish you guys would fix this. Smh. (Older review) This game is off the hook!!! Tried it out for some down time/ constructive stimulation and got addicted...I think lol. Doesn't take such a huge toll on your phone as far as size and processing power is concerned. Have fun, maybe we'll get to bomb each other soon!! @JClovesU

LOVE IT!!Posted by Natalie Molano 2016-02-09

Seriously, everyone who keeps complaining about ads.. You can REMOVE them for $1.99 under settings. EVERYTHING costs money, that includes production of this game. Pros: just like bomberman except you can customize your characters, easy controls. Cons: not enough avatars for girls, lags with people across the world, and people who always QUIT during a champion challenge. There should be some kind of penalty for quitters QUITING a challenge, imo. Very addicting game to say the least.

Bomber Friends and a nice Robot QuestPosted by Mario Medley 2016-06-04

I did say that it's not impossible (my apologies RQ). I was hoping this game would have bluetooth connectivity (without wifi or data usage) other than MOGA support so I can play against my son and his buddies when I take them fishing and camping. How about more slots and power ups. What is the arrow for if we can't use it? How about Marvel and DC character outfits and bombs? How about trigger bombs! How about when we play teams online that your teammate's bombs cannot hurt you?!

Deserves zero rating or even negative starsPosted by Abdallah El-Shewkh 2016-02-09

U call this the best bomber man game ? I'm sure I'mn't going to believe that... that stupid dull ad covers the game,I can't just have for a moment fun,15 EGP for only removing some stupid silly ads ? Don't u think it's a little EXPENSIVE ? I'mn't going to pay for that and I'mn't going to rate even two stars until it's solved... please remind me to re-rate if u,Guyz solved that unbelievable disaster (other items deserves 3 stars cause it won't sync and bring me my old account)

Won't let me sign in without changing account deetsPosted by Jewels van Raalte 2016-05-02

Enjoying the game. But. At first I thought it wouldn't let me sign in using my current google games account. Then I just gave it a go and it changed my username and photo instead of loading a new profile. Wouldn't let me just sign in with my original settings for some reason. Now my Google games details were forced changed from the game registration and I can't get my original details back from the Google games hub.

Posted by Naura Nasuha 2016-05-20

Thank you for the quick feedback. unfortunately I've encountered a new problem now. After I updated the app, as you suggested, it seems that everytime I play the multiplayer online mode, it keeps on disconnecting. Is it because of the internet connection or the new updated app? Thank you very much for this amazingly addictive game, however this 'disconnecting' really bothers me at the moment. Pls help. Thank you.

Fun Bomberman clonePosted by Dannie Dorko 2016-03-24

Fun clone of the original Bomberman game, occasional lag once in a while which affects a game where timing is crucial. Not a lot of variation with music, same track is playing all the time when playing online but better in single player, all those aside it is a great game, enjoyable to play and responsive, the option to accesorise is nice with a wide variety to choose from. Overall ★★★★☆

LOVE ITPosted by Brian Breen 2016-06-24

It's. A great time killer and it's very fun with costomise ur character also u get to play against people it's also. challange and u get to quests like robot quest and president it super fun has lots of levels too and I just LOVE IT and my favorite part it's non internet!! I recommend this game if u r looking for something to play when ur board!!! Also thanks for creating this game

Posted by Jamie-Anne Jacob 2016-05-16

Good concept. Glitchy controls. UPDATE: I tried to change the control settings to fix the problem. No difference. Simple controls stopped responding, mid command, and so did the joystick without finger following option. With the finger following option, it would stick and glitch and pretty much do it's own thing. just deleting the app. It might not be compatible with my phone (S3 mini)

Won't lemme go online Posted by Dami Gaming 2016-03-25

Please Can You Let Me Go Online Because My Brother Had This Game For 2 Years And I Started Getting Into The Game Then I Wanted To Download It And I Did And I Pasted Through The Levels ASAP But One Day I Wanted To Play Online But It Wouldn't Lemme Please Lemme Go Online I'll Rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ So Please Oh And Btw Had This Game For 1 Year Already So Please Let Me Go Online.Thanks

Multiplayer games with 2g is not possiblePosted by vignesh v 2016-07-31

The best game ever played.. single player modes are awsm.. robots.. US president challnge and normal mode.. and i should particularly appreciate you on your control setting.. really the best controls i have played.. very flexible.. but connecting to multiplayer game is really not working with 2g connection. Please fix this. I would give you 5 stars if that is done..

connection problemPosted by rock star 2016-05-30

conneting wait conneting wait....... retrying waittt game found conneting waittt........ its very annoying me whats wrong with this game....???? my connetion is okay there is no problm with connetiong than why its not conneting me multiplayer...????????????? no reply from you guys was waiting for your email.... but wait is not ending... no fix :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

AwsomePosted by Mari Watkins 2016-03-09

Love the game but sometimes it backs you out when playing with friends and then to your friends you are just a ghost . Also sometimes it glitches on just your screen and says that you won. One time i was playing with my friend and she could not see me moving. Three things that need improvement. Think about it when the next update comes around.

yesPosted by حبيبي انت 2016-01-31

Hello to my mind is that you are not a lot more to do it in a new thorn in a new thorn in a new thorn in a few days in a few days in a few days in a new york giants defensive coordinator in the world and a few years of his own way to get the most of them to the world and a few years of his own way to get the most of them to the world and a few years of his

Posted by Little robot man, Jr. 2016-05-12

i also suggest that if you could add an ability to the bombers in which you can control of the bomb when to explode. it would be fun, but in world levels only, like the arrow ability. please. i have this idea because i played a similar type of this game and made me so addicted to it. this game will be the bestest of the best if you do it. im excited already

Posted by Xikolos Kihoi 2016-02-25

Hello boomber friend..i like this game very if improve it with add a guild with 10 member in each guild...and fix name so that others player can regconize you...and need game coin to change name...guild with emblem and guild percent win... And if possible add guild large map with max bomb 3 each player... Just suggestion

Google account not signing inPosted by Najira Begum 2016-08-12

Hey I love this game I've been playing it for so long but there's some point it got deleted (factory reset cause keyboard wasn't working!) But I don't rlly mind starting all over that's how much I love but there's one problem it's when it ask u to sign in ur Gmail account so I sign in and takes forever and I tried other account to! Plz fix it

Ads Everywhere..Posted by Aasim 2016-08-01

This game is like that its made for showing us ads only. There are so may ads in app. Video Ads consumes a lot of data. And online game take too much time to connect because the Video Ads are always loaded in the background. Even game stops but ads do not stop at any time. Overall there is a lot of wastage of Internet while using this game.

