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Posted by Ousmane Diane 2016-05-24

I love this game!!! One idea that they could add is a rematch in vs tournament mode but because some people that I see would love to rematch other people but they can't. Another this is that if you can add people in a friend list so you can keep in touch with people you meet and you'd like to battle them again or become friends. A way the they could do this is to put icon on you and people can click on it to friend, but if you don't want be friends they could reject there invite. Overall this game is amazing and addictive and will do well in the future.

Awesome and really AddictivePosted by Ay men 2016-06-29

The game is even better now with the accessories... but some does not line up with the face like the chin and glasses it goes beyond or above the face and eye.. you should consider this for the next update and also make the training mode more harder for practice. The multiplayer is now awesome with the new maps!!! Also add a Bluetooth multiplayer next time, I would love to play against friends offline.. Add more items to buy as i have a lot of coins and can't spend. Dont forget to add new taunts, greetings and bombs next time.. Great game..! ;-)

Ideas for updatePosted by Mabuga Master 2016-04-16

Great game, loved's really addictive.. i have some ideas for the update, add some superhero costumes.. more levels with aliens etc.. and in training mode opponents doesn't use bigger bombs or throw when collected plz fix this.. yup the curse should be specified with different colours for players to know which slows us or make go faster or places bombs automatically.. more than 4 players in tournament.. ghost's curse should only slow player or make go faster, not auto bombs which is suicide..Thank u

Hi Hypperkani!Posted by Pither Sutardji 2016-05-21

Thanks for this amazing game! if i would i could rate 100 stars... My character is Congatwz. And plz 1 thing, Plz let the packs be on the levels so people dont have to spend money... I know that you guys want money for succes but... i think its better for that so people can have more fun... since lately i have been promoting the game. like i have tell it to my friends like every people that i know. cause i love this game. Thanks for making this game. bye guys i hope u guys add packs on the levels! Bye!

GREAT STUFF BUT...Posted by NICKY OH 2016-02-14

I seem to have issues connecting to online games. Says data retrieval error check connection when I have WiFi on at a relatively high speed. Some days I can't play at all then others it works fine so unsure if it's google play services errors or if the game servers are down for maintenance. When it does work it's an amazing game but so far it's not worked more than it has so I've had to download competitor options but none are as good so hope this will become full time working and not two days of week!

More skinsPosted by Shani Wright 2016-04-10

Hello could you add more skins maybe more black skins and different culture skins,more clothes, more hats and hairs, got a new idea for curse so where you change into your opponent so you don't know who you are. Also new power up so you can jump over walls 27/100 chance of getting this so you can jump over walls and away from people with invincibility. And one more new power up you get to roll the bomb away from you if there is a bomb right there it cant slide over it should be as rare as 90/100

I don't play video games but...Posted by StreetLife925 RAP MUSIC 2016-04-12

Like I said before, I love this game but I hate it how much it lags and it's not my phone and it's not my internet connection. It just lags I wish you guys would fix this. Smh. (Older review) This game is off the hook!!! Tried it out for some down time/ constructive stimulation and got addicted...I think lol. Doesn't take such a huge toll on your phone as far as size and processing power is concerned. Have fun, maybe we'll get to bomb each other soon!! @JClovesU

LOVE IT!!Posted by Natalie Molano 2016-02-09

Seriously, everyone who keeps complaining about ads.. You can REMOVE them for $1.99 under settings. EVERYTHING costs money, that includes production of this game. Pros: just like bomberman except you can customize your characters, easy controls. Cons: not enough avatars for girls, lags with people across the world, and people who always QUIT during a champion challenge. There should be some kind of penalty for quitters QUITING a challenge, imo. Very addicting game to say the least.

Bomber Friends and a nice Robot QuestPosted by Mario Medley 2016-06-04

I did say that it's not impossible (my apologies RQ). I was hoping this game would have bluetooth connectivity (without wifi or data usage) other than MOGA support so I can play against my son and his buddies when I take them fishing and camping. How about more slots and power ups. What is the arrow for if we can't use it? How about Marvel and DC character outfits and bombs? How about trigger bombs! How about when we play teams online that your teammate's bombs cannot hurt you?!

