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FUNtastic.Posted by Anurag Jain 2016-04-22

But there's a problem. The Controller(Joystick) in the game Sucks. Sometimes it keeps on moving by its own. The problem is not only with my device but many other devices too. Please look towards it and fix this bug! I am Addicted..umm.not only me but many of my friends whom i shared this game are addicted. I think u should add up some more players in a friends match (6-7 players). The game is "FUNtastically Amazing". But bcoz of that bug it stops me rate 5 Stars. Hope u fix this bug and I change my rating.

Fun Bomberman clonePosted by Dannie Dorko 2016-03-24

Fun clone of the original Bomberman game, occasional lag once in a while which affects a game where timing is crucial. Not a lot of variation with music, same track is playing all the time when playing online but better in single player, all those aside it is a great game, enjoyable to play and responsive, the option to accesorise is nice with a wide variety to choose from. Overall ★★★★☆

Won't lemme go online Posted by Dami Gaming 2016-03-25

Please Can You Let Me Go Online Because My Brother Had This Game For 2 Years And I Started Getting Into The Game Then I Wanted To Download It And I Did And I Pasted Through The Levels ASAP But One Day I Wanted To Play Online But It Wouldn't Lemme Please Lemme Go Online I'll Rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ So Please Oh And Btw Had This Game For 1 Year Already So Please Let Me Go Online.Thanks

AwsomePosted by Mari Watkins 2016-03-09

Love the game but sometimes it backs you out when playing with friends and then to your friends you are just a ghost . Also sometimes it glitches on just your screen and says that you won. One time i was playing with my friend and she could not see me moving. Three things that need improvement. Think about it when the next update comes around.

Not enough accesories to customisePosted by Dana lks 2016-07-03

Plzzz i love this game and i already buy all that i wanted like greetings.....the only thing that im not satisfied and why im rating this game only 4stars is because it lacks accesories for girl....the girl clothes are ugly...plz improve and add new ones....then i will rate the game 5stars!!!!THX

YoPosted by JFlowZen 2016-04-22

Sick game! But me and my friends want to see: Bigger maps! More maps! * more players ,8 player battles. 4v4 teams too. * And customisable bubble chat (profanity allowed) and when timer runs out blocks reach the end. * More throw bomb spawns! * I wanna have aura.* trap doors? * then five star :D

Great game!Posted by SungEun Choi Kim 2016-08-21

Hey hyperkani um I'm having trouble with level 25 because it's too hard. Can you make level 25 a little easier. Can you make that guy that just hits the bomb and explode can you make that guy possibly die because I'm having trouble. If you do this that would be much appreciated!!Take care!

Needs more gem progression.Posted by Bulai Bogdan 2016-07-15

As of now, you can fully equip yourself with max gem upgrades by level 150ish and then the gold bars become pretty much useless. An additional level to gems would be nice and maybe another special power (like blast through bricks power), something like a kick for bombs or even remote bombs.

Data error and musicPosted by /spotty/ 2016-08-04

Toady I had deleted the app and then I reinstalled it and when I signed in instead of being on level 14 I was 13 and in stead of captain I was sergeant... can u fix it please. And the main menu theme isn't bad but the single player theme is just terrible

It's veru addictive butPosted by XxPrince_ErickxX minecraft 2016-08-14

Can you pls add smashing mode or you had a hammer to destroy walls and more power ups very very pls add smashing mode play bomb it on pc and pls do the smashing mode and remove real money packs because its unfair for me and more cloths or any

Great game but...Posted by Allan Salvador 2016-08-14

Its a very perfect and fun game for me but it glitching sometimes and lags well I'm not judging so bad to your game I'm just curious on the glitches and lags but you can fix bugs so yeah I think you can fix it I'll give you 5 stars for that

It's goodPosted by The Grim Gamer 2016-08-16

It's only 4 stars because I got 200 coins but they did not give it to me plz fix it all that 5 stars plus a character the grim reaper with his like clothe or thing and his hoody make him free what I mean is not a pack all that and 5 stars

PerfectionPosted by Jesse Garcia 2016-05-05

Multiplayer takes forever to find matches if im lucky other then that tell me how to get arrows and this game will be the one if the best games yet 5 stars when i figure out how to get arrows lol... Oh and give out more gold please

Game is fun. The dialogues are annoying.Posted by Lemon T 2016-05-21

There needs to be an option to turn off the dialogues, especially if we keep getting stuck on the same level and we don't have time to press the dialogues till they disappear because we are too busy running away from the enemies.