Robbot quest is too hard.Posted by ian punzal 2016-09-07

I love this game and I'm addicted to it. I already reached level 30 of Robbot quest which is the last stage, but its too hard. 2 cyborgs and another one who's bigger. I cant even get out in the corner with that two cyborgs, its so hard that i think its impossible to end the quest. Can anyone end that quest? Cause its impossible. Really.

the stupid booest bomber game is here! Posted by keseter FTW 2016-01-28

really too manny advertising stop puting advertising in the multiplayer game i delet bomber and freind 4 time and download 5 times or i delet this game again and also when i was rank bengediler it dosent work i still in major even i buy a angle hat the gold ring when i go back on its dont have and i hate bomber and freinds!??!

No more Patience.Posted by Scott Knows 2016-06-05

I am literally uninstalling this app strictly because of how much your analog stick sucks! I have placed a bomb and trapped myself way too many times due to the analog being able to move on the screen. Make an option to where you can lock the analog in place, an I'll come back. Otherwise, I would NEVER recommend this game.

Signing in and Classic modePosted by Esperanza Gonzalez 2016-02-24

I hate it that whenever I play it constantly says that I have to "log in" even though I already am. It had only been three days and classic mode isn't even working. I've gotten pretty annoyed since that started. On the other hand it's pretty good but I'd be happy if those got fixed anytime soon then I'd rate it 5 stars :-)

I can download this but can't Install .Posted by Adrian Remigoso 2016-07-11

Why !? I have tried several times now . Why can I download it but can't install ? All my waiting and patience have been useless . Please help !..... *after reading your reply* I have now cleared the cache and data in Google Play Store . I once again tried installing it . but now it still can't install .. please help :(

Ideas for an updatePosted by Joshua Cornejo 2016-08-26

It was not long ago that the game had an update. My first idea was to let the a.i have tnt and all of that. I really wanted that in the game. My next idea was to a.i a bit more smarter in easy game mode. My last idea was to add a new game mode like capture the flag and conquest mode. Thanks for reading, I LOVE THE GAME

Help to resolve this...Posted by Arwin Santos 2016-07-15

Single game is really okay but everytime i want to connect to my online friends or tournament. I can't connect to them. There a message appeared that "Unfortunately Google play has stopped" then "Bomber Friends is having trouble with google play sevice. If the problem persist please contact the developer assistance".

Great ideaPosted by Jakey Jake 2016-06-14

Super fun game... Serious flaws... Not at all a quick game to play while you're out... It blows through battery, and takes forever to get into a multiplayer game.. Even when you get in at least 1 of the 4 players disconnects... The servers are terrible with constant lag and full of "what just happened" moments

Can be betterPosted by Daniel Pastrana 2016-05-31

It's a great game but just too many ads even during a game. Worst of all after a few levels the controls become laggy. Your person won't move at all for a few seconds (at any given time) and then it will continue to move thus making it nearly impossible to beat a level after a while. That's why it gets 2 stars

If youve played bomberman.Posted by Lakna L 2016-01-31

Great app! The only game I keep on my phone. Adorable animation. Quick, fun, and challenging. Bonus: the character is hilarious! For customizing your character, there arent a lot to choose from using the coins you earn. Please keep updating and making more levels and stages!! The first wait took foreverrrrr

Try it for yourselfPosted by xXRisingBloodXx 2016-09-08

(I am not a bot, I am a real person) I have been searching forever to find a game I could play with my friend . This is the game. I admit that this game does have a lot of in game perches but that doesn't really ruin the fun. The payments are only for astetict. All I can say is try this app for yourself

Awesome - Behold! The most underrated game for this platformPosted by Siddhant Sindhu 2016-03-01

Very addictive with a tactical retrospect. Very simple and at the same time tricky. Fun multiplayer is also available. Compact is not the word. Does not force you to buy and is transcendent with graphics for the flash genre. Very long with new levels and challenges. A must download. Asians are winning.

Posted by Whack job234 2016-04-29

BEST GAME EVER. it is a great game to play with friends and family because of private games, play with random people to show who's boss, a single player mode where you can have a lot of fun on your own. Also the daily reward is very fair. I got the snowman outfit that way. GREAT GAME LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Not enough accesories to customisePosted by Dana lks 2016-07-03

Plzzz i love this game and i already buy all that i wanted like greetings.....the only thing that im not satisfied and why im rating this game only 4stars is because it lacks accesories for girl....the girl clothes are ugly...plz improve and add new ones....then i will rate the game 5stars!!!!THX

IdeaPosted by koko unknown 2016-07-23

Could you add something like an aura or some sort to make your character look badass* and have special effects like when u go from one place to another you would leave a trail behind from the aura and it gradually fades away ?? Just a thought to help u guys make it fun and cool thanks hyperkani

YoPosted by JFlowZen 2016-04-22

Sick game! But me and my friends want to see: Bigger maps! More maps! * more players ,8 player battles. 4v4 teams too. * And customisable bubble chat (profanity allowed) and when timer runs out blocks reach the end. * More throw bomb spawns! * I wanna have aura.* trap doors? * then five star :D

Still off the gamePosted by AyoItz Jenny 2016-02-24

This is a really great game and i really enjoy playing it,but it keeps disconnecting me every minute or every game i entered. For the new version i just updated,it keeps asking me for which gmail accounts ima bind it to and then the same process is repeated over and over. Please fix this issue.