LOVE ITPosted by Brian Breen 2016-06-24

It's. A great time killer and it's very fun with costomise ur character also u get to play against people it's also. challange and u get to quests like robot quest and president it super fun has lots of levels too and I just LOVE IT and my favorite part it's non internet!! I recommend this game if u r looking for something to play when ur board!!! Also thanks for creating this game

yesPosted by حبيبي انت 2016-01-31

Hello to my mind is that you are not a lot more to do it in a new thorn in a new thorn in a new thorn in a few days in a few days in a few days in a new york giants defensive coordinator in the world and a few years of his own way to get the most of them to the world and a few years of his own way to get the most of them to the world and a few years of his

Posted by Little robot man, Jr. 2016-05-12

i also suggest that if you could add an ability to the bombers in which you can control of the bomb when to explode. it would be fun, but in world levels only, like the arrow ability. please. i have this idea because i played a similar type of this game and made me so addicted to it. this game will be the bestest of the best if you do it. im excited already

Posted by Xikolos Kihoi 2016-02-25

Hello boomber friend..i like this game very if improve it with add a guild with 10 member in each guild...and fix name so that others player can regconize you...and need game coin to change name...guild with emblem and guild percent win... And if possible add guild large map with max bomb 3 each player... Just suggestion

Google account not signing inPosted by Najira Begum 2016-08-12

Hey I love this game I've been playing it for so long but there's some point it got deleted (factory reset cause keyboard wasn't working!) But I don't rlly mind starting all over that's how much I love but there's one problem it's when it ask u to sign in ur Gmail account so I sign in and takes forever and I tried other account to! Plz fix it

Ideas for an updatePosted by Joshua Cornejo 2016-08-26

It was not long ago that the game had an update. My first idea was to let the a.i have tnt and all of that. I really wanted that in the game. My next idea was to a.i a bit more smarter in easy game mode. My last idea was to add a new game mode like capture the flag and conquest mode. Thanks for reading, I LOVE THE GAME

If youve played bomberman.Posted by Lakna L 2016-01-31

Great app! The only game I keep on my phone. Adorable animation. Quick, fun, and challenging. Bonus: the character is hilarious! For customizing your character, there arent a lot to choose from using the coins you earn. Please keep updating and making more levels and stages!! The first wait took foreverrrrr

Try it for yourselfPosted by xXRisingBloodXx 2016-09-08

(I am not a bot, I am a real person) I have been searching forever to find a game I could play with my friend . This is the game. I admit that this game does have a lot of in game perches but that doesn't really ruin the fun. The payments are only for astetict. All I can say is try this app for yourself

Awesome - Behold! The most underrated game for this platformPosted by Siddhant Sindhu 2016-03-01

Very addictive with a tactical retrospect. Very simple and at the same time tricky. Fun multiplayer is also available. Compact is not the word. Does not force you to buy and is transcendent with graphics for the flash genre. Very long with new levels and challenges. A must download. Asians are winning.

Posted by Whack job234 2016-04-29

BEST GAME EVER. it is a great game to play with friends and family because of private games, play with random people to show who's boss, a single player mode where you can have a lot of fun on your own. Also the daily reward is very fair. I got the snowman outfit that way. GREAT GAME LOVE IT!!!!!!!

IdeaPosted by koko unknown 2016-07-23

Could you add something like an aura or some sort to make your character look badass* and have special effects like when u go from one place to another you would leave a trail behind from the aura and it gradually fades away ?? Just a thought to help u guys make it fun and cool thanks hyperkani

Love It Too MuchPosted by Rana Faisal Rajput 2016-02-24

This bomber game is really amazing game they left back all games like hay day and clash of clans those games such a boooooring game this time this game left back tge all supercell production i hope soo that this game never ever boooooring any time or any day thanks Bomber Man Friends...!!!

