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Please Fix the "PUBLIC GAMES"Posted by Josef Dasmarinas 2016-02-04

The game is totally addicted. However, on the Vs Friends or "Public Games" Whenever I choose a specific Game Room, it always routed me to a different Room and ALWAYS disconnected. I hope this will be fixed for the coming updates. I also want to suggest to add an option to find your own MATCH like "CHALLENGER RANK", Coz like me I am a Supreme Commander, I want to find a match on my Level and I'm having a hard time to find the same level as my rank. I really love this game. I'll wait for the updates. Thanks.

GlitchesPosted by Tony J Heart 2016-08-15

First after playing for hours it's movement controller joysitck gets glitched n go oposite direction instead of the one where pressed to go and 290 level has way enemies then it should have respawning special bots ok but too quick that's messed up plus so many grey stun n red mine bot makes hard to move quickly or bomb cos either you are stunned or gets stucked by red bomb either by its gas bomb or its death bomb and if u r lucky enough to get away from them then there is this big guy who can't be killed!

Won't let me sign in without changing account deetsPosted by Jewels van Raalte 2016-05-02

Enjoying the game. But. At first I thought it wouldn't let me sign in using my current google games account. Then I just gave it a go and it changed my username and photo instead of loading a new profile. Wouldn't let me just sign in with my original settings for some reason. Now my Google games details were forced changed from the game registration and I can't get my original details back from the Google games hub.

Posted by Naura Nasuha 2016-05-20

Thank you for the quick feedback. unfortunately I've encountered a new problem now. After I updated the app, as you suggested, it seems that everytime I play the multiplayer online mode, it keeps on disconnecting. Is it because of the internet connection or the new updated app? Thank you very much for this amazingly addictive game, however this 'disconnecting' really bothers me at the moment. Pls help. Thank you.

Robbot quest is too hard.Posted by ian punzal 2016-09-07

I love this game and I'm addicted to it. I already reached level 30 of Robbot quest which is the last stage, but its too hard. 2 cyborgs and another one who's bigger. I cant even get out in the corner with that two cyborgs, its so hard that i think its impossible to end the quest. Can anyone end that quest? Cause its impossible. Really.

Signing in and Classic modePosted by Esperanza Gonzalez 2016-02-24

I hate it that whenever I play it constantly says that I have to "log in" even though I already am. It had only been three days and classic mode isn't even working. I've gotten pretty annoyed since that started. On the other hand it's pretty good but I'd be happy if those got fixed anytime soon then I'd rate it 5 stars :-)

I can download this but can't Install .Posted by Adrian Remigoso 2016-07-11

Why !? I have tried several times now . Why can I download it but can't install ? All my waiting and patience have been useless . Please help !..... *after reading your reply* I have now cleared the cache and data in Google Play Store . I once again tried installing it . but now it still can't install .. please help :(

Help to resolve this...Posted by Arwin Santos 2016-07-15

Single game is really okay but everytime i want to connect to my online friends or tournament. I can't connect to them. There a message appeared that "Unfortunately Google play has stopped" then "Bomber Friends is having trouble with google play sevice. If the problem persist please contact the developer assistance".

Great ideaPosted by Jakey Jake 2016-06-14

Super fun game... Serious flaws... Not at all a quick game to play while you're out... It blows through battery, and takes forever to get into a multiplayer game.. Even when you get in at least 1 of the 4 players disconnects... The servers are terrible with constant lag and full of "what just happened" moments

F*cking adsPosted by Gildjian Vale 2016-02-23

These ads keep messing up my game, even in tournament multi-player. It shows up like it doesn't bother you when you're in a middle of a game. Show the ads after the game, not during the game. Fix this. The game is great BTW. It's just the ads that are really ruining this game's reputation.

Few problemsPosted by JC Yap 2016-05-22

I wish you could resize and move the d-pad, since it feels too small for my screen. Also, put a toggle to remove the messages in single player, it's kinda annoying especially in the later stages of robot quest where I keep on dying because I cant see where i could move fast enough.