Great game!Posted by SungEun Choi Kim 2016-08-21

Hey hyperkani um I'm having trouble with level 25 because it's too hard. Can you make level 25 a little easier. Can you make that guy that just hits the bomb and explode can you make that guy possibly die because I'm having trouble. If you do this that would be much appreciated!!Take care!

Needs more gem progression.Posted by Bulai Bogdan 2016-07-15

As of now, you can fully equip yourself with max gem upgrades by level 150ish and then the gold bars become pretty much useless. An additional level to gems would be nice and maybe another special power (like blast through bricks power), something like a kick for bombs or even remote bombs.

Love It Too MuchPosted by Rana Faisal Rajput 2016-02-24

This bomber game is really amazing game they left back all games like hay day and clash of clans those games such a boooooring game this time this game left back tge all supercell production i hope soo that this game never ever boooooring any time or any day thanks Bomber Man Friends...!!!

F*cking adsPosted by Gildjian Vale 2016-02-23

These ads keep messing up my game, even in tournament multi-player. It shows up like it doesn't bother you when you're in a middle of a game. Show the ads after the game, not during the game. Fix this. The game is great BTW. It's just the ads that are really ruining this game's reputation.

If it crashes, just uninstall and reinstall.Posted by Billy Buzzkill 2016-07-19

It's a great game, it's fun and has controller compatibility which makes it even more fun. Its like the original "bomber man" from the 90s but better and improved in every way. Plus with the presidential update, where else can you drop a bomb beside Donald Trump?! Great game, kudos guys.

LolPosted by Back of b# 2016-07-03

I love it because u have to use strategies and you have to past all these missions I love it with all my heart and by the way for me ha hardley any adds so shut your mouth up I also love it because of that you could play with friends I mostly play standoff but I like this game also

Few problemsPosted by JC Yap 2016-05-22

I wish you could resize and move the d-pad, since it feels too small for my screen. Also, put a toggle to remove the messages in single player, it's kinda annoying especially in the later stages of robot quest where I keep on dying because I cant see where i could move fast enough.

Posted by Farukh Ali 2016-08-29

This game is good for offline mode but it's a big issue with multilayer joining game when you want to play multilayer mode it's need to join for long time with online user and then time they wait for joining but not connected to each other then they left game plz solve my problem

Waste of time & money!!!Posted by Ricky Inglis 2016-02-15

DONT download this app! It is programmed so it will make you lose on purpose & you WILL have to spend money to play on & move onto further levels. Controls are very poor also. Worst game I've EVER downloaded! Do NOT waste your time with this crap, money robbing app!!!!!

Won't let me playPosted by Jessica Ankney 2016-02-24

I just updated the app yesterday & played after with 0 problems, now it won't let me play multiplayer & says to update but when I click update it says I already did.. Help? Uninstall & reinstall maybe? Such an inconvenience, please fix & will give 5 stars

This games used to be great now I won't play it to save my life lmaoPosted by Marc Anthony 2016-03-11

Loved it and now I hate it 1 star because you can't vote another star because everyone is like speaking Chinese and Spanish all game another for the space it took up which made me have to delete it another you can't download it now 1 star only because it used to be good

How do I use the aarowsPosted by carl tucker 2016-07-28

This game is fun, but how do I use the aarows. You guys advertise them in the game and I'm able to pick up the boxes but how and when do I get to use them. ... I will rate the game a 5 when this is fixed or made clearer to the player how to achieve the use of the tool

Wow..Posted by Grace Gurney 2016-03-17

I find this game is pretty good. At first I was a little skeptical, but it's not exactly horrible. Pretty good game, a few bugs and glitches but its a fun game to waste your time on. It sucks that I don't have very good internet to do anything on it, good game though.

AWESOMEPosted by Ashok Kumar 2016-03-31

The game is so cool but I only win sometimes because my control pad isn't fixed in 1 place. Overall its an awesome game. Please make more games like this hyperkani. And please make an option for fixing our control pad in 1 place. And why do we have to pay for packs?

STUPID COMPANY CLOAE ITPosted by CaptainMiner TV 2016-05-31


PLEASE CLOSE THE STUPID COMPONYPosted by John Paul B Padilla 2016-05-31


It good, but..Posted by Rustled Jimmies 2016-04-03

*lag intesifies* *walking through bombs intesifies* And plus, why did you add back the curse that made you automatically place bombs? EDIT/RESPONSE: I understand there is to be a luck factor to the game. But, whenever you get that curse, it's an automatic lose.

Cloud Save PleasePosted by Andrew Johnson 2016-09-11

I really love the game; I now have the gold bomb on my tablet. IT reached out to me the game does have cloud save however some devices has problems with it. They are working to fix the issue hopefully with the next update. Once its fixed game will get 5 stars.