If it crashes, just uninstall and reinstall.Posted by Billy Buzzkill 2016-07-19

It's a great game, it's fun and has controller compatibility which makes it even more fun. Its like the original "bomber man" from the 90s but better and improved in every way. Plus with the presidential update, where else can you drop a bomb beside Donald Trump?! Great game, kudos guys.

LolPosted by Back of b# 2016-07-03

I love it because u have to use strategies and you have to past all these missions I love it with all my heart and by the way for me ha hardley any adds so shut your mouth up I also love it because of that you could play with friends I mostly play standoff but I like this game also

Won't let me playPosted by Jessica Ankney 2016-02-24

I just updated the app yesterday & played after with 0 problems, now it won't let me play multiplayer & says to update but when I click update it says I already did.. Help? Uninstall & reinstall maybe? Such an inconvenience, please fix & will give 5 stars

Wow..Posted by Grace Gurney 2016-03-17

I find this game is pretty good. At first I was a little skeptical, but it's not exactly horrible. Pretty good game, a few bugs and glitches but its a fun game to waste your time on. It sucks that I don't have very good internet to do anything on it, good game though.

AWESOMEPosted by Ashok Kumar 2016-03-31

The game is so cool but I only win sometimes because my control pad isn't fixed in 1 place. Overall its an awesome game. Please make more games like this hyperkani. And please make an option for fixing our control pad in 1 place. And why do we have to pay for packs?

New Update Must Be ?Posted by Frans Fourie 2016-08-15

I would love that we could sell our stuff again that we buy like i dont use the golden bomb anymore.i would love to sell it and get my coins back. It would be fun. Can u guys see if u can do thos update please it would be nice of u guys. Please Hyperkani

Back when i was a kid.Posted by Laurice Maniquiz 2016-05-13

Back when i was a kid, Bomberman is one of my favorite xbox game. im so happy when i saw it in playstore. i download it asap. Excitement filled my heart. The i murmur to myself "omygod this is it. Im going to play the bomber man. Like the old days."

Addicted does not even cover my feelings!Posted by Crystal Forbes 2016-03-10

I don't know maybe obsessed or whatever but I literally play this game everyday and I honestly play it way too much but it's soooooo fun that I just can't see myself not playing it anymore! Warning: this game will take over your life lol.

Posted by Kingsley Mah 2016-02-12

Excellent!! I like it very much. Because the bomb have colours, hair colours, and much more........ And it have a lot of game mode, example: tournaments, classic, training and much more. I really like this game very much!! I give a like!!

Pretty cool gamePosted by Boon Lek Tan 2016-06-06

Would be awesome if more new quests are added. love the game and would give 5 star but the contents are quite limited. (Update: i just love the fact that the developers bothered to reply to all the reviews and for that im giving 5 stars)

AwesomePosted by Celestinie Obani 2016-05-01

It was awesome. I had a gre at time playing this but I wish it has "add friends" to have an easy way to play with new found friends. And I guess the multiplayer- public and private game have problems because it's not working. Thanks

Great game!Posted by Charles Emmanuel Curioso 2016-06-15

When is the new update??? I just finished the robot quest and the us presidential challenge. Hope you update it as soon as possible. Hoping for great action and new characters. Could have a bluetooth pvp for offline action?

Man i love bomber manPosted by I HATE YOU [TUBE] 2016-03-21

Can you please implement a 4directional accelerometer control sceme that only activates when holding down a button (clutch) and resets position when letting go. IT WIL LEAD TO AN AMAZING CONTROL SCEME NEVER SEEN BEFORE !!!!

Best game EvahhhPosted by Emily Kickz 2016-08-22

When I'm not watching YouTube, I'm playing this. I would recommend you adding a feature where you can friend people so then you can play with them! But you can still play if you click it at the same time. Best game ever!!!

Lost ProgressPosted by Syeda Tooba 2016-07-03

I stopped playing for a while. Now that I've reinstalled the game, and logged in with my same previous Google account all my progress is lost. The rank, all accessories i had bought, all single player progress as well.

