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Worst game everPosted by No No 2016-05-07

Where do I start,oh yeah the impossible quests that give you a bomb... yeah, and sometimes it's one of those boring bombs like, like a meatball. But if your into food then there you go but then there are boring bombs, that you get for working 24/7 on a quest... even though the cool bombs cost a fortune in real money and what I'm talking about is just the bombs you get from a quest that takes forever, even though you have like 10 hours, then you are on last level and it ENDS so that is why everyone hates it

HATE IT!Posted by Xin Yi 2016-02-23

Glitches! Theres always these 1 or 2 person in a match that always pass through my bombs after i trap them. And they cant see it. But i can. Then they just won automatically after im left in between the bombs while they just pass through min. Or there will be invisible players placing invisible bombs and i just got easy killed for nothing and theres also some players that can pass through walls and bombing me like wtf was that? Wth is with those intruding ads zzz. Better fix it or im uninstalling THIS.

connection problemPosted by rock star 2016-05-30

conneting wait conneting wait....... retrying waittt game found conneting waittt........ its very annoying me whats wrong with this game....???? my connetion is okay there is no problm with connetiong than why its not conneting me multiplayer...????????????? no reply from you guys was waiting for your email.... but wait is not ending... no fix :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Ads Everywhere..Posted by Aasim 2016-08-01

This game is like that its made for showing us ads only. There are so may ads in app. Video Ads consumes a lot of data. And online game take too much time to connect because the Video Ads are always loaded in the background. Even game stops but ads do not stop at any time. Overall there is a lot of wastage of Internet while using this game.

the stupid booest bomber game is here! Posted by keseter FTW 2016-01-28

really too manny advertising stop puting advertising in the multiplayer game i delet bomber and freind 4 time and download 5 times or i delet this game again and also when i was rank bengediler it dosent work i still in major even i buy a angle hat the gold ring when i go back on its dont have and i hate bomber and freinds!??!

No more Patience.Posted by Scott Knows 2016-06-05

I am literally uninstalling this app strictly because of how much your analog stick sucks! I have placed a bomb and trapped myself way too many times due to the analog being able to move on the screen. Make an option to where you can lock the analog in place, an I'll come back. Otherwise, I would NEVER recommend this game.

Waste of time & money!!!Posted by Ricky Inglis 2016-02-15

DONT download this app! It is programmed so it will make you lose on purpose & you WILL have to spend money to play on & move onto further levels. Controls are very poor also. Worst game I've EVER downloaded! Do NOT waste your time with this crap, money robbing app!!!!!

This games used to be great now I won't play it to save my life lmaoPosted by Marc Anthony 2016-03-11

Loved it and now I hate it 1 star because you can't vote another star because everyone is like speaking Chinese and Spanish all game another for the space it took up which made me have to delete it another you can't download it now 1 star only because it used to be good

How do I use the aarowsPosted by carl tucker 2016-07-28

This game is fun, but how do I use the aarows. You guys advertise them in the game and I'm able to pick up the boxes but how and when do I get to use them. ... I will rate the game a 5 when this is fixed or made clearer to the player how to achieve the use of the tool

STUPID COMPANY CLOAE ITPosted by CaptainMiner TV 2016-05-31


PLEASE CLOSE THE STUPID COMPONYPosted by John Paul B Padilla 2016-05-31


AnoyingPosted by Hrachya Hovhannisyan 2016-07-18

This game sucks every time I trie to finish part 17 you have to buy the mega bomb every time you trie and you have to trie until you win and every time you lose and restart it gets harder. And another problem is that you get ads I mean videos

Multiplayer sucksPosted by Howdy do 2016-02-19

Only fun way to play is terrible. Always like .5 seconds behind the other players so when you trap other players behind bombs, they glitch right out or something and you're now stuck behind bombs. Fix this to make this game worth anything.

support service for entertainment purposePosted by Wilfred Aw 2016-02-26

sent an email about problem i face totally got ignored. auto reply say will reply as soon as possible but i think is just to stop player facing problem in game to spam them email so they have more time to add more costume earn more money

Why did you have to ruin a great appPosted by Jimmy Marianoff 2016-02-25

I was so addicted to the app, and now you destroyed multiplayer... You reply to previous players that the internet/cant connect problem has been fixed by the latest hotfix, but its actually not. Fix it and i will give 5 star.

