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It is so funPosted by Machai Williams 2017-01-10

The game is so fun that I almost never get off of it except when I'm tired or I'm very hungry

Great gamePosted by Ryan Eastin 2017-01-10

I luv new update because of trump =====MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGING======<3

AddictingPosted by Hooly Mixx 2017-01-10

Fun and ez to play with friends

GoodPosted by Rajen Hook 2017-01-10

This is a very good game

Super gamePosted by Mody Moawed 2017-01-10

Cool and beaute

Posted by Raul Saroa 2017-01-10

mt propaganda slk

Awesome!Posted by Jayjay Aldrin 2017-01-10

I love this game!

Posted by dudes with a plan 2017-07-30

love it LOL

Posted by ROYAL OWAIS 2017-07-29

I like this is very amazing dragons oh my god So cool Good job

Posted by 2017-07-29

I want to update my apps but isnt work. What will i do please help i reach 300 level i cant pass

Posted by Forqet HD 2017-07-29

Its stupid

Posted by Kirti Narang 2017-07-29

Best game

Posted by Alex Vargas 2017-07-29

This game is so good

Posted by Cristalizer 357 2017-07-29

It a good game

Posted by Huestyn Alexander 2017-07-29

aweasome more games guys

Posted by Khoron Miller 2017-07-29

It's an ok fame but needs better graphics

Posted by Bruno Martins 2017-07-29

Controls lag!

Posted by Abdon Patlan 2017-07-29


Posted by 2017-07-29

This game is not boring and this game is so fun and nice...

Posted by Michael Marshall 2017-07-29

Was great at first but now lag is getting ridiculous, I don't think you should be cursed by team mate or by another player who is cursed, hackers are rife - crazy-fast, rarely die in explosions, ghost through bombs.... ads really killing it, 30s hijacking ad for a couple minutes of gameplay, come on!

Posted by Sani Sarker 2017-07-29

nice game

Posted by Anirudh Bhamboo 2017-07-29

Make levels easy

Posted by Rock On 2017-07-29

Nice game kinda fun.And entertaining.make sure tat not any hecker will join dis app.

Posted by Mel Mora 2017-07-29

Hey cool game download it

Posted by Hendro Pratomo 2017-07-29


Posted by Ima Ima 2017-07-29


Posted by Camille Rivera 2017-07-29

It's good. It enhance your skill and strategy to kill the enemies.

Posted by 2017-07-29

Wow! Game

Posted by ABDULAZIZ ALGHAMDI 2017-07-29

not good game

Posted by Latarsha Monroe 2017-07-29

Love it

Posted by 2017-07-29

This a very waste game

Posted by Ajeesh K George 2017-07-29

Excellent Multiplayer Game

Posted by Ankit Yadav 2017-07-28

nice game

Posted by 2017-07-28

WARNING: Its very addictive

Posted by jsdab cool 2017-07-28

F¿¿¿¿ cool

Posted by Migs Mogs 2017-07-28

Verification failed i cant buy For payments

Posted by allen june regis 2017-07-28

My account is gone :(

Posted by Lamel Brannon 2017-07-28


Posted by David Callister 2017-07-28

This game is Awesome

Posted by Alvin Sarcon 2017-07-28

Pls add capture the flag plss..... I want that

Posted by Carlos Reyna 2017-07-28


Posted by Yow its Jm 2017-07-28

Nice! Game

Posted by 2017-07-28

A wesomeeeeee

Posted by 2017-07-28

Great Best game

Posted by H20 Carma 2017-07-28


Posted by David Lockwood 2017-07-28

Amazing! !!!!!!!

Posted by Aman Mirdha 2017-07-28


Posted by Anton Wijaya 2017-07-28

Love competing with other players online with the good gameplay

Posted by Jerimiah Russ 2017-07-28


Posted by Happy Gupta 2017-07-28

Very nice and popular game

Posted by Faiz Byputra 2017-07-28

Overall, the game is good, but it has too many ads

Posted by Osama Nsr 2017-07-28

I'm not sure how to play private and there's no tutorial in the game showing that :( But all in all the game is awesome!