Nostalgic!Posted by Michael Douglas 2016-02-24

I remember playing Bomberman on my Nintendo 64, this reminds me of that game. It's enjoyable and easy to play. The controls are simple. Oh yes, one more thing-- it has multiplayer online, what more can you ask for?

FunPosted by aubrayle Wright 2016-07-11

When I play the game if you like you can do anything but you can customize your mom's or I mean your character this thing is not going through right I did not mean to say Mom I'm sorry but yes this game is so fun

worlds no. 1 game..Posted by Sooraj Singh Bisht 2016-04-09

i like this game toooo much but here is few level. pls add about 300 level more. and when we play reversi mode it doesn't works in new version... and after all i like this game too much. pls solve all problem.

Posted by Jeremy Williams 2016-03-12

Great game, but the ads pops up in the middle of the game. Another problem is, people's keep quitting or disconnecting before the tournament end. Which results in no one winning and me losing a lot of coins

Great GamePosted by mr unknown 2016-09-02

This is a great game. Really addicting. Ive been playing for 8 months now. It would be awesome to have more levels for multiplayer. I would also recommend some emojis as taunts. Smiley, sad, angry faces etc.

Best. Game ever made with bombsPosted by Funny Gamer Funnylord 2016-07-06

Its a pretty good game but u need to make a new update with new maps and new stuff because I have everything and it gets boring when u have everything so please make them :-) love this game:-) :-) :-) :-) .

I love this gamePosted by whiskers graal era 2016-06-26

I've bleen playing it for 4days now and I got say it's funn game and. I've been playing bomber man sense the classics I got say I've been playing this more then clash of clans lollipops

Holyshi*Posted by laki mehra 2016-04-18

I am addicted to the game I used to play twice or thrice in an hour yes in an hour I am so in love with it this game comes in my top five list for sure its been a month now still I am so addicted to it

ADD FRIENDSPosted by Steeve Premacio 2016-02-24

Hello Hyperkani can you update new version that we can add friends in Online multiplayer... That we can add friend in private or public room?? Please Hyperkani so that it will be easy to play with friends

Great gamePosted by Hacker Ghani 2016-08-22

Its challenging game and a great game but when i join online it says error please try again my in internet is ok my phone is ok so it doesnot work with multiplayers i dont know please hyperkani fix it

Add more levelsPosted by deepak Mandal 2016-03-25

I have completed all levels n they were awesome... please add more levels/stages sooner.... am eager for new stages to play... dont kill us waiting... we need stages plz add... everyday add 1 stage

PerfectPosted by EXPOSE GAMING 2016-08-07

I wish all games were like this so fun and good plus the creators of the game RESPOND to the problems!i love this game no problems no fixtures nothing bad no bugs no crashes just how i wantted it

Amazing game. Fixed issue right away.Posted by Altiha Solomon 2016-02-24

I absolutely love this game they fixed thd update issue right away. Im addicted and paid for everything right off the bat. Cant wait to see what new things they come up with. Love, love, love it.

AwesomePosted by 2016-09-02

Its the most addicting game i ever played,i play this game with my girlfriend and both of us have so much fun!! It will be great if you guys add some other different maps on multiplayer!!

BomberFriendsPosted by Charlotte Smith 2016-03-13

The second I started playing this game I fell in love with it its a lot of fun thank you goggle play store for all of the awesome games you have you guys rock!!!!! Your number 1#Fan!!!

Awesome Posted by ChrissyGaming2.0 !! 2016-08-07

My crotch squirmed whenever I used it cause its SO fun. My crotch was born December 6, 1947. Its never failed me. Its a little hairy, but its NORMAL .(its also kinda s q u i s h y ).

Need help??Posted by Razzaward 2016-08-29

Thank you for passive feedback I took it good and I now.can play it jts amazing im the best out my friends but yeah thanks I will see ou again soon thanks again it helps me sleep.bye

Need coin traderPosted by Oroku Shredder 2016-08-27

I really don't like your game... I love it! But you need to add a gold ingot gold coin trader because I have lots of gold but almost no coins! Please add one. And please hurry!⏳

AddictivePosted by Mocking Jason 2016-07-01

Awesome game, really addictive, and it makes you to spend your money to this game because its so good :D i spent 50€ - 90€ because i want everything lol ♥ Awesome game!!!!!