Posted by aza azza 2016-09-05

I think its crazy . . I just format my phone and install this game back . . You know what happen . . My account is gone . . My badge is general before . . Now im start from new game . . You need to do something about this .

Posted by Sreeganesh Redd Yerri 2016-02-24

good game... Played all stages and waiting for an update since long time. I've also put an email to them regarding the same issue but they did not care to respond. I'm gonna uninstall if there is no update this week.

Posted by Nannette Ojeda 2016-07-11

Hi, I cant play bomber friends multiplayer. It brings this error: Game requieres Google Play services connection for playing. Log in. But i dont know what else i have to do because it dont let me log in.

FreezingPosted by Asim Dj 2016-05-22

The most frustrating game I've ever played!!! The walk pad keeps freezing and take about 5seconds after you release for the character to stop walking. Happens 4-5 times every level. Dont stress yourself!

Posted by CantBeRoked92 21 2016-08-07

It doesn't let me play online at all it says Google play services are not working and I can't sign into my old account please give me some feed back and say I need to login with Google play services

Ads!Posted by Kristen Walter 2016-05-02

I don't mind ads, but they're after and before every game, on top of they're so loud and no mute button. its just not worth it to be forced to watch a stupid loud video for 2 seconds of game play

LagsPosted by Fun With Artz Singapore 2016-06-28

I deleted it knowing that it will be saved to google play but i recieved everything that i earned before i deleted it except i found out to items were missing the words :tooeasy and flawless

What to do?Posted by 12inchDude 2016-09-03

"The specified account does not exist on this device. Please choose a different account." Any ideas why this error message appears when trying to log in a game with Google Play account?

Crazy ads and more.Posted by 2016-05-19

I wish games were like days of old. Buy it, play it and enjoy it. Seems like we are constantly bombarded by ads and this game is no exception. Poor controls even with external gamepad.

Constant disconnectionPosted by Ramon Diaz 2016-02-08

The game continues to disconnect every so often it is really annoying when you're playing a game and it keeps disconnecting please fix this if not remove the game from the App Store

Makes my phone shut down!Posted by Bill Spaulding 2016-05-31

Fun game but has a glitch. Whenever I start it it shuts down my phone. It is only this app that shuts down my phone. First the screen flickers then my phone powers off completely

robot quest impossible missionPosted by Im Legend 2016-05-30

29th of the robot quest is impossible to clear,if you dont want let people get the free items,you can shut down the game instead of creating non sense event which cant be clear

Posted by Deddy Candra 2016-05-20

Alot of error, crash and frezing after update. Please remove the push advertising in the middle of the gameplay. This game is fun before the developer change it to BOMBER ADS.

...dissapointedPosted by vicente palen 2016-01-27

..i want to relax and keep away frk stress.. this is thw way i play games to enjoy.. but its gettn me angry bec. of many adds. my blood presure getin high. can u fix it.pls.

WtfPosted by Macdylan Brandon John 2016-02-27

And again wtf is going on with this game after update .. reconnecting and connected again .. this make me angry every time i play the match suddenly disconnected .. wtf bro

StupidPosted by Arl Jonathan 2016-08-28

The maker of this game is really stupid, if you have no money its absolutely you must play for 100 years until you can finish it. The game is free but without money no win

Worst gamePosted by Rosiah Othman 2016-06-12

The game actually is good but because of the control, u pretty much cant play this game.when i play reversi battle and i died after that i respawn and i cant move

Commercial spam gamePosted by Bacanu Andrei 2016-02-01

Commercials popping up in middle of gameplay. Even worse after two minutes of play already found one saying I won at lottery. Not worth the battery to install it

Reconnecting ProblemPosted by Nothing Much 2016-03-09

I love the game, but when u are in private or in public room. Always reconnecting and hard to play to keep connecting, and I started now not to play this game.