Posted by Farukh Ali 2016-08-29

This game is good for offline mode but it's a big issue with multilayer joining game when you want to play multilayer mode it's need to join for long time with online user and then time they wait for joining but not connected to each other then they left game plz solve my problem

Cloud Save PleasePosted by Andrew Johnson 2016-09-11

I really love the game; I now have the gold bomb on my tablet. IT reached out to me the game does have cloud save however some devices has problems with it. They are working to fix the issue hopefully with the next update. Once its fixed game will get 5 stars.

Invite ProblemPosted by Muhammad Usman Riaz 2016-03-03

When i try to play with my friend and invite him it shows an error that internet connection is not available or not working but the reality is that others apps are working properly i think you should check your server the bug hasn'nt fixed yet. Thanks

Good but a little problem...Posted by sneha morakhia 2016-04-07

I played in single player mode, campaign.... Sometimes i solve levels but then i come back i get a few more levels back... For eg. I solved till level 8 and when i restart the game later it shows i am on level 5 and i have to play all over again

Posted by Widi Susanto 2016-08-12

First 10 minutes to try.... I love this game, and so with the classic one. But, it hard to control the movement without joystick, unless i can control it as easy as like Tank Heroes, eventhought this only move to 4 directions only.

Bugs glitching on who winsPosted by Sean Sachdev 2016-03-26

Fix your game sometimes, different player wins and it shows the other player winning on Reversi, half the time always glitches and gives wrong person the winner, fix this. Childish mistake, losing credibility over stupid mistakes.

Glitch?Posted by ragna120k 2016-09-02

I'm not sure if it's a glitch but level 297, the character below won't step on door traps. It just goes back and forth in one I'm basically stuck because it won't step on the floor trap in order for me to advance...

BugPosted by Jonathan Arthur 2016-04-05

The latest update make enemy can jump and dissappear and then head walking. So many bug and there still player with amazing billion point. Wondering how many hours to get that point. Its a good game however. You're bombed!

Im addicted to this!Posted by Reichen Lopez 2016-05-13

Please fix after update May 13,2016 it always failed to join, failed to leave, and its always lag but my internet is fast enough to play this. My phone is Samsung Note 4. Please fix this ASAP. And i will rate for 5 stars.

Reconnecting..Posted by Santosh Parajuli 2016-05-03

I love the game but really hate multiplayer mode. I have a slow internet(I can't do anything for that). Other multiplayer games works just fine but I can't even get in multiplayer mode, always reconnecting.err.. :(

It's okPosted by Ghadir Gaming Channel 2016-06-30

I like the game so much but we can add somthing more. That we can log in to facebook and the friends that we have it on facebook we can challange and they accept. Plz make this update it will be better. THANKS♥

Help!Posted by Cypher Jones 2016-07-24

It's been having problems with google play services for a few days. So, I'm now unable to play my favorite game. Please fix this problem and you'll get the amazing 5 star i think you guys are worth.

Very addictivePosted by Karen Jimenez 2016-02-28

Very fun addictive game but I'm rating it 3 stars because it is so ANNOYING when the character talks because the font covers the map. Make the font smaller that sh** is so effing annoying

It lagsPosted by 2016-08-12

When im contrlling the joystick it lags badly. When l move the joystick and it lags and I move and it do this every time please fix this. So here I am reinstalling kudos guys good game

Got boared of itPosted by Damian Russo 2016-07-30

This game was sooo much fun and addictive but now i am boared of it cos in every section of the game is the same thing but a different challenge. Please change this hyperkani.

HOTSPOTPosted by Pevi Legendario 2016-02-26


Screen display fail Posted by Mary Grace Polancos 2016-02-24

When I open the app, sometimes I can't see my character's face and even my opponent. All I can see is a box. Please fix sp that I can enjoy playing online :) Thanks!

Cloud save isn't working properly.Posted by Faisal Ahmed 2016-09-03

I am always connected to internet and also logged in into my gmail account. But in my new device it's loading from a old save when I logging in with same gmail ID.