Like it butPosted by Zachary Parker 2016-04-30

I like it the only then I don't like is that the controls are hard to use though. sometimes I want to move but I place a bomb. Its a good game ecseped that. You should play it.

Posted by Ousmane Diane 2016-04-05

Outstanding game! One thing I'd want added is my customized clothing because there's a lot of map packs that have it, but if you expand on free clothing it would be more diverse

Greatest Update!!Posted by Carlos Barroso 2016-07-05

Man, this new update might be the best in my opinion. These new maps and added obstacles will make some players establish new strategies. I feel like you guys made a good move.

Posted by Michelle Cornelia 2016-06-19

I love this game, but in private rooms perhaps you could make an option for players to show whether or not they're ready to play, just in case they need to do something quick?

HAMNAPosted by faizan mirza 2016-09-09

Did u have whatsapp if u have so plz give ur no#I want to discuss my games problems... plz! And yes... I like this game so much! I'm now fan of this game now hyperkani....

Classic Love :):)Posted by Ying Jiun Low 2016-07-13

This game reminds me off the good old days:) It would be better if the match making process is done according to "levels" as a lot of time there are a lot of rookie leavers.

ChallengingPosted by Donna-Lee Reid 2016-05-08

Its such a great game, I had a few stops because it is so challenging. I am finished with it and would love to know when the other levels are coming???? Please am so hooked

Mood Booster!Posted by Jade Laurene Go 2016-07-04

ever since i played bomber friends, i just feel a different kinda boost. i feel competitive and happy. i really enjoy playing especially the multiplayer. i love the game!

Feedback for improvementPosted by Derrick Thia 2016-06-24

This is a great game for me to play anywhere and with my friends. I suggest the smoke bomb can cover more area instead to be more useful compare to the rest of the bomb.

Looooovvvveeeee it <3Posted by Honey Barbie 2016-02-15

I Love this game. Salute to developer how he designed such levels. Challenging, interacting, addicting game. Played till 205 (Last level) Waiting for New levels.

A new mini gamePosted by skythekidrs darkwizerd108 2016-06-02

They should put a mini game called ghost vs Hunter's that the goal is the ghost try to get the hunter and the hunter would get abilities to attack the ghosts.

Just like the original!Posted by michael winters 2016-02-13

I loved the original bomberman games so much that I couldn't wait to try this one out! The multi-player is a blast! I do recommend using a controller though.

Amazing Game!!! Messages should show up in the speech bubbles. Definitely worth the ads.Posted by Charles Brownhill 2016-04-22

Great game; definitely worth the ads but I wish you could type in the speech bubbles and money was easier to get/a lot cheaper to buy. Love the game though.

SuperbPosted by mmxv fact 2016-07-15

This game is simply playing but it's make a game can be played to everyone. From children till teenager like me. This game fill my booring time everywhere.

Addictive and challengingPosted by Xnz_ Zero 2016-04-14

I will recommend this awesome game to my friends so we can play together..besides on its graphics the gameplay is also good this is very funny game love it

New version from bomberman gameboy..Posted by Mia Jawwu 2016-03-25

You should play this game.. its, super awesome! Ive been trying to find bomberman game that i used to play at my gameboy..this one is cool to play with

Great but...Posted by Clust3rb0mb 2016-08-17

On the bit were you can join friends I always lag out and it says connection failed. Plz try and fix. Thx alot, joshua

Stress relieverPosted by Gerald Gonzales 2016-07-14

Does it automatically saves my progress to my gmail account? I need your answer! Please reply thanks and God bless! Good job I really love this game!