Posted by Brenda. N 2016-07-01

When i open private rooms or public ones my friends can't find me and when they open I can't find them but my friends has the same version I was able to play with them yesterday but today I can't find them and they can't find me

Gut umgesetztes Spiel!Posted by Dominik Stein 2016-05-27

Gute umgesetztes Spiel & eine Neuauflage der älteren Bomberman Versionen. Warum nur 4 Sterne? Mehr Kleidungsauswahl wäre schön & weniger Abstürze wenn kein WLAN vorhanden ist. Dann gibt es die 5 Sterne!!

Robot questPosted by Ali Usman 2016-06-06

Robot quest is difficult. When hit by bomb he taunts for 6 seconds or more and mostly by that time another bomb hits. Very cheap version of taunting. World levels are great. Introduce more than one worlds soon.....

Good gamePosted by Iacchus Mercurius 2016-05-20

But you should do something to discourage players of tournment mode of leaving the game, and also, those creepy ghosts (dead players) should not be allowed to ruin the game of players who didn't died in the match.

Posted by Ivanjames Pajarillo 2016-05-19

Very good game but i dont like it very much because we and my freinds looking a game that can have a mutiplayer LAN WIFI OR BLUETOOTH PLZZZ add this and i love yhis game very much.. i hope that can you add this

I like it, but lagsPosted by Deacon Olsen 2016-05-06

In multiplayer, when ever it comes close to the end of the round or when some player gets close, I seem to lag a lot. I have a good signal when it happens, and the other players seem to have a good signal too.

I love it but...Posted by Bryan Hart 2016-05-29

I'm really good high rank but I can't play just good people when I make a match which makes it really annoying when I get a bunch of noobs, it sucks for both of us, I definitely don't want to discourage them

Posted by Molly Knapp 2016-03-20

Very nice game LOVE the items 2 customize ur character and great!! But there's 1 ishue. Bomber FRENDS. If someone hacks of does something bad, u can't report or anything so they don't hack or something!

CoolPosted by Kuya Jz colesio 2016-09-09

Its a find game the question why cant i multiplayer i been trying but its not working i just want to play i dont want anything else just to play ok please reply to me or i will give one star

If im being picky...Posted by Carl Hankins 2016-07-14

Love the game super addictive. Would like more variations than just team reversi and classic. What happened to throwable grid bombs? Also want to save friends without fb. Just for this game.

Posted by Hesham Zreqy 2016-05-20

Thia game is so good .. But why .. if i am a new player and get into multiplayer game i see people ranked high ! .. this is wrong players should be almost the same rank ... Thanks anyway

Good gamePosted by Jipesh Quessou 2016-07-01

It would be great if you can allow the clasic bomberman powerups such as kicking and punching bombs and allowing to throw and hold bombs, rather than picking powerup to throw one bomb

Pretty coolPosted by comb1ne1sh 2016-05-06

This game must be a long one because forever to download. As I am typing this this game is downloading. So I am really excited to play it and I think the views already told me that

ProblemsPosted by Gustavo Rodriguez 2016-08-03

I am having problems with the app,I can't play online games because it says it can't sign me in to Google Play Games even though I was signed in please fix this problem,thank you.

Cool game but...Posted by Arnav Gupta 2016-03-23

Cool , challenging and adicting game but ! ,Always while joining tournaments , its comming (error 2) (multiplayer error) , what to do ? Please help Hyperkani! I love this game!!

Can't connect to google playPosted by Nur Syaza 2016-07-21

Why cant I login my google account to play multiplayer? It doesn't work. I've uninstall and install back quite couple of times. Please give me some feedback. Thank you.

Good GamePosted by Muhammad Faizan 2016-05-02

The multiplayer mode is what I like the most!!! And thanks for solving the issue with the server effectively.

Nice, but unfair sometimes...Posted by Amyrul Aiman 2016-02-23

It's unfair to us who don't root the phone, them who root the phone can unlock all the pack. i see my friend play it, and he has unlock all the pack without buy it.