Posted by Faraz Afridi 2016-04-25

Plz fix the multiplayer game.whenever i try to join ads appear and then the connection is lost.and also my game doesn't save after a tournament.plz fix it asap

Wtf addsPosted by Toni Nikic 2016-07-16

An fulscreen 20 second add in the midle of tournament game, like wtf. Didn't happen again so il change rating, and put an option to remove those chat bubbles

NicePosted by Pasang Tamang 2016-04-19

Very nice game. It reminds me of playing bomber man on tv in my childhood. But its controllers should be improved or change. Should be made easy to handle.

Too Hard Earning GoldPosted by Jm Capati 2016-04-12

Its so hard earning gold and money or the items are just that expensive. I even bought gems and made them into 3 diamonds so they can fuse and they didnt.

Help neededPosted by Huzaifa Khan Suri 2016-05-18

I play this game with my friends through google+, but when I select the reversi or team mode, the game always directs me and my friends to classic mode.

Private game issuePosted by Collin Crasto 2016-04-30

Cannot play private game with iPhone players. This used to work before the update. Now I cannot play private games with my friends who have Apple iPhone.

improvement part 2Posted by Jezreel Noel Saulog 2016-07-28

we do have the same version..BUT STILL WE CANT PLAY VIA PRIVATE GAME..its so hard to connect..pls improve your server in multiplayer mode..fix it..pls..

Banned those leaver who quit at tournamentPosted by Qhaiy Ishak 2016-03-26

Its really annoying when i have to search new game many times. Banned those who quit tournament for 3 days. Other than that, this game is perfect

Quitters should be punishedPosted by David Earle 2016-09-09

People quitting constantly is ruining the game. Maybe frequent quitters should lose points or get banned from playing online for a short while

Posted by Clifford Ornopia 2016-03-23

Not so good in multiplayer. Always reconnecting. It says that game found but it will always said reconnecting. My connection is fast enough.

It's okPosted by bleak dawn 2016-06-28

The online would need fun. But the connection is the worst. People have slow Internet. Quests ate impossible. add more things to do

Lags hard sometimesPosted by Antonio Rodriguez 2016-07-07

Then lose cause this happens after almost winning and he dissapears like wtf after all i spend on perks down drain cause this bs lag

Seems Pretty dumb actuallyPosted by A - Joshï 2016-04-20

Most of the stuff are either alot of money or in a pack/bundle so ye make a less price and not in a bundle or im putting 1 star

hackersPosted by Hyper Sonic 2016-07-14

Not lag but real hackers in the game they can walk through my bombs and when I message them they confirm it. Very frustrating.

Could be better.Posted by Roy 18RY 2016-08-14

Its great and all, but it would be more awesome if it has local multi-player so me and my Bros could play this awesome game.

Controls...Posted by Enigmatic Light 2016-04-09

The controls aren't bad, but PLEASE! Change it so that it doesn't move WITH your finger! It makes the game super annoying.

its ok butPosted by Xmanta Nicole Essel 2016-07-21

ls do not add to many my storage is super full bucause the game i want i can delete it because its super duper fully full

Posted by Sir-Traylor Mathis 2016-08-05

The Controls are horrible, sometimes I can't get out of the way in time because my finger is sliding all over my phone.

It was goodPosted by Mohd Abdul Karim 2016-07-02

It was good but when the updated version came it crashes or I can't play multiplayer mode even if I had good connection

Well...Posted by Aieziek 667 2016-04-10

Its just perfect but why does the battery dissapear to 4% when it was 93% in just 2 hours .please fix i like this game

It'0KPosted by Kelvianto Susilo 2016-05-07

But not be perfect,, cause all of pack buy with real money,,, please fix it into no real money,,, but coins or gold,,

BluetoothPosted by Aan Somara 2016-02-24

Please insert Bluetooth for multiplayer game to avoid lost connection and I with my 30 friends will give you 5 stars

Pls fix itPosted by electrocool 2016-05-23

Pls fix the controller because when i play with my friends the controller follows my finger so i can't move so much

Won't let me log inPosted by Genesis Guerra 2016-03-24

When I press the log in button it just kicks me out so the only way I can play this game is through single player.