StressfulPosted by Melody Dicen 2016-05-06

Why it is so hard to join in the private games? It took so many times that we've try to connect with each other but still we can't play! Where's the problem? It just keep on connecting. There's also too many ads and I hate it so much. Please kindly remover it

New Update Must Be ?Posted by Frans Fourie 2016-08-15

I would love that we could sell our stuff again that we buy like i dont use the golden bomb anymore.i would love to sell it and get my coins back. It would be fun. Can u guys see if u can do thos update please it would be nice of u guys. Please Hyperkani

Data error and musicPosted by /spotty/ 2016-08-04

Toady I had deleted the app and then I reinstalled it and when I signed in instead of being on level 14 I was 13 and in stead of captain I was sergeant... can u fix it please. And the main menu theme isn't bad but the single player theme is just terrible

Invite ProblemPosted by Muhammad Usman Riaz 2016-03-03

When i try to play with my friend and invite him it shows an error that internet connection is not available or not working but the reality is that others apps are working properly i think you should check your server the bug hasn'nt fixed yet. Thanks

Back when i was a kid.Posted by Laurice Maniquiz 2016-05-13

Back when i was a kid, Bomberman is one of my favorite xbox game. im so happy when i saw it in playstore. i download it asap. Excitement filled my heart. The i murmur to myself "omygod this is it. Im going to play the bomber man. Like the old days."

AnoyingPosted by Hrachya Hovhannisyan 2016-07-18

This game sucks every time I trie to finish part 17 you have to buy the mega bomb every time you trie and you have to trie until you win and every time you lose and restart it gets harder. And another problem is that you get ads I mean videos

Good but a little problem...Posted by sneha morakhia 2016-04-07

I played in single player mode, campaign.... Sometimes i solve levels but then i come back i get a few more levels back... For eg. I solved till level 8 and when i restart the game later it shows i am on level 5 and i have to play all over again

It's veru addictive butPosted by XxPrince_ErickxX minecraft 2016-08-14

Can you pls add smashing mode or you had a hammer to destroy walls and more power ups very very pls add smashing mode play bomb it on pc and pls do the smashing mode and remove real money packs because its unfair for me and more cloths or any

Great game but...Posted by Allan Salvador 2016-08-14

Its a very perfect and fun game for me but it glitching sometimes and lags well I'm not judging so bad to your game I'm just curious on the glitches and lags but you can fix bugs so yeah I think you can fix it I'll give you 5 stars for that

It's goodPosted by The Grim Gamer 2016-08-16

It's only 4 stars because I got 200 coins but they did not give it to me plz fix it all that 5 stars plus a character the grim reaper with his like clothe or thing and his hoody make him free what I mean is not a pack all that and 5 stars

Addicted does not even cover my feelings!Posted by Crystal Forbes 2016-03-10

I don't know maybe obsessed or whatever but I literally play this game everyday and I honestly play it way too much but it's soooooo fun that I just can't see myself not playing it anymore! Warning: this game will take over your life lol.

Multiplayer sucksPosted by Howdy do 2016-02-19

Only fun way to play is terrible. Always like .5 seconds behind the other players so when you trap other players behind bombs, they glitch right out or something and you're now stuck behind bombs. Fix this to make this game worth anything.

Posted by Kingsley Mah 2016-02-12

Excellent!! I like it very much. Because the bomb have colours, hair colours, and much more........ And it have a lot of game mode, example: tournaments, classic, training and much more. I really like this game very much!! I give a like!!

Pretty cool gamePosted by Boon Lek Tan 2016-06-06

Would be awesome if more new quests are added. love the game and would give 5 star but the contents are quite limited. (Update: i just love the fact that the developers bothered to reply to all the reviews and for that im giving 5 stars)

support service for entertainment purposePosted by Wilfred Aw 2016-02-26

sent an email about problem i face totally got ignored. auto reply say will reply as soon as possible but i think is just to stop player facing problem in game to spam them email so they have more time to add more costume earn more money

AwesomePosted by Celestinie Obani 2016-05-01

It was awesome. I had a gre at time playing this but I wish it has "add friends" to have an easy way to play with new found friends. And I guess the multiplayer- public and private game have problems because it's not working. Thanks

Posted by Widi Susanto 2016-08-12

First 10 minutes to try.... I love this game, and so with the classic one. But, it hard to control the movement without joystick, unless i can control it as easy as like Tank Heroes, eventhought this only move to 4 directions only.

PerfectionPosted by Jesse Garcia 2016-05-05

Multiplayer takes forever to find matches if im lucky other then that tell me how to get arrows and this game will be the one if the best games yet 5 stars when i figure out how to get arrows lol... Oh and give out more gold please

Bugs glitching on who winsPosted by Sean Sachdev 2016-03-26

Fix your game sometimes, different player wins and it shows the other player winning on Reversi, half the time always glitches and gives wrong person the winner, fix this. Childish mistake, losing credibility over stupid mistakes.

Game is fun. The dialogues are annoying.Posted by Lemon T 2016-05-21

There needs to be an option to turn off the dialogues, especially if we keep getting stuck on the same level and we don't have time to press the dialogues till they disappear because we are too busy running away from the enemies.

Posted by Brenda. N 2016-07-01

When i open private rooms or public ones my friends can't find me and when they open I can't find them but my friends has the same version I was able to play with them yesterday but today I can't find them and they can't find me

Glitch?Posted by ragna120k 2016-09-02

I'm not sure if it's a glitch but level 297, the character below won't step on door traps. It just goes back and forth in one I'm basically stuck because it won't step on the floor trap in order for me to advance...

Why did you have to ruin a great appPosted by Jimmy Marianoff 2016-02-25

I was so addicted to the app, and now you destroyed multiplayer... You reply to previous players that the internet/cant connect problem has been fixed by the latest hotfix, but its actually not. Fix it and i will give 5 star.

Posted by aza azza 2016-09-05

I think its crazy . . I just format my phone and install this game back . . You know what happen . . My account is gone . . My badge is general before . . Now im start from new game . . You need to do something about this .

Great game!Posted by Charles Emmanuel Curioso 2016-06-15

When is the new update??? I just finished the robot quest and the us presidential challenge. Hope you update it as soon as possible. Hoping for great action and new characters. Could have a bluetooth pvp for offline action?