Love this gamePosted by 2016-09-04

Love it, I play this game alot by the name Arslan. Love it. But the connection sux. Sometimes it take alot of time to connect. Fix it and I will give 5 stars =).

Great gamePosted by Stephen Kaufman 2016-07-29

I love it but for 5 stars can you include a kick feature like on the original bomberman. One that allows you to place a bomb and then kick it towards an opponent

Needs malkPosted by josh lamb 2016-04-19

Ths gam I good but it neds malk to be gooder plz ad malk nao or I wal delite this ham so plz ad malk nao. Malk is milk and i want milk bombs because why not :)

Connect ipad to androidPosted by Nikolas Pranatra 2016-05-21

I really enjoy the game, but when it comes to multiplayer i'm having trouble to connect my friends whom using ipad. I'm using nexus 7 2nd gen btw. Please help

Posted by Joshua Lian 2016-09-11

Nice game awesome but i want to play with my friends using wifi hotspot anytime anywhere but this game need a internet connection to play with your friends.

Not bad!Posted by Sarah Khalisa 2016-07-08

But this game is realy cool!But i will just rate 4 stars because, sometime i can't play this game!!!!!!!!I don't understand why!!!Please fix this,please

GreatPosted by Ahmet Meric Ozcan 2016-06-18

Really decent game, download and give it a try but custimize your chrac. And play online, there is interesting tactics can be useful to kill opponent.

ChangesPosted by chritopher ilawan 2016-06-18

Please make a change on the animations like the other game with bombs too.If you could do that this game will be awsome.The name of it is Bomb squad.

Good butPosted by Tanishq Kashyap 2016-08-26

Need to remove some of the packs please.... Let us buy some of the items by our own. Please remove some of the packs and I will give you 5 stars

Glitch win?Posted by Joseph Downer 2016-02-01

Good but in the championship there was a glitch that the other person didn't get blowen up without the shield fix it and I will give a 5 star

Very nicePosted by LazyLizard290 2016-06-26

So I would like for you to get XP much easier it gets boreding at some point sometimes but its very fun and addicting if you think positive.

I like it <3 butPosted by Callie Verdan 2016-03-03

Since when I was a kid but why since bomber friends have update i never open the app and show in my phone PACKAGE FILE IS INVALID why?

Good enough for me to playPosted by sahil pahuja 2016-09-05

Its really addictive and a lot of fun. When it looks like that we are gonna win, at that moment something happens due to which we lose

Posted by Ethan zou 2016-07-10

this game is good...but if we can play with nearby friends or offline multiplayer..something like mini militia then it will be awesome

controller always disconnect in middle of gamePosted by s e 2016-02-23

controller always disconnect in the middle of game (hv no prob with other apps); shd release on amazon appstore; need more hairstyles

Army Packs and allPosted by Claire Agaton 2016-03-25

Is there a way to purchase the costume packs through the collected coins? Def worth a five star if its still possible though. Thanks

Gud gamePosted by Shailendra Kushmariya 2016-08-30

But plz add some greetings like " omg, wellplayed,gtg, haha etc also love to play capture the flag in bomber friend style.

BugsPosted by Jesus Avila 2016-02-29

Game freezes a lot its the only game that freezes from the other ones I have and also many ads but everything else perfect

Posted by oscar fechoz 2016-02-23

Awesome game but some times there is an ad is the middle of a battle...hopes it's fixed after this update..other wise 5str

Need friends listPosted by Shee Xiong 2016-06-08

Needs to have a place where you can add friends or search for friends. Needs an easier way to start a game with a friend.

REALLY GOODPosted by Sulaiman Asri 2016-05-27

This game was addicting but the only problem is that I somehow lost my money when im winning the battle...pls help me out

Posted by Mel Andrews Hubines 2016-04-29

Im tired of waiting for the additional levels in campaign m9de the person concern when its gonna be??????.. plsss...

Posted by Bhong Dela Cruz 2016-08-14

Almost like it Cause when I play sometime the controller work by itself and I always lose pls fix it I'll rate it 5 star

Annoying ghostsPosted by Acesarion R8 2016-02-27

Fun and addicting game but the ghost curse system needs some work and bots become too OP when they get the speed curse

Please always update !Posted by Riyo Novidias 2016-09-04

Really like this game so much, fun to play with friend, im old player, butttt update so slow, always update please.

