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2 and a half stars right now.Posted by Antonio Fields 2016-02-11

Yall need to take care of the glitches in this game. It would be 5 stars but this game bs's too much. I lay a bomb down and people get to walk right thru it way after i put it down. But when im right with someone step for step and they put a bomb down im stuck n cant pass it. Then wen i get cursed its always the curse that drops bombs behind me but i rarely see anyone else get that curse. My player stops moving After i put a bomb down and i hafta hurry up and remove again,Those are just a few things wrong.

Deserves zero rating or even negative starsPosted by Abdallah El-Shewkh 2016-02-09

U call this the best bomber man game ? I'm sure I'mn't going to believe that... that stupid dull ad covers the game,I can't just have for a moment fun,15 EGP for only removing some stupid silly ads ? Don't u think it's a little EXPENSIVE ? I'mn't going to pay for that and I'mn't going to rate even two stars until it's solved... please remind me to re-rate if u,Guyz solved that unbelievable disaster (other items deserves 3 stars cause it won't sync and bring me my old account)

Posted by Jamie-Anne Jacob 2016-05-16

Good concept. Glitchy controls. UPDATE: I tried to change the control settings to fix the problem. No difference. Simple controls stopped responding, mid command, and so did the joystick without finger following option. With the finger following option, it would stick and glitch and pretty much do it's own thing. just deleting the app. It might not be compatible with my phone (S3 mini)

Multiplayer games with 2g is not possiblePosted by vignesh v 2016-07-31

The best game ever played.. single player modes are awsm.. robots.. US president challnge and normal mode.. and i should particularly appreciate you on your control setting.. really the best controls i have played.. very flexible.. but connecting to multiplayer game is really not working with 2g connection. Please fix this. I would give you 5 stars if that is done..

Can be betterPosted by Daniel Pastrana 2016-05-31

It's a great game but just too many ads even during a game. Worst of all after a few levels the controls become laggy. Your person won't move at all for a few seconds (at any given time) and then it will continue to move thus making it nearly impossible to beat a level after a while. That's why it gets 2 stars

Still off the gamePosted by AyoItz Jenny 2016-02-24

This is a really great game and i really enjoy playing it,but it keeps disconnecting me every minute or every game i entered. For the new version i just updated,it keeps asking me for which gmail accounts ima bind it to and then the same process is repeated over and over. Please fix this issue.

It good, but..Posted by Rustled Jimmies 2016-04-03

*lag intesifies* *walking through bombs intesifies* And plus, why did you add back the curse that made you automatically place bombs? EDIT/RESPONSE: I understand there is to be a luck factor to the game. But, whenever you get that curse, it's an automatic lose.

StressfulPosted by Melody Dicen 2016-05-06

Why it is so hard to join in the private games? It took so many times that we've try to connect with each other but still we can't play! Where's the problem? It just keep on connecting. There's also too many ads and I hate it so much. Please kindly remover it

Posted by Demonic Draconas 2016-06-17

Controls make it hard to move. When trying to go in a certain direction if you are not walking exactly in the open path your character will stick to the wall going in a completely different direction...

Login issue in multiplayer optionPosted by loving Nona 2016-06-14

Can't able to login and i tried a lot like reinstall this app twice,clear data of this app because of that i lost all levels and other data, clear data of google + and login again pls resolve it asap...

Phone heats upPosted by Giovan Pangku 2016-08-31

The phone heats up and slows down when I'm playing the robot quest. But the phone is fine when I'm playing multiplayer. The presidential quest also lags too much. I'm using nexus 5 on marshmallow.

#[email protected]% VIDEO ADS!Posted by Miles Prower 2016-05-17

The game is great but the video ads are very irritating and especially since the tiny x is hard to hit and takes you to play store by accident and I hate the video ads they are annoying than!

Glitchy as fackPosted by Nonya Robb 2016-04-14

This game is full of glitches, the gameplay is good but it boots you out of the game at random points, and it goes to my home screen and it's still active but I'm at my home screen.