Posted by Benjamin Ulanimo 2017-07-28

This game is cool

OyeahPosted by Mhaziq Syahrir 2017-07-28

Put put

Posted by azirul jr joe 2017-07-28

the best game ever and challenge game

Posted by Abdul Moiz 2017-07-28

Its ok

Posted by Janilie Maryse 2017-07-27

It's kina cool app, it makes my sis addictive

Posted by Shoumee Xiong 2017-07-27


Posted by Waydia Datchick 2017-07-27


Posted by 2017-07-27

His game is nice

Posted by Florence Pacifico 2017-07-27

I want this

Posted by 2017-07-27

Great. Very great.

Posted by ad revenue 2017-07-27

n i c e

Posted by Diego channel 10 2017-07-27


Posted by VICTOR ARIAS 2017-07-27


Posted by Janette Rivera 2017-07-27

wow coll

Posted by Kitsune Hellscythe 2017-07-27

The lag from the other players when I play public games can be very frustrating, but otherwise the matchmaking can be alright and the people can be good, albeit a lot of players can't tell colors apart in Team Battles.

Posted by Gaming With Neko_Boy 2017-07-27

The best game ever

Posted by 2017-07-27

Verry funny you should make a zombie tag

Posted by Joseph Roosevelt 2017-07-27

I love this game

Posted by Hazem Ahmed 2017-07-27

Devs are greedy as hell and you accumulate so little gold playing matches while literally everything is insanely expensive.

Posted by Cameron Ball 2017-07-27

The controls are garbage

Posted by Jamier Kitchens 2017-07-27

Very addicted

Posted by Saher M. Rayyan 2017-07-27

Great game

Posted by TTFireIce 1 2017-07-27

Simply Greage

Posted by Kingsavage Dempsey 2017-07-27

This is cool

Posted by Shaheer Cheema 2017-07-27

Great but people can pass through blocks and bomb us

Posted by Rabbi Talukdar 2017-07-27

This is the best game ever please download

Posted by charlize pangan 2017-07-27

immediately it's good I suppose

Posted by Nabila Raihana 2017-07-27

Nice game

Posted by 2017-07-27

Coooooooœoooool game

Posted by Akash Dayal 2017-07-27

Its awsm fr play with our frnds..

Posted by 2017-07-27

Kinda good game

Posted by 2017-07-27

Bagus bisa multiplayer

Posted by johnne flores 2017-07-26

i vele love it

Posted by Fun Maza World 2017-07-26

Best game in my life

Posted by Ahmed Faraz 2017-07-26


Posted by XxLegit OreoxX 2017-07-26

I AM TELLING MY TRUTH!i love it!me and my bro played this on the tv.!and i really like the multiplayer and without wifi mode!!

Posted by Alvaro Venegas 2017-07-26

There are hackers, they can go through blocks and can use any kind of bomb. It seems like they can remote detonation too. It so wierd. But they die on a certain amount of time (not sure why). Im sure of something, its not lag.(They do this when the game starts so its impossible to get to the other side of the arena if it was lag)

Posted by Wesley Peters 2017-07-26

Bomber blast

Posted by carl Sia 2017-07-26

Its cool and fun and play with friends

Posted by Shamari Luckey 2017-07-26

This game is very fun I cant stop playing it

Posted by Angel Sanchez 2017-07-26

Its awesome

Posted by Arsalan Jaffari 2017-07-26

Not bad game :)

NicePosted by Happy Club;- 2017-07-26


Posted by Android games 2017-07-26


Posted by Green Gaming 2017-07-26


Posted by KILLERSTORM NIKO 2017-07-26

I love this game. But i have 2000+ coins and the a pack was 1.99 or 2000 coins and when i tap the 2000 it brings me to the by coins page