New UpdatePosted by K i n g F i l p o 2016-07-04

Went from 5 Star to 1 star, yall f*cked the game up completely with this new update the accesories were cool but those laser and chill on the game thats bs

Silly hardPosted by hidar abbas 2016-09-11

I am playing this game since very long time . The new update with additional stages is very hard that no way of passing them . One star for such a level

Can't Install ERROR -506Posted by Inno Prinx 2016-09-04

i have so much of free space available in my extSD as well as internal memory but still it shows error -506 .. what kind of error it is can you explain?

I need an answer!Posted by Iulian Dan 2016-03-31

I can't conect on turnament from my Samsung S4! I.v both some packs but Can't play ...i.v finish the campaign so the Turnament is my only choice!

STUPIDPosted by ninja bird 2016-06-14

The movement stick is really retarded I hated this game. It just really didn't make sense. Over all its just a really dumb stupid game. 0/10

Tolong donk di perbarui game nya, masak enak2 main ada iklan, trus kadang2 suka keluar sendiri dari Posted by Julio Iqbal 2016-03-04

Tolong donk di perbarui game nya, masak enak2 main ada iklan, trus kadang2 suka keluar sendiri dari home screen padahal spek hp saya tinggi

FrustratedPosted by Ahmad Fariz 2016-08-03

I am using Unifi, but this game always prompt for internet connection problem. The game is fun, but this bug make it so stupid. UNINSTALL

Unable to play with friendsPosted by Ankit Bhatt 2016-07-21

Was a very good game until the recent update after which i have'nt been able to play online with friends... uninstalling it right away

Bad controls.Posted by Nate Brons 2016-01-29

I couldn't get past the first level due to the virtual joystick. Playing a mobile game anyway shouldn't involve 2 hands to play.

StupidPosted by charudath nair 2016-04-30

Not able to play online it shows new games created by players but when I try to connect it says unable to connect!!!! Bullshit

Galaxy S5Posted by Lisa Mussner 2016-02-17

I can't play multiplayer since a week... this game is boring without this. It always says connecting and than reconnecting...

Lg v10Posted by Gerrity Kan 2016-07-14

Since latest update, it is no longer bomber "friends" since i cannot find any of my friends games nor can they see mines...

Too hardPosted by Rami Hanna 2016-08-11

The robot thiny it's impossible to win with these undead robots I'm starting to hate the game because i can't win any map

GoodPosted by Jian Carl Bongalon 2016-07-17

This game is good id like to battle other bomber friends bot i can't update it because im just only using a smar simcard

Gem stuckPosted by Tejo Waskito Effendi 2016-07-09

My gems are stuck whatever I do with it. Combining, changing locations, etc all reset after I close gem screen. Need fix

Just poorly madePosted by Aaron M 2016-05-26

Can't control the character well enough to beat the first level, keep killing myself. Have no idea what the power ups do

Sync totally suckPosted by RAVICKY DEVA 2016-03-03

Fix your server!players always suddenly disconnected and hardly can get the right battle when choosing in public game!

Data losePosted by Vivek Kunal 2016-07-25

Once i uninstall the game , it del. My all data.i am at 60 level and many upgrade. Bt now i m at 15 level..cheeteerr

Taunt button bug!(and yes i already send the email)Posted by MK10R 2016-08-16

I'm stuck on taunting mode and can't move, fix it ASAP! And please remove those new maps(nobody like those anyway)!

Stupid Ads on my home phone screenPosted by joysaint galvez 2016-02-25


Posted by jai vardhan 2016-06-19

Some people using speed hack it will annoy for me to beat them please fix it and robo quest is also very difficult

MadPosted by Rafa Alvarado 2016-09-05

I signed out acedentaly and when I signed back in I lost all my progress. Can you put me back to were I was at?