Now the game constantly disconnectsPosted by Paul Staley 2016-02-24

The only multiplayer game type I am able to play is the tournament which disconnects halfway through and the gold I spend on power ups is wasted great job with the new update

DisconnectedPosted by Anteja Shkembi 2016-03-11

Since the last update every time i try to play online multiplayer game it pops up on the screen "DISCONNECTED failed to join game" please fix it quick i really like the game

not attractive...Posted by Akmal Abu Hassan 2016-02-29

why are not make this game like 'explode arena', the bomb that can be triggered and we can move the freely... i think this way may more attractive and challenging...

problem in multiplayerPosted by Jarraine Marie Baysa 2016-07-31

still cant play with my friends over multiplayer. improve your server for us to play in vs friends mode. we cant see the room that my friend create.. fix it

Zzz. Most of the bomb must be purchased with the pack. ggPosted by ini grapx 2016-02-18

Can i customize my bomb without using real money? i know u guy work really hard to make this game but atleast pls allow us to puchase bomb using gold..

Crash centralPosted by Crystal Pennymon 2016-08-24

I absolutely love this game but since the last Update it crashes almost every time I get on and in the middle of games too (^_-) please fix.

Multiplayer feature update!!Posted by Anonimous Hacker 2016-06-21

I want that part of the game updated. I wanto have an offline version of multiplayer. So that when internet gets slow the game won't suck.

Posted by Poooh Tah 2016-03-02

It was good at first but lately, it has too many bugs and i can't reload/search/join any public games. And why is that? Fix it please.

New version cannot access multiplayer anymorePosted by Giv Dayao 2016-02-24

Since new robotic pack upgrade i cannot play multiplayer. Tried on both apple and andriod devices. Will change rating once fixed

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Way too many adsPosted by Raul Oropeza 2016-05-21

There is an ad after every game you play. Wasnt like this before. I wouldnt even get this until they relax with the ads

WONT CONNECT TO GOOGLE PLAY SERVICEPosted by Drahcir Olever 2016-04-17


Best and my favorite game ever i playedPosted by Nature Verma 2016-04-23

But i clear all the levels. Further there is no levels. Please update it with more levels then i will give it 5 star.

InternetPosted by Rosebe Rumbines 2016-06-01

Internet isus and i dont like internet isus okay pleas make bomber freands 2 without any internet pleassssssssssssss

I Cant log inPosted by Danish Adrian 2016-06-25


Posted by Isaac Chavira 2016-03-16

I get to play one game then i have to restart app to play another because it freezes after one game finishes

Loved the game hated the ads!Posted by Mitch Bumgardner 2016-05-30

The ads make this game close to impossible to play. Would rate higher but the ads ruined this game for me.

SucksPosted by Gernie Rodriquez 2016-08-16

I can't play online with my real friends and no searching type and find a name of players,please fix it!

Pls help mePosted by Louis Caranto 2016-07-19

I like it but i cant download it on my cellphone i already clear the data and cache of google play store

Can't get past 290 on robot worldPosted by Jamie Barnes 2016-08-13

To fast to many at once feel like leaving its starting to be impossible im only starting with 30 life's

Terrible controlsPosted by Olympic Blitz 2016-07-02

Though the game is sorta fun the controls are very difficult to use and you often lose because of it

Ads became aggressivePosted by Simo Cabo 2016-02-25

The last update made this worst. Ads became very aggressive. Ads popping during gameplay? Seriously?

needs fixingPosted by Quad X 2016-03-08

Too many ads in a row! Also multiplayer doesn't always connect or it takes too long to connect!

This Game is awesomePosted by Irshad hussain 2016-02-12

But getting crashed every time i try to launch it on my new one plus 2 phone. Need urgent fix

Ugh.Posted by Edwin Jonah 2016-02-11

I don't want to use/enable/update Google Play Games! Why am I supposed to do it to play this?