You should add thisPosted by Spring bonnie fnaf 2016-06-24

When you customize your skin umm add like something like you can draw your owne character like minecraft we can create are owne skins why not do that

One among bestPosted by Bala Krishnan 2016-05-20

Multiplayer made me addict to it. My suggestion is that please ADD MULTIPLAYER OPTION USING WIFI OR BT like mini militia in next update

Skill!!!!Posted by Fireball Cannon 2016-02-26

Please add bomb (not purchase) skill,storm bomb skill is lightning,missile bomb skill is following enemy (only can stopped by blocking the bomb) ,etc

More power, pls more free bombs and costume...Posted by Joseph Gibaga 2016-02-24

What is the use of coins i earned if no more costume to buy nor bombs? Rather than buying power ups. Add free bombs and a costumes:) ill give 5 star

Posted by Ann Lee 2016-06-09

I really love this game, and it's addictive. .but somehow I face a problem by log in to the Google service every time I played an tournament game.

Posted by Apurbo DC 2016-07-29

Awesomely entertaining.Bomberman was always my favourite game,so I searched for it.Though I didnt get that,I got something that much interesting

Posted by Risna Wati 2016-05-15

untuk Quest Robot level 29 sangat mengesalkan.. terlalu banyak musuh tapi kekuatan tidak bisa ditambah.. single player kapan ada lanjutannya..??

DetailsPosted by Erika Portillo 2016-04-28

I really love this game!! It has so much detail. I love how the characters taunt and I love the new US president update. Keep up the great work!

Man!!Posted by jason the mysterious 2016-04-08

I think it's cool that someone take the time to make a good old classic game my parents usually played the old version but this 1 is awesome too

Posted by Marya Bid 2016-09-03

جالبه ولی چرانمیشه ازسکه هایی که جمع شده ازدرون برنامه چیزی گرفت فقط خطامیده

Awesome GamePosted by Diana Alanis 2016-08-16

I love this game it's so awesome I remember I used to play this on the computer in now even better can play it on my phone. Love it thanks.

Make more modes!Posted by Dude Shad 2016-07-01

Make a 4-player battle,Multiplayer Campaign, and more Team Death match! Add Healing bombs,nukes,and a power-up that gives you a extra life!

Posted by Jason Montecinos Iturriaga 2016-03-30

I love this game! You should update costumes like superheroes! And some to buy with the game money, no just real money. Anyway awesome job!

Really FunPosted by MLG RAUL MLG AR PRO 2016-02-07

Awesome game very addicting and so cool. I play with my sister and since me and her are like masters its hard keep up the good job o(^-^)o

More levels?!Posted by stefan koprivica 2016-06-01

Excelent work with the game, but since I passed Robot Quest, I am bored. Will You add more levels any time soon? Or even some new lore :)

Still can't connect to google playPosted by Rio Widjaja 2016-04-27

I've been buy some package and than I change to my new phone but it can't log in to my new phone. I give 5 stars if you can fix it. ^_^

Player Name Change NeededPosted by Joel Andrew 2016-06-06

If you could, please extend the max number of numbers/letters of the player names to 10+? Other than that, the game is quite awesome.

Love it!!?Posted by NR KILLER 2016-05-20

Love the game its wonderful..Please everyone download this game and don't listen to those ignorant comments who say it dosent works

Love itPosted by Helder Lopes 2016-05-08

Have passed all the levels a couple of months ago. Please can we have some new ones. I have been waiting for over two months now.

Easy controlsPosted by John Nathan Mazo 2016-07-16

The controls are easy not hard. You muraans are full of crap if u like the game u love it not rate 1 star with this poor owner

It was amazing butPosted by Teagan Levy 2016-03-29

It was amazing but you guys could make it better by connecting to facebook or google play so you can play with your friends to

Addictive and easy to pick up.Posted by Mitchell Campbell 2016-02-01

Incredibly simple controls combined with addictive gameplay. Having both multiplayer and offline campaign mode is also a plus.

The same gamePosted by syed jaffar 2016-06-29

I played like this game in friv and now its vanished from friv but now i can see it write here.Thanks for the game I love it.

Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by John Oasis 2016-05-31

This is awsome thank you hyperkani but bomber friends is the 2nd best game because minecraft is the 1st best game woohoo!!!!