Great, awesome game.Posted by Carlo Mar Gonzales 2016-05-03

Please add offline multiplayer game using either tethering, hotspot or wifi. And without using google play games.

no satisfiedPosted by Joshua Gurap 2016-02-23

its good ... but pls make this game a family bounding by making it multi player trough wifi connect or Bluetooth

Love it but robot quest ehhhhhPosted by Israel Mendez 2016-07-07

Why would u spawn three - four robots right then I begin... 1 hit 1 kill.. like... wtf u want ppl to get tight?

I really like this gamePosted by Ronilyn Rodas 2016-06-09

The concept of the game can be compared to bomberman. Challenging in every level and it has a thrill.i like it!

HELPPosted by Marcus Miller 2016-04-26

How do I transfer all of my progress from one device to another? I thought It would be automatic but I am reset

It is a good game.Posted by kalena kurt 2016-09-08

It is fun and additive game to past time. I am not sure how to play with your friends but we'll figure it out.

im lovin itPosted by Vanessa Ma 2016-07-15

im addicted to this game and i play it all the time with my friends but it sometimes doesn't connect rlly well

Awesome gamePosted by Arun Selvan 2016-07-17

Superb game. During my childhood times I used to play in my system. Fun to play this game. Worth for download

Posted by dens swastika 2016-02-24

I update twice a day.. the classic game in multiplayer vs online still can't running. Please fixing guys...

Nice gamePosted by Pro Thief 2016-02-23

But i have problems like the joystick deactivates after i place 3 bombs but it's a great game to be enjoyed

Good GamePosted by Yash Vardhan 2016-07-10

Their should be option whether user want to play in new level or in old ones in multiplayer online gaming

Posted by christian marella 2016-06-28

I Suggest You Put An Offline Multiplayer So You Can Connect With Other Devices Using Only Wifi Hotspot :)

NicePosted by Benny Jackson 2016-03-08

If thr control is in right hand side it might be very good for right handers so please update that option

Posted by Tine Velasquez 2016-05-03

Too many ads. Also, there's still no continuation and additional levels for the single player campaign.

I loved itPosted by Darion Nelson 2016-04-10

Its so fun i canplay this with my friends,and everytime we play i just feel soo weird.but in a good way

Not saved bug.Posted by ZapdoeZap 0 2016-08-25

I tried to log in my account on different device and it didn't save my points and ranks... Please fix.

Love but too much adsPosted by My Endeavour 2016-02-21

The game is really addicting but the ads are annoying and a major turn off. Plz do something about it.

Posted by Khalil Simon Antonio 2016-04-19

Can you pls add bluetooth mode so that you can play with your friends without an internet connection?

EntretenidaPosted by Pato Gómez 2016-05-03

Buena, pero hace falta multijugador local sin necesidad de internet, sólo conectados a la misma red

Add more featuresPosted by Hero Meryandi 2016-02-25

Add party feature and costum keyboard when chating. Please..... I will rate this game 5 stars if so.

GoodPosted by Naruto Uzumaki 2016-03-15

I like it but needs a better story so it not me walking and on an adventure it's a little boring

GreatPosted by Calbe 2016-05-26

This is an amazing game i love it. My only problem with the game is the ads their is too many ads

Arrow??Posted by lemmor odrajaf 2016-04-22

The game is nice and addictive but i wonder how to get an arrow . Please let me know how, thanks.

Posted by Khei C G 2016-03-13

How do you guys add someone as a friend or chat with someone while playing? Please help. Thanks!

I love the game butPosted by CH4S 2016-03-03

Matching someone from the other side of the world with me ends up with... LAG! Freaking lag man!

Cool gamePosted by Darshan Patel 2016-09-09

Cool and really fun game to play. It works a little slow on my phone but is really fun to play.

It pretty goodPosted by Adam Eshuis 2016-07-20

This is a great game. 5 star... If they would fix rhe thing that wont let you connect to google

Need more modesPosted by AceZhurikhen Gaming 2016-07-12

Need like wifi lan multiplayer or bluetooth that be fun pls add it nxt update overall great tho

Posted by King Colon 2016-02-01

Love this game takes me back when i was young playing bomberman for sega saturn miss those days

Yea nice gamePosted by Emong Rakista 2016-09-11

I used to play with this when I'm in my childhood years so I'm glad to have this in my phone

Posted by Jemuel Bañares 2016-05-10

I really like the game. Can you add a multiplayer game that can be played through bluetooth?