Man i love bomber manPosted by I HATE YOU [TUBE] 2016-03-21

Can you please implement a 4directional accelerometer control sceme that only activates when holding down a button (clutch) and resets position when letting go. IT WIL LEAD TO AN AMAZING CONTROL SCEME NEVER SEEN BEFORE !!!!

Best game EvahhhPosted by Emily Kickz 2016-08-22

When I'm not watching YouTube, I'm playing this. I would recommend you adding a feature where you can friend people so then you can play with them! But you can still play if you click it at the same time. Best game ever!!!

BugPosted by Jonathan Arthur 2016-04-05

The latest update make enemy can jump and dissappear and then head walking. So many bug and there still player with amazing billion point. Wondering how many hours to get that point. Its a good game however. You're bombed!

Im addicted to this!Posted by Reichen Lopez 2016-05-13

Please fix after update May 13,2016 it always failed to join, failed to leave, and its always lag but my internet is fast enough to play this. My phone is Samsung Note 4. Please fix this ASAP. And i will rate for 5 stars.

Lost ProgressPosted by Syeda Tooba 2016-07-03

I stopped playing for a while. Now that I've reinstalled the game, and logged in with my same previous Google account all my progress is lost. The rank, all accessories i had bought, all single player progress as well.

Gut umgesetztes Spiel!Posted by Dominik Stein 2016-05-27

Gute umgesetztes Spiel & eine Neuauflage der älteren Bomberman Versionen. Warum nur 4 Sterne? Mehr Kleidungsauswahl wäre schön & weniger Abstürze wenn kein WLAN vorhanden ist. Dann gibt es die 5 Sterne!!

Posted by Sreeganesh Redd Yerri 2016-02-24

good game... Played all stages and waiting for an update since long time. I've also put an email to them regarding the same issue but they did not care to respond. I'm gonna uninstall if there is no update this week.

Robot questPosted by Ali Usman 2016-06-06

Robot quest is difficult. When hit by bomb he taunts for 6 seconds or more and mostly by that time another bomb hits. Very cheap version of taunting. World levels are great. Introduce more than one worlds soon.....

Reconnecting..Posted by Santosh Parajuli 2016-05-03

I love the game but really hate multiplayer mode. I have a slow internet(I can't do anything for that). Other multiplayer games works just fine but I can't even get in multiplayer mode, always reconnecting.err.. :(

Nostalgic!Posted by Michael Douglas 2016-02-24

I remember playing Bomberman on my Nintendo 64, this reminds me of that game. It's enjoyable and easy to play. The controls are simple. Oh yes, one more thing-- it has multiplayer online, what more can you ask for?

Good gamePosted by Iacchus Mercurius 2016-05-20

But you should do something to discourage players of tournment mode of leaving the game, and also, those creepy ghosts (dead players) should not be allowed to ruin the game of players who didn't died in the match.

FunPosted by aubrayle Wright 2016-07-11

When I play the game if you like you can do anything but you can customize your mom's or I mean your character this thing is not going through right I did not mean to say Mom I'm sorry but yes this game is so fun

It's okPosted by Ghadir Gaming Channel 2016-06-30

I like the game so much but we can add somthing more. That we can log in to facebook and the friends that we have it on facebook we can challange and they accept. Plz make this update it will be better. THANKS♥

Posted by Ivanjames Pajarillo 2016-05-19

Very good game but i dont like it very much because we and my freinds looking a game that can have a mutiplayer LAN WIFI OR BLUETOOTH PLZZZ add this and i love yhis game very much.. i hope that can you add this

I like it, but lagsPosted by Deacon Olsen 2016-05-06

In multiplayer, when ever it comes close to the end of the round or when some player gets close, I seem to lag a lot. I have a good signal when it happens, and the other players seem to have a good signal too.

worlds no. 1 game..Posted by Sooraj Singh Bisht 2016-04-09

i like this game toooo much but here is few level. pls add about 300 level more. and when we play reversi mode it doesn't works in new version... and after all i like this game too much. pls solve all problem.

Posted by Jeremy Williams 2016-03-12

Great game, but the ads pops up in the middle of the game. Another problem is, people's keep quitting or disconnecting before the tournament end. Which results in no one winning and me losing a lot of coins

Great GamePosted by mr unknown 2016-09-02

This is a great game. Really addicting. Ive been playing for 8 months now. It would be awesome to have more levels for multiplayer. I would also recommend some emojis as taunts. Smiley, sad, angry faces etc.

I love it but...Posted by Bryan Hart 2016-05-29

I'm really good high rank but I can't play just good people when I make a match which makes it really annoying when I get a bunch of noobs, it sucks for both of us, I definitely don't want to discourage them

Best. Game ever made with bombsPosted by Funny Gamer Funnylord 2016-07-06

Its a pretty good game but u need to make a new update with new maps and new stuff because I have everything and it gets boring when u have everything so please make them :-) love this game:-) :-) :-) :-) .

I love this gamePosted by whiskers graal era 2016-06-26

I've bleen playing it for 4days now and I got say it's funn game and. I've been playing bomber man sense the classics I got say I've been playing this more then clash of clans lollipops

Posted by Nannette Ojeda 2016-07-11

Hi, I cant play bomber friends multiplayer. It brings this error: Game requieres Google Play services connection for playing. Log in. But i dont know what else i have to do because it dont let me log in.

Holyshi*Posted by laki mehra 2016-04-18

I am addicted to the game I used to play twice or thrice in an hour yes in an hour I am so in love with it this game comes in my top five list for sure its been a month now still I am so addicted to it

ADD FRIENDSPosted by Steeve Premacio 2016-02-24

Hello Hyperkani can you update new version that we can add friends in Online multiplayer... That we can add friend in private or public room?? Please Hyperkani so that it will be easy to play with friends

FreezingPosted by Asim Dj 2016-05-22

The most frustrating game I've ever played!!! The walk pad keeps freezing and take about 5seconds after you release for the character to stop walking. Happens 4-5 times every level. Dont stress yourself!