Amazing butPosted by Die-C 2016-02-28

I love but why dont you make for example a fix username so we can add friends by their users and play online easyli..thank u

Totally amazing!Posted by Oshane Williams 2016-01-31

This is the definition of a great game with awesome multiplayer also, If i could give you 6 stars i would ☆☆☆☆☆☆

GoodPosted by Melissa Saez 2016-03-16

Really fun.but there should be an option where we can friend each other, and also be on a team with the same person ongoing

COOL BUTPosted by RONALD SACLOT 2016-02-25

Its cool and every thing but how do you get the set clothes without buying it if theres no other way please add another way

Plz hear my requestPosted by mohammed imtiyaz 2016-06-24

I m pleased with this game and I want more of this games I have an idea plz ubshould create a game the bomber and zombies

Posted by Sumair Khan 2016-05-13

I finished the game! Need more level! I spent over 20$ on certain difficult levels. This game cost. Please add more levels

You shouldPosted by Tjyggxx: Michaels 2016-03-17

Pit teen because you can make a update that win you get bomb you hit the ground and blood comes out and your head pops off

AmazingPosted by Gustavo Ferreira 2016-05-16

The challenge always increases. The multiplayer mode is definitely a good entertainment after you explore all the levels.

AWESOME GAME APPPosted by Brian Lopez 2016-04-16


CooolPosted by Mdafa Ilham 2016-08-29

Cooocococoxoccococociccicococcyayayayayayayayayayayaaaaaaayyyyyaaaaaaaa ini game keren banget tapi update Terus game nya

AddicivePosted by 2016-08-14

I'm so happy to play this bomber friends. I addictive this apps because it so many levels and challenging:-) :-) :-) :-)

This is such a great gamePosted by Nova Joe 2016-07-07

I love this game it gets you do a lot of choices of costumes and there in your styles love it love it loooooovvveeeee it

Challenge gamePosted by gin lee 2016-05-11

Campaign until level 220 finished... Pls update, I wanna continue playing. Robot Quest completed as well. Any new stage?

This is Awesome!!!Posted by Bhishmak Taunk 2016-02-24

The game is best.. It refreshed my memories of the Bomberman game. But can u plz add bluetooth and WLAN multiplayer. ✌

WowPosted by Babar Rind 2016-02-05

Just amazing game I love this game this is the game I really wanted to have in my phone thank you guys for the nice game

I lu v itPosted by Aida Shaker 2016-08-13

It's awesome! It will sometimes break my 3D capture thing so it breaks sometimes other then that keep up the good work!

Fun Multiplayer GamePosted by Umar Arifin 2016-03-22

Simple game but really fun playing Multiplayer mode. Searchingm multiplayer games? Make sure you download and play this

Greatness. Keep improvingPosted by William Eaves 2016-02-23

Very good game. Helps during down time and can be very addicting. Every update seems to help and bring better features.

Bomb fightPosted by 2016-08-19

I like it because when I am boring I play it and I like missions too I like changing country's too so download its fun

FunPosted by Mostafa haj heydari 2016-08-07

Its fun to bomb your friends, offline single player is fun too, waiting for new level, hope it will be in this update.

Im So BusyOFThis Game!Posted by Kirby MARATON 2016-07-22

I Like The Game Make More Game I Allways Give FiveStar Make More Better Than This Make More Charcter And Free Diamond!

Posted by Chayodom Kulsiriatorn 2016-05-03

I love this game but for robot quest I already reach 25th stage and when open the game again it does not save, so sad.

Good gamePosted by Aaron Anderson 2016-03-04

Good game but when y'all gonna give my mans some Jordan's or Nike's. My man need some Lebrons or some type of shoe...

HardPosted by Jesus Dominguez 2016-02-20

It's kind of hard because in the campaign there's this big skeleton and it has 3 lives and it's kind of hard to kill

Can't connect multiplayerPosted by Ervano Vega 2016-03-09

Still Can't connect to anyone on multiplayer everytime i try to join them or create it, but the single mode are good

AmusingPosted by Luis Gilba 2016-08-03

I edit my coment because it is working now on my phone and it is amazing. Amusing game sorry for the first coment!