Very fun.Posted by Ayo Murray 2016-03-13

I enjoy this game! The online aspect works perfectly fine, I haven't had any issues with it.

AddictingPosted by Tony Kimbley 2016-02-23

Needs work on joystick. Sometimes unresponsive. Would rate at a 5 star if joystick was fixed

its cool but..Posted by Sam Mas 2016-05-19

i cant play online i always get reconnecting message after updating the game..please fix it

LikePosted by dio fathir 2016-07-10

Menurut saya untuk koneksinya direndahkan soalnya di daerah saya koneksinya kurang bagus

Awesome gamePosted by Duwi Dianggoro 2016-02-17

Please please please!!! add option for 6 persons in vs friend.. I'll give you 5 stars...

Posted by venkatesh dubey 2016-08-01

my googls play store servixes keep gettig stopped whenever i try to play in multiplayer

CoolPosted by Joel Joe 2016-07-28

But there's a problem with connecting the google play service please solve this problem

CONTROLPosted by Harold Egrubay 2016-07-23

Good game ..but the hard to control plss..fix that i rate 5 star if you fix the control

Top gamePosted by Chris S 2016-03-02

I play this with my little bro but it would be better if we could Co op with randomers.

Seru sekaliPosted by Freddy Hernawan 2016-06-22

Game classic, tapi masih seru buat dimainkan. Apalagi kalau maen ramai2 via bluetooth.

Best games ever but...Posted by Aj Gonzalez 2016-02-24

The new update came and now it's not letting me play multiplayer only single play sad.

too slowPosted by francis deogracias 2016-07-16

every time i will use it, it will be hang. and u need to close this app ang try again

Posted by Nurul Afiqah 2016-02-24

i cant play after the updates even i've waited for 30minutes for playing multiplayers

YASSS!!!! O-o da awsome gameeeehhPosted by Efren Venzon 2016-06-25

Can chu add more clothes? , hair , Stuffs , hat color n maybe skin color of bombs?

The best multiplayer gamePosted by WarriorKnigth! Royale 2016-03-23

It's very good no ads cool I love it please download this,it is not waste of data

Good gamePosted by Zach Delever 2016-03-20

I love this game there's a lot to do in it and challenging your friends is so fun

NicePosted by Afif Azizy 2016-08-04

But the control, it just sucks on my phone, cant control the character properly

Good game butPosted by Gaurav Murpana 2016-07-03

I need explode erina game in Android think it will be soon on Google play store

Posted by ahmad ali 2016-08-25

Level like to imposible to win.because the monster cannot kill by boom.

This is so fun.Posted by LOLZERS 2016-06-30

I would have rated 5 stars but you get money too slow... please make it faster

goodPosted by Ramrao More 2016-04-27

this game is good but not too change graph and levels then ill give5 stars.

AWSOMEPosted by Aiden Haase 2016-08-10

Its so fun you should really make more games and keep up the good work :-D

Great gamePosted by bad banana 2016-06-16

If you are looking for fun play this game because it takes u on adventure.

Posted by Alodie Joy Jose 2016-05-14

It was fun. My memories are coming back from the old Bomberman video game.

Smooth and Great GraphicsPosted by Seth Makungu 2016-08-24

Best 2D multiplayer game, i would rate 5 stars but there is a little lag.

I liked this gamePosted by Jonathan Ramirez 2016-05-01

You should download this game because it is fun but it is hard to control

Robot quest lvl 29Posted by sam munoz 2016-05-26

Remove the tiny robots just for lvl 29 it makes the lvl rlly hard plz :)

Posted by Adila Zahida 2016-04-06

can you make it more than 4 players then on i can give 5 stars . thanks.

Posted by Zain Anjum 2016-02-27

You should provide some more new and fun would be awesome

How to get arrowPosted by fajar ananda 2016-02-16

The game is great but how to get arrow on gems a.k.a blast through wall?

AwsomePosted by Rana Nabiela 2016-07-12

The best game ever but sometimes you get bored it's still addicting tho

PleasePosted by KILO X SILENCER 2016-05-11

When I restart a lvl I want to keep what boost I bought for that level.