AddsPosted by Rony Dixon 2016-02-06

The game is awsome but the adds in between the match and game is too irritating otherwise the game is addictive...

Good but too many adsPosted by Miguel Pingol 2016-08-30

I am addicted to the game but I am getting very frustrated of the ads! Pls remove the ads so I can give a 5 star.

Terrible ControlsPosted by Perry Gaffoor 2016-02-28

The nostalgia of Bomberman is sadly overshadowed by the poor reliability and sensitivity of the movement controls

FIX GOOGLE PLAY CONECTIONPosted by Evan Hoffman 2016-08-26

Pretty good game just fix connecting to google play and add some more stuff that u dont have to buy a pack for.

Só tem um problemaPosted by Matheus Souza 2016-08-14

Há um problema que impede que o jogo se conecte com o Google Play Games, o que não me deixa jogar online.

Updated mapsPosted by 2016-08-10

Hate how they put in new maps for online play its kinda whack but besides that its a pretty addicting game.

Level 92..!!Posted by Rocky kapil 2016-06-21

Is there anyone who crossed that level??i played it almost 200 times but no way to get outta that level..

Posted by Bella Rina 2016-05-11

I have 6 lives, but when ive been boomed twice it should be 4 lives left but unfortunately it became zero

Posted by Levy Capusneanu 2016-03-05

In vs friends it keeps disconnecting or fails to connect! Please fix it and u'll definetely get 5 stars!

ControlsPosted by Gary Goh 2016-02-10

Joystick controls are hard to use, much easier if there is a option to change it to the 4 direction keys

GoodPosted by Ashish Kumar 2016-06-19

But it can be excellent if connectet through wifi like mini milita. A big suggestion to developer :)

Posted by Atanu Karmakar 2016-04-12

What happened to the arrow (penetration) power? Is it working or just for show or coming in future?

Posted by Ayman Kerkich 2016-04-18

Awesome !! But there's a problem about private games . I usually encounter prblms while playing ...

Needs improvementPosted by Hannah Faye 2016-08-22

Too many ads, hard to control where to walk, and I can't easily find a way to play with my friends

WhyPosted by 2016-08-17

Why do you have to log into Google to play with your friends :(. If you change that I will rate 5

WhyPosted by guycanfly 2.0 2016-08-17

Why do you have to log into Google to play with your friends :(. If you change that I will rate 5

Ads is annoyingPosted by Furqon Abdurrohman 2016-06-06

How do I delete the ads? When I play the game and then the ads appear and cover the entire screen

fix this battery draining problemPosted by swachchhand shrestha 2016-07-20

i noticed that ...this game drain every single battery while playing...and is unstable..fix this

Its annoyingPosted by Joseff Labor 2016-09-03

When I join the tournament we win after the match the advertise will restart me to another game

Can't even pay to turn off the adsPosted by Colton English 2016-02-28

Ads a way too intrusive. I would've bought the army set if it came with an ad less experience.

Good gamePosted by Catalin M 2016-08-28

The game doesn't feel synchronized between all players. Other than that evrerything seems ok

Battery ConsumptionPosted by Ariel Azucena 2016-04-13

Don't worry, I will rate 5 stars if you fixed it, this game can cause draining battery life.

Posted by Mick Wadsley 2016-06-25

Keep getting disconnected mid-game and a few other small issues. Other than that good game

Connecting issuePosted by shahrooz abbas 2016-04-23

In multiplayer it keeps on failing to connect to a game or even create one. Fix it please!

Good game butPosted by Jaguar Inc. 2016-06-05

Its good game The controls not comfort it will be go opposite dierction . But its ok.

Posted by Hendyrull Ryuuzaki 2016-03-16

Battery drain. Hard to control. Nice game but take a slow when connecting online game.

Offline mode in multiplayer using hotspotPosted by Julhea Pollos 2016-05-07

I will rate this 3 star for now... So please make it also offlinemode in multiplayer.