Not installingPosted by Harry Sharma 2016-06-12

Hello sir... I have a Lava mobile of x8 model and i'm unable to install this game..... Please fix the problem

I hate this gamePosted by Nick Gonzales 2016-05-01

The if u play single player a lot you will be super irritated, if u get hot once by a bomb u will die ! :( :|

Lan wifi,Bluetooth Multiplier modePosted by dave casamayor 2016-08-19

Love this game but .. lacks some feature mentioned above. I WANT TO HAVE THIS FEATURE PLEASE.. xD <3

Error accessing :(Posted by Support Facebook 2016-08-29

The game is very good, but it has many errors in synchronization of players and my account of google play.

Beward when you play onlinePosted by Andrew Eng 2016-07-10

Lots of online game crackers/cheaters getting away freely and game developers are doing nothing about it..

Blah blahPosted by Emerson Cruzet 2016-04-17

Kind of destructive game when im alone and chillin and need a nap but I kept playing this game hahaha!!

Almost 90% of the time it says 'No data'Posted by Waqas Tariq 2016-02-12

Almost everytime since the last few updates it says error 'No data' when I am connected to the Internet.

Connection failedPosted by varun sharawat 2016-02-24

Showing connection fail error after update but ads are there.. what have you done.. fix this issue ...

Suddenly goes back to corporalePosted by Hazim Ismail 2016-07-17

What happen? My rank is captain.. suddenly go back to corporale?? My gem also left only 1??????????

Ads everywhere.Posted by Paul Kemp 2016-08-19

Advertisements pop up randomly, basically if you are on any menu about every other click is ads.

Damn nillPosted by Jawad Mushtaq 2016-07-24

Its not downloading..... Plz tell me why.......?? Its saying Package file is invalid Plz help me

BoringPosted by Ace AE 2016-09-03

This game is fun if you'll add wlan local network multiplayer . I will rate this 5 star if done

Searching,joining player'sPosted by Mayank Tiwari 2016-09-10

It always show searching joining game found and start game one out of ten time its frustrating

Not workingPosted by Irfan Ilyas 2016-06-27

It is not working when I open the game there was an error "unfortunately the game has stopped"

I hate this gamePosted by XBOX_ 360 2016-05-28

I really hate this game i cant play..when i touch the screen it exit i dont know what happened

Can't join onlinePosted by Sho Sho 2016-03-31

Why I can't play in multilayer game at all . It says ( error number 2 : can't create a room )

Game is rigedPosted by Christian Stone 2016-08-04

This game shoude have sensitivity control and thats wy im reporting these game it suks balls

MaisomenosPosted by A Google User 2016-06-04

A vesao do meu celula era 2.3.6 eu atualizei so pra baixar esa porcaria que iventarooooo

Hard to controlPosted by Creepy. Pasta 2016-04-05

Its good and awesome but can you please change the moving controller its hard to control

What a appPosted by Vishu Ahuja 2016-03-18

It stops before starting again and again it is going on . I cant play it . Please fix it

Frustrated!Posted by faizal mohd 2016-04-24

Almost end of the month(april) as your promised earlier for new levels! Where is it????

ItPosted by Tanisha Watson Watson 2016-05-02

It won't let me move and it's just a copy from another game and with a different name

Game sucksPosted by James Jr Scheller 2016-05-07

Its hard so i dont wont to play it my friends said it sucks my whole school did to

DAMMNPosted by Benjamin Nicolas 2016-09-10


PoopPosted by Graciela Martinez 2016-08-09

You want know why its A bad graphics B really glitches in phone and C lot of ads

Posted by Connar Grimley 2016-07-03

Good game, but bad ads. Please remove the video ads that make way too much sound

Hard to controlPosted by Jodon Welch 2016-07-30

I was almost done with a level my character couldn't go into a safe spot I died

BadPosted by vonniofdoom mods and tricks 2016-04-16

Have to pay for pretty much everything in the game for real money let alone USD

Needs lots of updatesPosted by Parsa Rezaie 2016-03-20

It jumps out, freezes, lags, drains battery, etc. It's worth two stars for now.