Control'sPosted by Matayus Squad 2016-08-06

When ever u move the joy stick around it should stay still instead of moving with your thumb

Old Map is betterPosted by Killian Baldwin 2016-07-29

Ok so i really hate the hole and laser thing I need the old Map back to multiplayer ASAP.

Rated 2 starPosted by nikko sadang 2016-03-13

Plssss add offline multiplayer... Lan multiplayer plsss ... Like in the game boom squad

Always say faild to joinPosted by MD. MAHADI HASAN 2016-04-25

And also tournament match. Please upgrade your server. And, Yes auto sync, is enable .

I was liking the game until it told me I had to update to play with friends. Yet I couldn't update aPosted by LuGrainzy 2016-02-24

I will Uninstall and try again. if this doesn't work well I'll just keep playing solo.

Gets boring.Posted by Fiddleford McGucket 2016-03-04

Its alright to begin with, the campaign is repetitive and single player gets boring.

MehPosted by darkdall 2016-03-15

Good game just to many ads made me delete the game because it just crashed every ad

Horrible Daily needs updatePosted by Brijendra Sharma 2016-02-24

Great game,pathetic service daily needs update. Need to switch on other game.

AwwPosted by Cecil Quibranza 2016-05-20

What does that even mean Package invalid. i cannot find some cheap games:(

Failed to join and leave vs friendPosted by Robby Rezar 2016-02-25

I can't join public game & i can't leave when i create a public game...

Cant play online multiplayerPosted by Jovin Ryan 2016-06-06

Whenever i start game it show waiting for players and takes hours litrally

Broke?Posted by Devscape// Tx54 2016-04-23

I got the Super Bundle and the Robot Pack, and it says Item Already Owned.

Best ads game!Posted by Mad Trippin 2016-08-15

Full of ads, controls seem weird from time to time. Players keep leaving.

Ad Facebook supportPosted by Forced 786 2016-04-09

It only ask for gmail account.. How i can play with my fb friends..??

Terrible controlsPosted by kju jkl 2016-02-29

The joystic is just terrible, very hard to navigate fast or accurate

New mapsPosted by YEW GUO TANG 2016-07-04

New maps are really bad, please give us an option to filter maps

I love this game!Posted by Mark Dizon 2016-04-13

i love this game but it can't be download at my cellphone. :(

ErrorPosted by Rainbee Gt 2016-06-15

Why erroring while downloading i cant install it .-.-..-.-.-

Posted by William Clarke 2016-04-21

Didn't like it found it hard please tell me the controls

Bad ....Posted by Pradip kumar Das 2016-08-10

Can't download and if download , it cannot install...

RodelPosted by A Google User 2016-04-28

It is good games for me Because i can rest my mind.

Too many ads and problems with connectionPosted by Mattia Mancassola 2016-03-02

Awesome game, but there are too many errors and ads

Can't connect to GooglePosted by Jensen Goh 2016-02-02

Can't connect to Google account.. please fix this

???Posted by Eduardo gamer slush 2016-06-28

It cost money relly :( cant even get a new bomb

Posted by Ahmad Syarif 2016-02-25

Terlalu banyak iklan di tengah tengah permainan

Worst StagesPosted by Anita Gupta 2016-07-13

Your new stages are having very worst designs

Posted by Ej Check 2016-05-02

Can't play with my friend after the update

Why to update frequentlyPosted by Sunny sharma 2016-02-24

Atleat update should come after 15-20 days

Where's the TNT throw bombs???Posted by Jarrod Mould 2016-07-11

What happened to the TNT throw bombs???