Posted by Demonic Draconas 2016-06-17

Controls make it hard to move. When trying to go in a certain direction if you are not walking exactly in the open path your character will stick to the wall going in a completely different direction...

Login issue in multiplayer optionPosted by loving Nona 2016-06-14

Can't able to login and i tried a lot like reinstall this app twice,clear data of this app because of that i lost all levels and other data, clear data of google + and login again pls resolve it asap...

Posted by Molly Knapp 2016-03-20

Very nice game LOVE the items 2 customize ur character and great!! But there's 1 ishue. Bomber FRENDS. If someone hacks of does something bad, u can't report or anything so they don't hack or something!

Great gamePosted by Hacker Ghani 2016-08-22

Its challenging game and a great game but when i join online it says error please try again my in internet is ok my phone is ok so it doesnot work with multiplayers i dont know please hyperkani fix it

Posted by CantBeRoked92 21 2016-08-07

It doesn't let me play online at all it says Google play services are not working and I can't sign into my old account please give me some feed back and say I need to login with Google play services

Help!Posted by Cypher Jones 2016-07-24

It's been having problems with google play services for a few days. So, I'm now unable to play my favorite game. Please fix this problem and you'll get the amazing 5 star i think you guys are worth.

Add more levelsPosted by deepak Mandal 2016-03-25

I have completed all levels n they were awesome... please add more levels/stages sooner.... am eager for new stages to play... dont kill us waiting... we need stages plz add... everyday add 1 stage

Phone heats upPosted by Giovan Pangku 2016-08-31

The phone heats up and slows down when I'm playing the robot quest. But the phone is fine when I'm playing multiplayer. The presidential quest also lags too much. I'm using nexus 5 on marshmallow.

PerfectPosted by EXPOSE GAMING 2016-08-07

I wish all games were like this so fun and good plus the creators of the game RESPOND to the problems!i love this game no problems no fixtures nothing bad no bugs no crashes just how i wantted it

Ads!Posted by Kristen Walter 2016-05-02

I don't mind ads, but they're after and before every game, on top of they're so loud and no mute button. its just not worth it to be forced to watch a stupid loud video for 2 seconds of game play

Amazing game. Fixed issue right away.Posted by Altiha Solomon 2016-02-24

I absolutely love this game they fixed thd update issue right away. Im addicted and paid for everything right off the bat. Cant wait to see what new things they come up with. Love, love, love it.

#[email protected]% VIDEO ADS!Posted by Miles Prower 2016-05-17

The game is great but the video ads are very irritating and especially since the tiny x is hard to hit and takes you to play store by accident and I hate the video ads they are annoying than!

CoolPosted by Kuya Jz colesio 2016-09-09

Its a find game the question why cant i multiplayer i been trying but its not working i just want to play i dont want anything else just to play ok please reply to me or i will give one star

If im being picky...Posted by Carl Hankins 2016-07-14

Love the game super addictive. Would like more variations than just team reversi and classic. What happened to throwable grid bombs? Also want to save friends without fb. Just for this game.

LagsPosted by Fun With Artz Singapore 2016-06-28

I deleted it knowing that it will be saved to google play but i recieved everything that i earned before i deleted it except i found out to items were missing the words :tooeasy and flawless

AwesomePosted by 2016-09-02

Its the most addicting game i ever played,i play this game with my girlfriend and both of us have so much fun!! It will be great if you guys add some other different maps on multiplayer!!

Very addictivePosted by Karen Jimenez 2016-02-28

Very fun addictive game but I'm rating it 3 stars because it is so ANNOYING when the character talks because the font covers the map. Make the font smaller that sh** is so effing annoying

What to do?Posted by 12inchDude 2016-09-03

"The specified account does not exist on this device. Please choose a different account." Any ideas why this error message appears when trying to log in a game with Google Play account?

Posted by Hesham Zreqy 2016-05-20

Thia game is so good .. But why .. if i am a new player and get into multiplayer game i see people ranked high ! .. this is wrong players should be almost the same rank ... Thanks anyway

Crazy ads and more.Posted by 2016-05-19

I wish games were like days of old. Buy it, play it and enjoy it. Seems like we are constantly bombarded by ads and this game is no exception. Poor controls even with external gamepad.

BomberFriendsPosted by Charlotte Smith 2016-03-13

The second I started playing this game I fell in love with it its a lot of fun thank you goggle play store for all of the awesome games you have you guys rock!!!!! Your number 1#Fan!!!

It lagsPosted by 2016-08-12

When im contrlling the joystick it lags badly. When l move the joystick and it lags and I move and it do this every time please fix this. So here I am reinstalling kudos guys good game

Awesome Posted by ChrissyGaming2.0 !! 2016-08-07

My crotch squirmed whenever I used it cause its SO fun. My crotch was born December 6, 1947. Its never failed me. Its a little hairy, but its NORMAL .(its also kinda s q u i s h y ).

Good gamePosted by Jipesh Quessou 2016-07-01

It would be great if you can allow the clasic bomberman powerups such as kicking and punching bombs and allowing to throw and hold bombs, rather than picking powerup to throw one bomb

Need help??Posted by Razzaward 2016-08-29

Thank you for passive feedback I took it good and I now.can play it jts amazing im the best out my friends but yeah thanks I will see ou again soon thanks again it helps me sleep.bye

Glitchy as fackPosted by Nonya Robb 2016-04-14

This game is full of glitches, the gameplay is good but it boots you out of the game at random points, and it goes to my home screen and it's still active but I'm at my home screen.