Good butPosted by Bangla War Clan 2016-04-25

It is a very good game. But add egg and kangaroo like Super Bomberman 5

AwesomePosted by Cristian Cruz 2016-02-29

Bomberman is my favorite classic game but needs Bluetooth multiplayer

Posted by permafrost2121 frosty 2016-02-21

Its a very fun game just a lil difficult to actully play with friends

Not badPosted by I Dhhs I Shsus 2016-08-30

Today I found some glitches it's weird but the game itself I like it

ActionsPosted by Basri Baserun 2016-08-29

It is very best game! I love it & cool. Yu should play this game

Soooo addictingPosted by Isaiah Walls 2016-07-15

Soooo addicting this is a very good game. I am very good at it too!

Posted by paul maharjan 2016-02-18

You can get 5 stars if u fixed my previous saved game via Googla....

Very nicePosted by Will B 2016-02-29

Thought it was fun though would be better with more things to buy .

Like it butPosted by FreshB4SS b Frank 2016-08-09

Like everything everything that it but it takes so long to sign in

good game butPosted by Mostafa Sherif 2016-08-26

could you make the joystick in floating so I can give you 5 stars

good enoughPosted by RaGe Ghost 2016-03-19

I like it but should add more levels and it can get boring quick

AddictivePosted by Karen Acob 2016-02-24

But.. the multiplayer is too laggy and sometimes it force closed

Love it but...Posted by Griffin Bukovina 2016-03-20

Cannot get the super bundle. Anyway, keep up the good work! ☺

More Levels pleasePosted by Empress Kristie Pacatang 2016-02-18

Me and my friends already finished the game. And we want more.

Kinda awesomePosted by Tay- Tay 2016-05-19

I liked it but I don't know if it is one of the best so far.

Posted by Hardik Jain 2016-08-29

Try to make offline mutiplayer so we can play via Bluetooth

Various culturesPosted by keep calm keep her goin 2016-07-04

Loved it will keep playing if it will always be like this.

More accessPosted by Bradley Anderson 2016-07-14

You should people more access to new characters and bombs

Few mistakesPosted by Ashfaq Achu 2016-05-29

Some members can't to play how it's the mistake done by u

Really nice gamePosted by Toasty Pika 2016-06-06

One of the best game I've played but I still rate it a 4

GoodPosted by Angel Gonzalez 2016-03-05

It's okay but...Fix the animations it sucks! Fun though.

Wow...I liked itPosted by lanie pancho 2016-07-09

I have no suggestions it's perfect I think....hehe ....

I love it!!!Posted by Jericho Victorino 2016-05-23

But this game have many ads pls fix this thank u!!! ^_^

CONTROLSPosted by VERIN CYNDIE 2016-02-25

I love the game but the controls sucks. Please fix this

CoolPosted by Carmen Gonzalez 2016-07-15

I never die it. Cool you couldtalk it hard to control

AddictivePosted by Amanda Huish 2016-07-07

Just wish you didn't have to pay for cool accessories

Posted by Pearl Lam 2016-05-01

Love it but it dont work nomore it say no public game

I lyk this gamePosted by Safir Ravma 2016-07-25

I fill proud when i see my county flage on ma screen

Cool ButPosted by Ariel Yumol 2016-07-08

Its been cool but sometimes my money , not been save

MemoriesPosted by Christodiah Amoah 2016-07-01

Used to compete with my brother on this. Its awesome

Awesome!Posted by allain villanueva 2016-03-26

Its great! please add coop mode via local hotspot.

Posted by Kimuuri Rozada 2016-03-23

I just love it but it has a prob with online gaming.

Great appPosted by JD Hahaha 2016-06-13

But i hope it can be played multiplayer via hotspot

Addicting GamesPosted by Samir Bedair 2016-03-14

So addicting! Been playing it for many many months!

Nice gamePosted by Cielzkie Cielo 2016-03-13

I rate it 4 star its a nice game to kill some time

Nice multiplayer GamePosted by harsh bhatt 2016-02-26

Like to play with friends in multiplayer battle....

Posted by Andiever Ronquillo 2016-02-03

Love this challenging game... More stages please...