Runs too hotPosted by Jesica Kate 2016-03-15

My phone gets too hot only on this app

Posted by Vaughn Visagie 2016-07-25

Google play does not want too sign in

Cannot connectPosted by Daniel Fry 2016-08-16

Cannot connect and play multiplayer

HorriblePosted by Garrett Pirretti 2016-03-11

I deeply recommend not playing it

AdsPosted by Dang Nan 2016-06-07

Good game but too many ads sorry

Have a great conection but...Posted by Akmal Maulana Salim 2016-03-08

Hard to connect multiplayer mode

Posted by Mohammed Abu Elyazed 2016-06-20

Too late work too late update

Too easyPosted by Israr Ali 2016-04-17

Good game remind me bomberman

Posted by Lintex Man 2016-08-19

Controls needs to be smooth

Posted by Ian Estebal 2016-08-11

doesnt work on multiplayers

Posted by Raphael adrian Balaguer 2016-03-29

Too many ads but addictive

Posted by Reese Anderson 2016-07-18

Rather play Bomberman 64.

MehPosted by foxcraft209 2016-04-19

Not that inticing to play

Not so goodPosted by Ananda Rajbanshi 2016-03-22

I Lost my achievement...

Good Graphics!Posted by Isaac Dela Cruz 2016-08-18

But i need lan game mode

Posted by Joan Gaytos 2016-07-30

Thyreen Seph B . Gaytos

Too many adsPosted by saurabh verma 2016-07-05

Ads eats up all my data

Was goodPosted by Noah Hammond 2016-03-16

Until you put ads on it

Posted by Aldo Prammuda 2016-08-06

Have a troubleshoot

Posted by Elen Arroyo 2016-07-25

Doesnt let me login

Not goodPosted by Carl Javier 2016-07-08

This game is boring

Bomer friend BestPosted by 2016-08-23

Like it bomer Game

Posted by Multahadi Mukti 2016-02-10

Too many problems

Posted by Fadlan Ramadhan 2016-07-16

Always disconect

Posted by Double O Seven 2016-06-20

Bikin emosi jiwa

Posted by Henry Tardecilla 2016-04-12

Hard to control

nicePosted by tonnix baena 2016-09-08

gosto kids ito

BadPosted by Francis Lagudas 2016-02-17

Useless keypad

Posted by renzkie lim 2016-08-12

Bomber friend

Posted by Bruno Martins 2016-07-21

Controls lag!

Bomber friendsPosted by Jerrod Grimes 2016-07-15

Jerrod Grimes

UpdatePosted by Tropicana Peach 2016-03-31

Coin pack pls

Not bad but...Posted by Diego Albani 2016-03-07

Too many ads!

AdsPosted by Imam Bahruddin 2016-03-02

Too many ads

Posted by melita hernandez 2016-04-05

Hi ilike it

Bomber friendsPosted by Jose Alvarez 2016-02-08

To many ads

Posted by Lino Tavares 2016-08-02

Nice moves

Kweeeeeeeeee.kweeeeeeeee.kweeeeeeeeeePosted by Bunda Cantik 2016-02-21


Posted by Amith Ak 2016-06-09

Bad good

it's like my dickPosted by Zakaria Gaba 2016-03-08


Posted by Usman Gujjar 2016-07-21


Posted by sumit ram 2016-09-04


Posted by Abdur Rashid 2016-08-29


So goodPosted by Sudipta Roynandi 2016-05-03


OwoPosted by Atiq Carlos 2016-02-10


NicePosted by anna grace 2016-01-27


WwPosted by Vincent Viola 2016-03-26


Posted by Migs Mogs 2017-07-28

Verification failed i cant buy For payments

Posted by khinjayormita Ormita 2017-07-23


Posted by Adrian Natanael 2017-07-19

Nice gameplay, but personally I'd say ads are too often and ruin the whole gameplay experience

Posted by revano fajar moretto 2017-07-15

To many ads

Posted by Hayden Searle 2017-07-15


Posted by Ayu Tresia 2017-07-14

lgood graphics

Posted by nerissa trajano 2017-07-14

hahah good app

Posted by Shruti Maheshwari 2017-07-13

When i tried to play this game it always doesn't works and asks to instal Google play games

Posted by Alif Fahmi 2017-07-07

Not so bad

Posted by mssarabian queen 2017-07-06

It keeps hanging my phone when ever i try to play it. Please fix the bug issues..