Constant disconnectionPosted by Ramon Diaz 2016-02-08

The game continues to disconnect every so often it is really annoying when you're playing a game and it keeps disconnecting please fix this if not remove the game from the App Store

Pretty coolPosted by comb1ne1sh 2016-05-06

This game must be a long one because forever to download. As I am typing this this game is downloading. So I am really excited to play it and I think the views already told me that

Need coin traderPosted by Oroku Shredder 2016-08-27

I really don't like your game... I love it! But you need to add a gold ingot gold coin trader because I have lots of gold but almost no coins! Please add one. And please hurry!⏳

ProblemsPosted by Gustavo Rodriguez 2016-08-03

I am having problems with the app,I can't play online games because it says it can't sign me in to Google Play Games even though I was signed in please fix this problem,thank you.

AddictivePosted by Mocking Jason 2016-07-01

Awesome game, really addictive, and it makes you to spend your money to this game because its so good :D i spent 50€ - 90€ because i want everything lol ♥ Awesome game!!!!!

Makes my phone shut down!Posted by Bill Spaulding 2016-05-31

Fun game but has a glitch. Whenever I start it it shuts down my phone. It is only this app that shuts down my phone. First the screen flickers then my phone powers off completely

Like it butPosted by Zachary Parker 2016-04-30

I like it the only then I don't like is that the controls are hard to use though. sometimes I want to move but I place a bomb. Its a good game ecseped that. You should play it.

Cool game but...Posted by Arnav Gupta 2016-03-23

Cool , challenging and adicting game but ! ,Always while joining tournaments , its comming (error 2) (multiplayer error) , what to do ? Please help Hyperkani! I love this game!!

Posted by Ousmane Diane 2016-04-05

Outstanding game! One thing I'd want added is my customized clothing because there's a lot of map packs that have it, but if you expand on free clothing it would be more diverse

Greatest Update!!Posted by Carlos Barroso 2016-07-05

Man, this new update might be the best in my opinion. These new maps and added obstacles will make some players establish new strategies. I feel like you guys made a good move.

robot quest impossible missionPosted by Im Legend 2016-05-30

29th of the robot quest is impossible to clear,if you dont want let people get the free items,you can shut down the game instead of creating non sense event which cant be clear

Got boared of itPosted by Damian Russo 2016-07-30

This game was sooo much fun and addictive but now i am boared of it cos in every section of the game is the same thing but a different challenge. Please change this hyperkani.

Posted by Michelle Cornelia 2016-06-19

I love this game, but in private rooms perhaps you could make an option for players to show whether or not they're ready to play, just in case they need to do something quick?

Posted by Deddy Candra 2016-05-20

Alot of error, crash and frezing after update. Please remove the push advertising in the middle of the gameplay. This game is fun before the developer change it to BOMBER ADS.

HAMNAPosted by faizan mirza 2016-09-09

Did u have whatsapp if u have so plz give ur no#I want to discuss my games problems... plz! And yes... I like this game so much! I'm now fan of this game now hyperkani....

HOTSPOTPosted by Pevi Legendario 2016-02-26


Now the game constantly disconnectsPosted by Paul Staley 2016-02-24

The only multiplayer game type I am able to play is the tournament which disconnects halfway through and the gold I spend on power ups is wasted great job with the new update

Classic Love :):)Posted by Ying Jiun Low 2016-07-13

This game reminds me off the good old days:) It would be better if the match making process is done according to "levels" as a lot of time there are a lot of rookie leavers.

DisconnectedPosted by Anteja Shkembi 2016-03-11

Since the last update every time i try to play online multiplayer game it pops up on the screen "DISCONNECTED failed to join game" please fix it quick i really like the game

...dissapointedPosted by vicente palen 2016-01-27

..i want to relax and keep away frk stress.. this is thw way i play games to enjoy.. but its gettn me angry bec. of many adds. my blood presure getin high. can u fix it.pls.

ChallengingPosted by Donna-Lee Reid 2016-05-08

Its such a great game, I had a few stops because it is so challenging. I am finished with it and would love to know when the other levels are coming???? Please am so hooked

WtfPosted by Macdylan Brandon John 2016-02-27

And again wtf is going on with this game after update .. reconnecting and connected again .. this make me angry every time i play the match suddenly disconnected .. wtf bro

StupidPosted by Arl Jonathan 2016-08-28

The maker of this game is really stupid, if you have no money its absolutely you must play for 100 years until you can finish it. The game is free but without money no win

Mood Booster!Posted by Jade Laurene Go 2016-07-04

ever since i played bomber friends, i just feel a different kinda boost. i feel competitive and happy. i really enjoy playing especially the multiplayer. i love the game!

Feedback for improvementPosted by Derrick Thia 2016-06-24

This is a great game for me to play anywhere and with my friends. I suggest the smoke bomb can cover more area instead to be more useful compare to the rest of the bomb.

Can't connect to google playPosted by Nur Syaza 2016-07-21

Why cant I login my google account to play multiplayer? It doesn't work. I've uninstall and install back quite couple of times. Please give me some feedback. Thank you.

not attractive...Posted by Akmal Abu Hassan 2016-02-29

why are not make this game like 'explode arena', the bomb that can be triggered and we can move the freely... i think this way may more attractive and challenging...

Screen display fail Posted by Mary Grace Polancos 2016-02-24

When I open the app, sometimes I can't see my character's face and even my opponent. All I can see is a box. Please fix sp that I can enjoy playing online :) Thanks!

Good GamePosted by Muhammad Faizan 2016-05-02

The multiplayer mode is what I like the most!!! And thanks for solving the issue with the server effectively.

Nice, but unfair sometimes...Posted by Amyrul Aiman 2016-02-23

It's unfair to us who don't root the phone, them who root the phone can unlock all the pack. i see my friend play it, and he has unlock all the pack without buy it.