Love it, but ...Posted by Vivi Yunika 2016-02-25

Please add more custom menu like hat, hair, clothes and other for girl players.

hey hyperkani, something is wrong with youPosted by mash potato 2016-02-09

cant join a game. i have good internet connection but i still cant join a game.

Cannot playPosted by EXO BYO 2016-05-28

I cannot play this game because when I open it become cannot load full screen

Can'tPosted by Khairul Izham 2016-05-01

Cant create public , private and search public and private...please fix it!!!

MalPosted by Andres Lizarazo 2016-06-11

Después de que avanzas se empieza a parar él juego y no se puede continuar

Tell me what to do?Posted by chetu patil 2016-05-14

Its not working...window opens in half of the mobile screen... and look half

Posted by Billy Immanuel 2016-03-30

Yg buat game tolol,susah banget buat maen sama temen sendiri game sampah ini

DodgyPosted by Keith Colbert 2016-03-20

As soon as I downloaded this someone hacked my Google account! Do not trust

STUPID GAMEPosted by Mohd Firdaus 2016-02-11

Too many ads fk shyt..Then when i want to remove ads it need to pay stupid..

Poorest gamePosted by sanjiv sharma 2016-05-26

It doesnt show open option just stops on 100%.then shows 24 something error

Damn stupid makerPosted by tebbob oinamo 2016-05-11

I dont like the game when I download it it says that download crushed..!!!?

Bad game ever!!!Posted by scooby doo l 2016-02-29

Worst game to download... You get problems every where you go in this game

Posted by RaRa 134 2016-07-07

Why u need to boy bombs for real money no fair!!!!! I get rek in online

cannot install...Posted by Kent Peromingan 2016-03-11

i am running on android L... but when it is installing error occurs ~_~

Posted by Drake neil 2016-08-18

In k aka lekane undo race babba game pithu ga. Dabba koti sapestha

updates all the timePosted by Agapito Maceda Sanchez 2016-07-21

i hope i can play multiplayer without required updating of the game.

Plagued with advertisement videoPosted by aveRAGE bR0 2016-07-10

Wasted a lot of my data loading those advertisement video. Uninstall

Disappointing!Posted by Play With Axiom 2016-03-13

I have received the same hair style for the last 8 consecutive days!

Posted by Eclipse Darkheart 2016-02-22

The controls are sentive to hell and back. Exteamly hard to control.

BugPosted by Gabriel Gabrielzinhogvgdaob 2016-01-27

When i put to play with friends and join a room it just keeps buging

Posted by Laura Berry 2016-02-24

Did the update that was suppose to fix it. But nope, still broken.

The game is not supporting google servicesPosted by Rohit Pawar 2016-07-11

What should I do I am forced to play single player not multiplayer

Posted by Omaar Balhareth 2016-02-24

With the mew update there is no Classic game I hope fix it sooner

Hate itPosted by Armando Camacho 2016-09-06

It was a good game but it stop working it don't let me go online

Freezes while playingPosted by Aditya Ramanathan 2016-07-16

I am playing the game and the game freezes.Its quite irritaing!!

From 4 stars to 1Posted by Roland Orzabal 2016-05-13

Used to like this app but now its bombared with annoying ads!!!!

Already updatePosted by amir azwan 2016-02-24

Why it keep notifying me to update. I already update the newest.

annoyedPosted by randelsaydar miranda 2016-02-01

too many ads and sometimes in the middle of the game it crashes.