I like the game but controls are too hardPosted by Nathaniel Jewel 2016-06-08

Please make controls easier. Its hard to move around. Love the idea though. Fun game

Posted by DiaaElDin Taha 2016-02-26

Pleeeeeeease make offline local multiplayer and I'll make it a five. Pretty please.

Remove AddsPosted by Eadwoon Jaffar 2016-06-02

Nice game, but its annoying when the adds keep showing up... WTF (What The Fish)...

DifficultPosted by shabeer muhammad 2016-04-29

That peoples who use 2G internet packages they feel most difficult for multiplayers

Posted by Tasnim Islam 2016-07-04

This new upgrade sucks. i want the previous version of this game. 3 star for now.

Posted by Mudit Verma 2016-03-28

Plz add more levels i love this game but i have completed all the existing levels.

Helper issuePosted by toffy luck 2016-07-01

This game is addictive though unused purchased helpers should remain in the game.

It's okPosted by Rosie Elcome 2016-03-06

This game is OK because I have no idea how to go online but I like this gameplay

Posted by Eric Ledesma 2016-02-24

I like this game but I can't play online im about to uninstall the game fix it!

Posted by Bishal Lama 2016-09-10

SupPer....plz put d hotspot then i wil play offline with friends ....?????

Its ok butPosted by TheUndedRaider 2016-07-19

I'm having problems with it saying :This account does not exists on this device

A new updatePosted by Lucky Owl 2016-05-19


Awesome gamePosted by Wong TF 2016-03-04

Awesome game just a pity that cannot choose team partner in title team battle

I would love itPosted by Ozzy Hernandez 2016-05-26

But Everytime I try to download it it says package file invalid i need help

Good gamePosted by Robert Sikora 2016-05-05

How come the ads load with no problem but takes 10 minutes to load a game?

Ummmm I can't open itPosted by chris 2nd boss 2016-03-09

Plz fix it now I just got the update now I can't play that is just rude

costumes are too expensive!!!Posted by Mandude channelname 2016-07-18

Why are the costumes too expensive? And why is it so hard to get coins?

LaggyPosted by Rocky S 2016-02-05

It's a fun game but you guys need to update the multiplayer is glitchy.

Posted by Hong Kevin 2016-02-23

Loading on multiplayer when enough people always searching and loading

The game keep crashing,Posted by Eley Azwan 2016-08-30

I did the uninstall n install method tons of times, any fix for this?

Good game bad controlsPosted by brian lewandowski 2016-05-06

Game is fun but the control keeps sticking and have to pause the game

NicePosted by Sok Heng. i like boxing than other. 2016-04-09

Bad it eat battery veryveryveryvery fast. It make my phone hothothot.

BoringPosted by Holly Gray 2016-08-22

Theres nothing to do some days it fun and some days it boring !!!!!!

Posted by Hafid Ahmad 2016-07-10

So attractive this game, maybe they must upgraded for type of item..

Played itPosted by Anthony Marquez 2016-07-29

It is an awesome game and it's really fun ypu guys should play it

Its goodPosted by Mar Yvette 2016-03-28

But too many ad when playing online,overall it was good thumbs up

AlrightPosted by Hari Sidhu 2016-03-25

Great game just not so popular and most stuff you have to pay for

ADSPosted by Alaiza Villaflor 2016-04-17

Too many ads. Could you please at least lessen those? Thankyou.

designPosted by daryl navora 2016-03-06

make it simple please. remove the skull when out of life please.

. bugPosted by Abel Conde 2016-07-29

It say that it get my google play so i get play with my bother

ZackPosted by Adam&Zack A 2016-03-02

It is so cool you can play with your friends and do stuff too

Lan wifiPosted by BRIJESH PATEL 2016-07-14

Also needed lanwifi and we play in multiplayer battle in lan

Posted by Gtj Kat 2016-05-21

One thing let us create our own speech bubble for 1500 coins

Offline MultiplayerPosted by John Kennedy 2016-03-19

I will give 5 stars if it supports offline multiplayer game.