Cloud save isn't working properly.Posted by Faisal Ahmed 2016-09-03

I am always connected to internet and also logged in into my gmail account. But in my new device it's loading from a old save when I logging in with same gmail ID.

Worst gamePosted by Rosiah Othman 2016-06-12

The game actually is good but because of the control, u pretty much cant play this game.when i play reversi battle and i died after that i respawn and i cant move

Love this gamePosted by 2016-09-04

Love it, I play this game alot by the name Arslan. Love it. But the connection sux. Sometimes it take alot of time to connect. Fix it and I will give 5 stars =).

Great gamePosted by Stephen Kaufman 2016-07-29

I love it but for 5 stars can you include a kick feature like on the original bomberman. One that allows you to place a bomb and then kick it towards an opponent

Looooovvvveeeee it <3Posted by Honey Barbie 2016-02-15

I Love this game. Salute to developer how he designed such levels. Challenging, interacting, addicting game. Played till 205 (Last level) Waiting for New levels.

Commercial spam gamePosted by Bacanu Andrei 2016-02-01

Commercials popping up in middle of gameplay. Even worse after two minutes of play already found one saying I won at lottery. Not worth the battery to install it

Posted by Faraz Afridi 2016-04-25

Plz fix the multiplayer game.whenever i try to join ads appear and then the connection is lost.and also my game doesn't save after a tournament.plz fix it asap

Needs malkPosted by josh lamb 2016-04-19

Ths gam I good but it neds malk to be gooder plz ad malk nao or I wal delite this ham so plz ad malk nao. Malk is milk and i want milk bombs because why not :)

Reconnecting ProblemPosted by Nothing Much 2016-03-09

I love the game, but when u are in private or in public room. Always reconnecting and hard to play to keep connecting, and I started now not to play this game.

A new mini gamePosted by skythekidrs darkwizerd108 2016-06-02

They should put a mini game called ghost vs Hunter's that the goal is the ghost try to get the hunter and the hunter would get abilities to attack the ghosts.

Connect ipad to androidPosted by Nikolas Pranatra 2016-05-21

I really enjoy the game, but when it comes to multiplayer i'm having trouble to connect my friends whom using ipad. I'm using nexus 7 2nd gen btw. Please help

Wtf addsPosted by Toni Nikic 2016-07-16

An fulscreen 20 second add in the midle of tournament game, like wtf. Didn't happen again so il change rating, and put an option to remove those chat bubbles

Just like the original!Posted by michael winters 2016-02-13

I loved the original bomberman games so much that I couldn't wait to try this one out! The multi-player is a blast! I do recommend using a controller though.

Posted by Joshua Lian 2016-09-11

Nice game awesome but i want to play with my friends using wifi hotspot anytime anywhere but this game need a internet connection to play with your friends.

problem in multiplayerPosted by Jarraine Marie Baysa 2016-07-31

still cant play with my friends over multiplayer. improve your server for us to play in vs friends mode. we cant see the room that my friend create.. fix it

Amazing Game!!! Messages should show up in the speech bubbles. Definitely worth the ads.Posted by Charles Brownhill 2016-04-22

Great game; definitely worth the ads but I wish you could type in the speech bubbles and money was easier to get/a lot cheaper to buy. Love the game though.

SuperbPosted by mmxv fact 2016-07-15

This game is simply playing but it's make a game can be played to everyone. From children till teenager like me. This game fill my booring time everywhere.

New UpdatePosted by K i n g F i l p o 2016-07-04

Went from 5 Star to 1 star, yall f*cked the game up completely with this new update the accesories were cool but those laser and chill on the game thats bs

NicePosted by Pasang Tamang 2016-04-19

Very nice game. It reminds me of playing bomber man on tv in my childhood. But its controllers should be improved or change. Should be made easy to handle.

Addictive and challengingPosted by Xnz_ Zero 2016-04-14

I will recommend this awesome game to my friends so we can play together..besides on its graphics the gameplay is also good this is very funny game love it

Too Hard Earning GoldPosted by Jm Capati 2016-04-12

Its so hard earning gold and money or the items are just that expensive. I even bought gems and made them into 3 diamonds so they can fuse and they didnt.

Silly hardPosted by hidar abbas 2016-09-11

I am playing this game since very long time . The new update with additional stages is very hard that no way of passing them . One star for such a level

Not bad!Posted by Sarah Khalisa 2016-07-08

But this game is realy cool!But i will just rate 4 stars because, sometime i can't play this game!!!!!!!!I don't understand why!!!Please fix this,please

Help neededPosted by Huzaifa Khan Suri 2016-05-18

I play this game with my friends through google+, but when I select the reversi or team mode, the game always directs me and my friends to classic mode.

Private game issuePosted by Collin Crasto 2016-04-30

Cannot play private game with iPhone players. This used to work before the update. Now I cannot play private games with my friends who have Apple iPhone.

Can't Install ERROR -506Posted by Inno Prinx 2016-09-04

i have so much of free space available in my extSD as well as internal memory but still it shows error -506 .. what kind of error it is can you explain?

improvement part 2Posted by Jezreel Noel Saulog 2016-07-28

we do have the same version..BUT STILL WE CANT PLAY VIA PRIVATE GAME..its so hard to connect..pls improve your server in multiplayer mode..fix it..pls..

New version from bomberman gameboy..Posted by Mia Jawwu 2016-03-25

You should play this game.. its, super awesome! Ive been trying to find bomberman game that i used to play at my gameboy..this one is cool to play with

Zzz. Most of the bomb must be purchased with the pack. ggPosted by ini grapx 2016-02-18

Can i customize my bomb without using real money? i know u guy work really hard to make this game but atleast pls allow us to puchase bomb using gold..

Screenshots & Video


Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.
- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support! (Also MOGA-Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
- Supports Android TV!

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Bomber Friends on Google Play

Current Version:
Content Rating:
Everyone 10++