Posted by Estebanie Espiritu 2017-07-26


Posted by 2017-07-26

Danica de Lara

Posted by johnnyl mickoco 2017-07-26

i love it

Posted by Sadia Tabassum Samantha 2017-07-26

I really love this game. This is one of my favorites

Posted by Maasim panis 2017-07-26

I really Love it

Posted by 2017-07-26

It's great It's grea* BE N

Posted by Salvador Vargas 2017-07-26


Posted by Shemon Miah 2017-07-25


Posted by carlos calleja 2017-07-25

Sana madan loud KO ito ng walang buraburahan please.

Posted by heblin mejia 2017-07-25

I love everything

Posted by Denniel Jones 2017-07-25

I like it

Posted by M PPK 2017-07-25

I like this....

Posted by 2017-07-25

The. Game. Is. So. Cool. When. The. New. Update. Comes

Posted by Alyssa Nardo 2017-07-25

This is the nicest game ever

I love itPosted by Gaming with Ion 2017-07-25

I used to play this game when inwas little and im still playing it

Posted by Total Random Gamer 2017-07-25

I love it! My only issue is when I go to play with friends it goes back to the multiplayer menu when I try to make a party.

Posted by Davion Tann 2017-07-25

Oh yea

Posted by Ebony Weaver 2017-07-25

I love it

Posted by Hamza Ali 2017-07-25

Have no words how fun it is

Posted by BoOm BoOm 2017-07-25

Its just addictive

Posted by 2017-07-25

It's good for cod plaers

Posted by Miles Henderson 2017-07-25

Good with friends

Posted by 2017-07-25

It is great idea to make this game

Posted by Ayushman Bhatta 2017-07-25

fantastic game to remove boring...................anti boring game. Try it if you don't believe

Posted by Wahyu Aning Tias 2017-07-25

Seru mainnya, tapi kontrolnya lumayan menantang, #huft

Posted by Towfiqur Gamer6868 2017-07-25

Just play it....

Posted by Linda Bakkula 2017-07-25

Like it.............

Posted by galaxy gamer 2017-07-25


Posted by Rajesh Behera 2017-07-25

It's a fabulous game 4 ever....

Posted by 2017-07-25

Like it hard to sighn to it on Facebook Super fun Play it

Posted by Jayden Chong 2017-07-25


Posted by IVY MULDROW 2017-07-25

It's alright

Posted by Edward De Los Santos 2017-07-24

The game is so amesing

Posted by GamerTwin Solo twin 2017-07-24

I love the multiplayer gameplay

Posted by 2017-07-24

im so addict on this game..

Posted by money gaming 2017-07-24

Love it the bombs

Posted by Grzy Vlogs 2017-07-24

A short review

Posted by Adrian Bernardo 2017-07-24

I think is the best

Posted by Maria Martinez 2017-07-24

So cool

Posted by Janessa Daniels 2017-07-24


Posted by Pierre-François Ducharme 2017-07-24

Nostalgia its me everytime

Posted by Taaliba Harris 2017-07-24

Its so fun to play

Posted by Yogesh Patel 2017-07-24

Advertisement disturbs

Posted by 2017-07-24

Bigger map more perks

Posted by Aarif Tajuddin 2017-07-24

Remind me for my childhood time..nice app

Posted by Isabel Hodge 2017-07-24

Love it

Posted by NIKE Master 2017-07-24

It looks awesome

Posted by Navarro Rejie 2017-07-24

very adective

Posted by Tayvaon Ross 2017-07-23

I love this game I love the grafics and the booms I just like ever thing about it I'm a play this game everday

Posted by khinjayormita Ormita 2017-07-23


Posted by Jacear Ware 2017-07-23

I live this game so much i unlocked a new dood

Posted by Logan Marvin 2017-07-23

Best game of all time!!!!!!