HeallthPosted by Mitch White 2016-08-07

Its dumb i will halve 2 or 3 hearts alnd take 1 damage then die

HuhusuhePosted by IA12 beast 2016-07-10


LAKSRIKAPosted by LAKSRIKA Nilupul 2016-08-09

It's game is very fun.but i language is sinhala.please help me

Always reconectPosted by Untung Weng 2016-03-08

Always reconect and please underline my connection is verywell

Posted by Abdollah EL Ḿorsy 2016-02-24

I can't play it as a multiplayer .. Every time connection lost

HelpPosted by Ramin Norry 2016-09-10

Iam in level 236, but there is no way, can any one help me???

hated itPosted by Arnel Angcoy 2016-08-28

its too easy, can you make it more difficult to me? please.

Freezing my phonePosted by SIDNEY ANDERSON 2016-08-25

when i this offline i enter a match it freeze then reset it

not downloadingPosted by ambesh dangol 2016-07-17

its only shows pakage file invaid please fix this problem

Cannot contol volumePosted by Nazrin Ristec 2016-05-13

I cannot control the volume using my phone volume button.

Virus!!!Posted by Brenda Schwindt 2016-04-29

Don't install, it made my tablet really slow and glitchy!

Hated itPosted by Kendrick Scott 2016-08-09

it keep freezing up in my freaking face I hate this game

Posted by Ming Harding 2016-08-28

I hate it I just log in but they want me to do it again

HorriblePosted by Savage NHation 2016-08-09

Could of been a good game. Horrible take on the style.

Wish I could give 0Posted by Nathan m 2016-07-05

It's a very bad clone of bomber man controls are shity

Ads everywhere anytimePosted by Peace and Love 2016-07-03

Those video ads appear in fullscreen anytime, hate ads

diePosted by zach allen 2016-04-16

you can't move unless you don't have a bomb

Dose not installsPosted by A Google User 2016-02-19

It Dose not installs says that package file is invalid

Posted by Steven Clarke 2016-03-01

Can't even join a online game what a load of bullshit

TrashPosted by LyradV 2016-01-31

This game has lots of f**king ads. 1 star is enough.

Too many adsPosted by nowroz ali 2016-08-22

I really this game please i req u to remove the ads

Bonus mapPosted by agoes nazli 2016-07-30

Why im always disconected when im play bonus level?

HelpPosted by Roggie Grafia 2016-08-02

Why this is not install it always trouble shooting

Posted by musthbkr 2016-07-03

Game is copied.. And money hunger.. Bugs bugs bugs

Posted by junang jet tan 2016-04-25

I cannot install the game it says invalid package.

cheatersPosted by Jasper Kent Doctolero 2016-03-17

sometimes i bombed 1 player but he is not die why?

Isn't open.Posted by Mehmet İskender 2016-02-21

This game isn't open pls fix it or i gonna remove.

HeroPosted by Daniel Todio 2016-02-11

Walakong masabi dito salarong ito it so very nice

Posted by Machi Akhtar 2016-01-28

Too many adds plz fix it I will then rate 5 stars.

Posted by joe pavia 2016-04-26

I was in game. And. A ad video covers the screen

It sucksPosted by sean Gerroir 2016-03-13

There is nothing good about it every thing sucks

No connectionPosted by Steven Holder 2016-02-24

This game wouldn't even let me sign into Google

Posted by Aashir Ijaz 2016-01-27

Cant seem to download it at all from playstore

Stupid bomber gamePosted by Yasin Al Rasyid 2016-07-26

I hated it because too many money to spend it

AdsPosted by psycho faisal 2016-07-14

Stupid continuous ads!! its so disgusting ..

I'm so madPosted by Scooby playz 2016-03-15

U could barely move when u put a bomb down :(

Posted by Darell Elpa 2016-06-21

Cant install it..plss fix it always error504

Posted by Edgey Ed 2016-01-27

playing with friends never work.. pls fix it

Posted by rahul agravat 2016-06-27

New update not coming i will pass the level

CAN'T SEARCH FOR PRIVATE GAMESPosted by Harpreet Ghuman 2016-04-29

There's no way to search for private games.

Posted by Nirosh Kumar 2016-04-23

This game is not support in my lava iris x8

Boring Bomberman RipoffPosted by Landon Keesee 2016-04-21

Worst ripoff of a good game I've ever seen.