Posted by Flippie Van Heerden 2016-06-15


Posted by Sheryl Thedrica Chandra 2016-07-16

It is very good game but sometimes it feels bored

Great time killerPosted by Brian Ly 2016-08-09


FunnyPosted by Gustavo & Elizabeth Garcia 2016-06-01

It's really funny and great thanks ☺☺☺☺

Posted by Mohammed Nujoom 2016-02-25

Alot of time for loading online multiplayer!!!!

Posted by Jesryl Rosales 2016-08-09

I like it I feel that I'm a kid again thank u.

OkPosted by KING CUBE 2016-02-09

Not bad at all .you can play in booooring time

Posted by Hizkia Iroth 2016-02-09

I remember the old game they call "Bomber Man"

Posted by James Stroud 2016-09-02

Very much like the old multiplayer Bomberman.

ChallengingPosted by Adolfo Hernandez 2016-07-24

This might be the most challenges game ever!

Posted by Justin Ignacio 2016-06-08

People plss help me how to combat my friends

Great gamePosted by Andy Kempster 2016-05-19

But... more levels on single player please!!

Posted by Azhar Master 2016-04-24

Why i cant puch the bomb? Pls add get 5 star

Good nostalgia!Posted by FieldOps FOP 2016-03-22

reminds me of bomber man! Oh the good times!

Posted by Abdul Samad 2016-03-03

Connection problem error in online game mode

It is so much fun to playPosted by Free Gamers 2016-09-05

I am going to make videos for YouTube maybe

AwesomePosted by Stevanus Sander 2016-08-16

Awesome,,, verry verry like ittt so muchh!!

Posted by Sri Raghavan Kothandaraman 2016-04-26

Controls need to fixed. Too hard to control

❤ this gamePosted by Yessenia Moreno 2016-03-04

It's so fun and u can meet ppl on this game

Love it but addsPosted by JMG Pinoy 2016-02-11

It's like a maze but it's amazing get it XD

Like butPosted by desy afriana 2016-06-11

Please add new feature => event ; p

LOST ITEMSPosted by Gurung Prajan 2016-03-22

My problems as like an SYAKIRAH KIRAKIRA..

Hafiz 46Posted by Hafiz Zahri 2016-08-21

I like the game.....because I like bettle

WhooooPosted by Erica mae Palmero 2016-03-04

Very exciting at the same time stressful.

sadPosted by sajid momin 2016-02-27


Funny gamesPosted by Zufar Dhia 2016-07-26

I like this game but multiplayer gaming.

LagPosted by Ej Abrams 2016-07-24

Its pretty good no problems excepted lag

Ah khanPosted by abdul hafeez 2016-08-09

This is good and enjoy

Nice gamePosted by nipun baldua 2016-01-29

Finished all 220 levels , nice gameplay

AmazingPosted by Ahmad Al Qodry 2016-07-09

Game ini sangat bagus dan menyenangkan

Posted by Red_Lightning _Rage 2016-06-18

Awsome game but the update is soo long

Posted by Isaac Fletcher 2016-05-07

It's good and not good but mostly good

please make timebombPosted by Amirul Majid 2016-04-16

please make timebomb...more fun..hehee

I like thisPosted by Shaun Smith 2016-02-22

I think I am going to reach the top!!!

Posted by Carlos Gomez 2016-05-28

Just skim off the top with them ads:/

I liked itPosted by The best Gamer 2016-08-24

Very very very amazing and good game

Pls. Add clan battlePosted by Deathforgago gago 2016-04-15

pls add clan.battle 5 vs. 5 .Thanks

Posted by 1,786,123 views 2016-02-26

Can we play with friends in offline

Pretty goodPosted by Declan Dal Bello 2016-02-24

But it has updates every day almost

Addictive!!!!Posted by Exson Ikosia 2016-02-23

Best game ever¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Warning..Posted by Kevin Nehemia 2016-02-23

Please give a new mode and new map

Hmmmm,Posted by Camyryn Cuartero 2016-09-09

Its Just Like A Game In Y8 lol xd

NicePosted by Jenny Lim 2016-09-04

But the analog is not rensponding

Screenshots & Video


Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.
- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support! (Also MOGA-Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
- Supports Android TV!

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Bomber Friends on Google Play

Current Version:
Content Rating:
Everyone 10++