Posted by Akash Chaudhary 2017-07-23


Posted by Samilboss 21 2017-07-23

I love it

Posted by supergaming guideftw 2017-07-23


Posted by Sidra Kashan 2017-07-23


Posted by 2017-07-23

Good Graphic And controls

Posted by Joyyy Fonseca 2017-07-23

I love this game it's fun play it

Posted by Quentin Gaullier 2017-07-23

Overall okay but not too keen on the ghosts....

Posted by jahid sajib 2017-07-23


Posted by Tommy Sanders 2017-07-23

So much fun for all ages..

Posted by Machai Walton 2017-07-23


Posted by Mohamed Mahmoud 2017-07-23

nice game

Posted by Louis J3 2017-07-23


Posted by Matt Gomez 2017-07-23

Help! I keep crashing every 15 seconds. Please fix! I'm using 4G LTE. (Btw My old account is dude shad. Thanks for the reply!)

Posted by Amarpal Singh 2017-07-23

It is hard to control very challenging have too many ads and I think it is best multiplayer game

Posted by Zala mayurraj sinh 2017-07-23


Posted by ryan lalata 2017-07-23


Posted by isidro mintar 2017-07-23


Posted by emman odibas 2017-07-23

I really live this ol game ever and it was so addictive.. Love it much

Posted by Imelda Ilova 2017-07-23

I love this game

Posted by Cathy C Mendoza 2017-07-23

Love it

Posted by Aj Mendoza 2017-07-23

This game is awesome... I love it so much. I completed all levels. I want more. Please add more level. Thank you so much.. I love the puzzle and hardness.

Posted by Rene Graveran 2017-07-22

It's fun worth playing

Posted by Jesse Roper 2017-07-22

Best bomb game ever

Posted by 2017-07-22

This game is so fun and it's really fun playing with [email protected]

Posted by Animation Maker 2017-07-22


Posted by 2017-07-22

its a great gane..

Posted by 2017-07-22

Because The Is Impersing

Posted by Tariq Miles 2017-07-22

It is hot

Posted by Johnrey Ocasla 2017-07-22

Pogi Ko.

Posted by Kevin Rhodes 2017-07-22

Bomberman mobile, 'nuff said! :)

Posted by georgina sanmartin 2017-07-22


Posted by Rakhi gupta 2017-07-22

God game

Posted by TURTLES ASSISTANT 2017-07-22

The BEST game ever

Posted by chris martin 2017-07-22

I love this game because i can always play against nathan

Posted by bhagwan sharma 2017-07-22


Posted by Vermin Supreme 2017-07-22

It's great, but my only problem is that you need to pay real money for bombs customization. There are fairly a lot of customization options for the body and face but not enough for bombs. Add maybe more bombs than you can buy with in-game money.

Posted by Suman Lakhera 2017-07-22

Good game

Posted by knight rider 2017-07-22


Posted by Tab3vtx 785 2017-07-22


Posted by bali tualen 2017-07-22


Posted by Umang Bhavsar 2017-07-22

Great game wonderful game loving it liking it very very very much 2 much 3 much and many much morr

Posted by Rozz Ezra 2017-07-22

Good but need to upgrade the graphics

Posted by 2017-07-22

Kind of good but you should and more custumes

Posted by sayan naskar 2017-07-21

No commands

Posted by VanossGamig38 xxx 2017-07-21

Thank you for bringing back the BEST bomb game ever!!!! :)

Posted by xander perez 2017-07-21

So cool

Posted by 2017-07-21

You can play with your friend or family... This is the Best game... You can know how to get win..

Posted by Montserrath Vargas 2017-07-21

So cool!

Posted by Melvin. Montellano 2017-07-21

This game is the best bombing game ever!Can you add more costumes and kind of gem?

Posted by Herobrine //Rance 2017-07-21

I am the PRO

Screenshots & Video


Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.
- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support! (Also MOGA-Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
- Supports Android TV!

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Bomber Friends on Google Play

Current Version:
Content Rating:
Everyone 10++