BrilliantPosted by billy shore 2016-01-31

This game is amazing TIME WASTER NEVER PLAY

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-08

very beautiful and amazing game ever......

Posted by Abdullah Hammad 2016-06-05

The game is good but no Palestinians flag.

Absurd controlsPosted by Yetziel Vargas 2016-08-08

The game's controls are complete garbage.

Posted by Harley Quinn YouTuber 2016-05-17

It's looks good I am going to try it now

StupidPosted by Darlene Peretto 2016-07-01

Can't join battles keeps kicking me out

AccountPosted by Adefemi Adeniyi 2016-06-02

My gmail account does not work properly

Posted by Sorin Valoare 2016-05-13

Silviu. e. cel mai. tare. Joc

Waste of SpacePosted by Robert Adams 2016-09-09

I hate it just go play bomberman ultra

Posted by sameer pitale 2016-03-20

After downloadind it show invalid file

Shit maps!Posted by PRO 2016-08-14

Nobody like those! Not even your mom!

Posted by Marilie Cocom 2016-08-14

Well yes its kicks me out every time

Posted by Aldrin Sureta 2016-08-10

I cant download games in google play

Posted by henry pimentel 2016-08-04

Unistalled it and lost everything!

Hate itPosted by ronelo ledeno 2016-04-26

Fu*k Don't download this game ....

Love the game on my phonePosted by Connor Montgomery 2016-06-05

But it will not work on my tablet

Posted by Michael Heath 2016-08-04

Too many adverts and gets stupid

StupidPosted by azam dawood 2016-07-08

World stupid game don't download

Lag lag lagPosted by Soo-Ping Ong 2016-04-13

Ads everywhere cant play anymore

.............Posted by TCC 106 2016-04-03

I havent played yey soooo troll

Shield Android TVPosted by Ja Kub 2016-02-08

Hide touch fields on Android TV

Posted by Janet Aluague 2016-02-05

Im playing then adds come out .

TrashPosted by Miguel Mateo 2016-09-10

I cant get multiplayer to work

HackPosted by budak GTA 2016-04-09


Posted by marioss constantin 2016-03-02

Bad conection on multi players

Posted by arshya koko 2016-06-29


Posted by lennard lee 2016-03-16

Too many bots!!please fix it.

Ducking hated itPosted by Plasmus 2016-02-26

Can't connect and suicides me

BogasPosted by TANMAY JAIN 2016-09-09

Idiot game that ever seen...

Orang bodobPosted by ahmad firdaus 2016-09-05

Orang gila jer main games ni

Posted by AndrewSiHackerii 2016-04-17

Worst game ever.Bad controls

BwisitPosted by Nash Ferreras 2016-05-23

I cant istall this app sact

The update is worsePosted by Deadpool 2016-03-29

Cant play online now at all

Posted by big money money 2016-04-23

I HATE THIS GAME! !!!!!!!?

TerriblePosted by Gaming With Ernesto 2016-02-08

Stuipid game do not get it

Level 290Posted by Ahmer Wasi 2016-09-02

Going to uninstall ... ;(

Whatever!Posted by Krysia Marie Cometa 2016-06-03

You are no help anyway!!!

vovo to laroPosted by Covi Buhay 2016-05-13

walang kweta to tong laro

Posted by Debbie Haas Kuhn 2016-04-30

They called me a bad word

Posted by Macky Ramirez 2016-03-26

Can't join in multiplayer

GameplayPosted by Sunil Nagar 2016-02-25

Graphics are becoming bad

So coolPosted by Ionian Dulac Aguinaldo 2016-05-14

You can have free ofline

It's a virusPosted by Anita Halmos 2016-04-24

It steals your bank info

Posted by Aashutosh Thakur 2016-07-15

Always ask for update..

FunPosted by 2016-08-21

This is so dam awesome

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Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.
- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support! (Also MOGA-Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
- Supports Android TV!

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Bomber Friends on Google Play

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Everyone 10++