Posted by Stego saurus 2017-07-05

The ads really mess up the flow of the game. Like a lot! If the ads would go away the game would be so much smoother! Also the ads are everywhere like I get 4 ads per LEVEL in campaign! I should be getting 0-1 ads per level not 3-4 ads! JUST REMOVE THE ADS BY AT LEAST 90%! PLEASE!

Posted by Anthony Tumiwa 2017-07-05

some advertises are not appropriate for kids . and yes, too many ads

Posted by Saif Ullah Zahid Showmik 2017-07-01

Too many adds

Posted by trung nguyen 2017-06-30

Phone reboots shortly at game play and gets a boot loop. Drains around 3-7% of battery. Fix this. I played around 20% and I had the problem. This is a Samsung Galaxy S5. SM-G900V.

Posted by Nyla Dindial 2017-06-30

It's very adictive

Posted by Braedan Low 2017-06-24

Theres never been a update before

Posted by Kelsey Totton 2017-06-22

Couldn't actually enjoy the game for more than 10 mins, as it completely bombards you with video ads which you can't skip, and if you touch the screen at all it exits the game and goes to play store.

Posted by aj guevara 2017-06-18


Posted by 2017-06-16

Best the games

Posted by 2017-06-16

I was a supreme commander but then somehow got demoted to a corparal!! Pls fix this

Posted by krishna dwivedi ツ 2017-06-15

There is no option for playing with odd number of players... The previous version had it... Means if I've to between 3 people we can't play... Can't worth to take this in my mobile I'm uninstalling it... Or add that odd number option

Posted by xy xy 2017-06-13

This is a bomberman copy and the control is not appropriate for this game because its grided why use a control like this when this is grided

Posted by Boss Bd 2017-06-10

Laggy as hell and always crashes when I try to buy coins it crashes fix plz my android version is 5.0 Lollipop

Posted by toneyyy duh 2017-06-10

After the update I got demoted from a supreme commander to a rookie? What happened?? All of the things that I owned I now have to pay for all over again!!

ilove. gamesPosted by Leo Detorres 2017-06-10


Posted by jorgeee 2017-05-31

make a 4 diagonal control.. i'll make this 5star

Posted by Eubank Torebor 2017-05-26

Bomber friends

Posted by Zelle B 2017-05-19

Really hated the controls.

Posted by Rehan Daffa 2017-05-16

Hard control

Posted by JosepH Kenneth Bongcac 2017-05-16

It's fun can play either online or offline, but when online TOO MANY ADS , and the bonus of viewing or watching the ads is so pitiful just 10 coins, and that's for real.

Posted by Gabrielle Trijo 2017-05-13

I cant connect my google play pls help its says its not configured correctly

Posted by TheMelvin 742 2017-05-12

10/10 love it

Posted by Awesome Gameplay 2017-05-11

please add lan wifi feature so i can play offline

Posted by ragna120k 2017-05-10

No updated levels since last year. Right now this app is just sitting here taking up space. I'll probably uninstall it if there's no new levels next month. Everything is great and all but when you finish the levels, theres not much you can do. Multiplayer becomes repetitive

Posted by Amit Kumar 2017-05-10

I could not find my friends' server. Please tell​ me how to even if I applied all filters

Posted by Edmund Toh 2017-05-08

Everything fine except the control key at the bottom left screen. It is hard to navigate and insensitive.

Posted by Aena Fatima 2017-05-07

A nice game but it's so hard, you have to make the levels easy for the players so they get more interest in it! Thanks

Posted by Abc Def 2017-05-05

Way to many damn ads.

Posted by Greg Me 2017-05-05

It's a cool game but it's really glitchie and the ads are very salty

Posted by Lesh Maseng 2017-05-01

Ads are disgusting

Connection troublePosted by khalid ubaidillah 2017-04-26

This game is very good i like it, but there's always a trouble with its connection and ads in every i quiting the game that makes me hate this app, i hope the admin decrease the showing ads for this game thanks

Posted by Manish Giri 2017-04-23

neeed hotspot or wifi direct multiplayer pls

Posted by Faris Amirul 2017-04-19

Please update the controls

Posted by Cyril Reyes 2017-04-17

Good game....but stupid control.....