Kind of poosPosted by UnderTale TBH 2016-03-29

Sometimes when I join it won't let me move. It kid of poos.

Posted by Shadow Boy 2016-07-30

I hate the pack thing for bomb why can we buy them instead

Awesome gamePosted by Yen Pleños Megriño 2016-05-20

Cool Graphics,Funny Clothes Exploßive and other cool stuf

COULD BE BETTERPosted by Kameron Hartgrove 2016-02-08

If it was local and online multiplayer it would be awesome

Awesome game, sucky controls, crap ton of adsPosted by Joshua Lillis 2016-02-11

Great app, fun multiplayer, sucky controls, too many ads

Donald TrumpPosted by Nathaniel Christian Pialago 2016-05-22

Donald Trump in this game!?!? He finally met Bomberman.

NicePosted by Smart Ali 2016-05-08

Nice game play this game niccccccccccceeeeeeeeee it ok

Posted by 420BlazeIt910 #LifeHacks 2016-05-06

The robot quest is difficult. And i like that about it

#WOWWPosted by Gavhy Apuada 2016-07-22


Pls addPosted by Jan Andrei Adolfo 2016-02-23

Pls add a notification that a bomb is in range of u

Can't leave adsPosted by Nadine Boyer 2016-06-02

Every time there is an ad I need to reset the game

booomPosted by neeraj ram 2016-03-16

this is a good game not at all but ok to childrens

Need local multiplayerPosted by MunChiePou 2016-07-06

When you have no wifi how we play with my friends

Offline MultiplayerPosted by Tausif Anwar 2016-04-30

Please add offline multiplayer for this game ASAP

It's okPosted by Athien Feio 2016-08-17

I liked it... Really interesting and addictive..

Posted by netson t mez 2016-03-11

Just a mobile version of bomberman but i like it

RatePosted by Bakin Donuts 2016-06-04

I haven't played it yet but I guess it looks ok

Please fixPosted by diang gorous 2016-03-05

Very very difficult to join in vs friend public

ProblemPosted by Jinx Roblox /Justin Hot 2016-05-29

I need the d-pad to move cause my screen small

Posted by Sakil Lagradilla 2016-04-09

Can i play this with my friend by connecting?

Add new levelsPosted by Om Rajput 2016-03-13

Add new levels,otherwise i uninstall the game

Good gamePosted by Izanagi Haru 2016-05-23

There was a player who cheat in the game !!!

8/8Posted by Dinzel Walker-Smith 2016-03-01

No hate m8 but this is b8 though its gr8 b8

ADPosted by Lucky Weks 2016-02-23

Stupid AD Came in The Middle of A Battle...

Posted by Karan Shankar Iyer 2016-02-08

Can we play this game using mobile hotspot?

Package file is invalidPosted by Meyosh Ify 2016-04-21

I Can't install this game in my samsung S2

Posted by umar ahmed 2016-08-04

Can't play with my friends on mobile data

Can't sink inPosted by beast_gamer k 2016-07-27

I can't sign in to my Google play accpunt

Posted by Sebtain Nawab 2016-05-22

Should allow upgrades during multiplayer

Posted by Leonard Faina 2016-09-08

can you put a multiplayer via hotspot .?

Boleh lahPosted by Suuriyaa Kuganathan 2016-05-13

Ok lah this game sucks a bit but like it

Posted by Shreyas Loya 2016-02-23

Is fun...but need work on the glitches!

Posted by Jude ryan DelaCruz 2016-01-31

I like this game but not working online

PoorPosted by Captain Wan 2016-07-21

Fantastic butcant connect google play

Posted by Jay 2016-05-29

Keeps freezing in the middle of games

Posted by Nhel Francis Cabugao 2016-04-06

it so lammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme

I Like itPosted by Animation King Ramos 2016-08-26

But it's just there's too many ads!

Posted by Dearbhaile Loughran 2016-06-28

I had 20 lives and 1 bomb killed me

Level upPosted by Paritosh Biswas 2016-04-29

Need more level .....200 level done

Yooo yooo inPosted by MaazAli Timeliner 2016-02-23

This game am pro.But adddssss sicks

OkPosted by Dark Knight ] leaf Village 2016-09-11

Not as good as the other games ;(

PLSssPosted by 2016-08-04

Two player with hotspot thank you

PetsPosted by Erika Peraza 2016-07-20

Add pets please and I will rate 5

easy to controlPosted by zel pena 2016-06-17

Its so easy to control and its ok

I get too many adsPosted by silent knight 2016-03-21

Almost after session i get an ad.

Gr8Posted by Jade Howard 2016-08-31

Fun but many problems connecting

Posted by Nate Cruz 2016-06-23

lmao total rip off of bomberman

Bugs & AddsPosted by mohd faiz 2016-04-26

Great game but pls remove adds..

Good gamePosted by Eahia Dhg 2016-04-06

But graphics are not good..why??

Pretty goodPosted by ben chantharath 2016-03-19


It so okayPosted by Haiziq Hazimi 2016-09-04

It is okay game...relax tension

Bomber friendPosted by John holl 2016-03-29

Good game but needs to improve

Game menghina islamPosted by hadi akhtar 2016-09-03

Bagi umat umat Allah jgn main

Posted by Neko Black 2016-03-11

It only got 220 level....??..

AwesomePosted by Gabe Kendrick Palmos 2016-09-08

This game is very awesome:-D

Fun butPosted by Av Bee 2016-06-03

It hard to put your you know

Posted by Kurt Andrion 2016-04-20


Best game everPosted by HTML_thomas 1v1 2016-04-04

It's a good way to past time

Posted by Albert Torres 2016-07-18

It is fine. But it many ads

CheatersPosted by Lacey Uhelski 2016-04-12

There are too many cheaters

Posted by Renaye Smith 2016-02-23

Great game... too many ads.

AwsomePosted by Unkown WOLF 2016-02-15

It's very a diction and fun

nice but a lot of disturbing adsPosted by aldrin so 2016-07-18

uninstalling it due to ads

Posted by Angel ica 2016-03-12

I dont like the new update

Controls are very hard.Posted by Prawin Kumar 2016-02-15

D-pad swiping is very hard

IdkPosted by Izzy Mulryan 2016-08-23

Um it hasn't downloaded!!

please fix itPosted by Romeo Juliet 2016-02-08

same situation with josef

Posted by elif youtuber 2016-09-04

Do bluetooth multiplayer

Posted by INDIRA MEENA 2016-04-26

Not connecting to google

Battery drainingPosted by Mohammad Alhamd 2016-07-14

Battery draining issue

Posted by J Batres 2016-07-13

Ashley aqui toy jajaja

bla blaPosted by Minhaz Arefin 2016-05-16

dont know what to say.

Posted by David Crocker 2016-03-24

First one better on ds

Posted by Scott Vornberger 2016-03-11

I loved this old game.

Posted by Mia and Harper 2016-02-22

Never played it before

New maps sucks!Posted by SPADE 2016-07-19

You ruining the game!

Posted by Sabbir Hasan 2016-03-23


Posted by Robert Bustamante 2016-03-10

This game is the best

Dpad/ControllerPosted by raldy ranova 2016-02-26

Slight hard to move..

Posted by Tushar chaudhary 2016-03-31

Add lan multiplayer.

Bomber FriendsPosted by Alyannababe Cruz 2016-03-21

Its ok because nice

Posted by Yong Siang Ong 2016-03-19

too hard for level75

Cannot Purchase...Coin,PacksPosted by Josh Sarmiento 2016-02-05

Says "Network Error"

Posted by Tobey Fitchett 2016-09-02

Toooooooo many ads

Posted by Ashik Lps 2016-05-02

plz free army pack

Posted by Minecraft Boyhd 2016-04-09

Good gamer friend

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Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.
- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support! (Also MOGA-Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
- Supports Android TV!

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Bomber Friends on Google Play

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Everyone 10++