Posted by Orlando Castle Towers 2017-04-16

Nah, not a good game

Posted by Jacob Perez 2017-04-14

It is bomb

Posted by Saad Shahid 2017-04-14

Too much adds ruins the fun of game. Please remove the adds

Posted by Jj Tolentino 2017-04-13

I can't redeem my account

Posted by Manuel Chua 2017-04-09

The robot level is too hard, especially the immortal one.

Posted by 2017-04-06


Posted by Cik Saa 2017-04-06

After i uprgade, this game cant connect to server even my line full bar! And too much ads! Everytime i want open this game i must watching ads first -.-

Posted by Tasawur by Nafay 2017-04-05

After this update game won't work. It won't pass the multiplayer screen and would load forever

Posted by Yogi Bear 2017-04-04

I get you guys need the ads to make money but it's going a little far. I'm getting stuck in ads in-between my games and sometimes during them. It's more ad then game at this point.

Posted by Muhammad Aldi Rizqillah 2017-03-16


Posted by Sanjay Kumar 2017-03-11

Yuk, too boring keep phone hang

Posted by PATRICK SUGUI 2017-03-03

New bomb that we can buy!

Posted by Bob Marley 2017-03-03

Boring those controler didn't really control

Posted by Ben Robinson 2017-02-21

Really does my head in when your playing a battle and suddenly your bombed by someone who does not even appear in the game, how is that possible? Why are there observers when there is already 4 players in the game? Some games there are up to ten! LATEST UPDATE - STILL BEING BOMBED BY RANDOM BOMBS THAT ARE NOT THERE BUT YOU STILL DIE AS YOUR ABOUT TO WIN OR BE KILLED BY A PLAYER NOT LISTED IN THE GAME. FED UP, DELETED

Posted by Nicholas Tellez 2017-02-20

It crashes to much

Posted by Paul Besford 2017-02-14

Last update has ruined the multiple player mode keeps disconnecting such a let down lucky if I get two games off the belt

Posted by Amy Curiel 2017-02-12

The original form that the game was set up was better than the "new & improved". They should really add more costumes/accessories and sticker words and more rankings

Posted by 2017-02-10

I love it so much :)

Posted by Carl Contemprato 2017-02-09

Bad Controls

Posted by Vivian Kwong 2017-02-07

Prefer the old version :(

Posted by Andreas Manzl 2017-02-07

Zu viel Werbung

Posted by Maia Acquisition 2017-02-06

Too much adds makes the whole experience suck. Great game but the adds well kill it for you.

Posted by 2017-02-06

Can't u give the control buttons much biggr . only becauz of control pads I rated it like this

Posted by KingPogi Lorin 2017-02-06


Posted by Ifran Mix Sunsun 2017-02-03

We no comment

Posted by The Mortal OwL 2017-02-02

Connected to Google play but does not save your gameplay over devices

Posted by Vishal Gandhi 2017-01-29

Improve search method in private games! Try doing it how the Ludo Bing game does it ! There must be a direct place to enter id and pass instead of a screen where we search for the game created by our friend out of 100s other. Also if the creator/user minimizes the app and open any other app while other players are joining then game is automatically discarded. We have to wait continuously on the searching players screen until all other members have joined the game. We can't even open WhatsApp to ask them how much time they will take. All the game expects from us is that we wait and wait !

Posted by Mankey 123 2017-01-18

The game is good but you did not add a search for multiplayer add that and I will play your game idiots

Can't go onlinePosted by MG Anggara 2017-01-15

Always Said sorry can not online

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Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.
- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support! (Also MOGA-Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
- Supports Android TV!

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Bomber Friends on Google Play

Current Version:
Content Rating:
Everyone 10++