Nice GamePosted by Angelica Gida 2016-08-02

Gusto ko po ito laruin palagi..... Sana mag update po kayo ng bago na pwede mag connect sa offline multiplayer....

Help pleaseePosted by Jozelle Andrade 2016-08-27

Hey its a pretty good game but when my friend create in private games i cant see her. Please helppppp asap. Thanks

I MISS THE GAMEPosted by Earvin gabriel Villamayor 2016-05-16


Cool........!Posted by Shishir R 2016-03-30

I always loved bombing games but this is the best.really good time killer.everybody likes it ..pls make more games

Great time killerPosted by Lance Arviso 2016-07-23

Soooooooo adictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So addictivePosted by Untitled162 2016-07-01

This game is very simple, yet very addictive. Whoever made this game, well done! This game is so fun and amazing.

Add emojies on the chat messagesPosted by Scientists Society 2016-06-09

And also ad up2 5 players or 6 It will epic, since sometimes it would disconnect nd ull end up losing some coins

Posted by Ahlpa_WolfPlays 2016-05-02

I love this game (My cousin and I play with together or verus) plus I wish you could play muiltiplayer campain :3

vvvvaaaaoooooo!!Posted by Supreet Singh 2016-04-08

Amazing ....superfluous.....marvellous....hyper physical...miraculous....prodigious...amusing....engrosing..fancy

Bumper friendsPosted by Brandy Roberts 2016-04-30

Awesomest games ever you should get it all everybody needs to get it as you don't know unless you try it!!!!!!!!

Awesome gamePosted by MOHINI MOHAN MALLICK 2016-03-28

I am eagerly waiting for more levels. I have already completed all 220 levels. Dear Team please add more level.

ScreenPosted by Du San 2016-02-03

Sreen rotated vertical and it wont go horisontal.. wtf? How to fix? So good game but with this bug cant play. :/

Posted by Mario Ortiz 2016-06-21

When I try to buy the campaign pack with 2000 coins it tells me to buy more coins even though I have 4000 coins

Awesome gamePosted by sadaf samreen 2016-05-05

This is my childhood game n happy to play now .....thanks 4r making this game.......good n addictive game......

izzypPosted by Israel Ponce 2016-02-24

really love this game but just too much ads, please try to take that off or just decrease the amount it pops up

I loved it very much.....Posted by nithi mohan 2016-05-28

I finished all stages and robot quest plzzzz update me. I want to play more. I never miss you bomboooooo......

This game is good I play this on ps1 all the timePosted by Ben Huckleberry 2016-05-21

This is a good good time u can play with all your friends if they have it it's a good you will like this game

Posted by saidi sakka 2016-05-26

Very good game.. I have been play for a long time.. Now my level202.. Very nice... I recommend doqnload it..

bomber frends levl 9Posted by simon john domingo abalos 2016-02-05

itoy nllaro ng mga bta at mttnda n kng sn itoy pg lruan ng atng mga bta n bwat gmes ito ay png onLne gmes

AmazingPosted by Angus Gifford 2016-07-29

I love it its so cool not really much to improve although you could make like some more boosts or some thing

AwesomePosted by Jhian Scarlett gaguis 2016-02-08

Because it is awesome have a good sound,quality,andgraphics and plss add a new level which is 221+ thanks!!!

Good gamePosted by Nova Uri 2016-09-02

Can u plz add the robot to be the second character and put button in up so u can change in robot quest plz

Awesome!Posted by jomar suangco 2016-06-10

If there is a 10 star rate i will rate this 10 stars this game is the best game i ever play even

Great GamePosted by Ryan Reinz 2016-03-27

I like Real-time Battle concept like this game..add more Feature like chat world and clan,it would be great

Please add more LevelsPosted by Mohammed Shahabaz 2016-03-12

The Game is Supper AWESOME I completed all levels please add more Levels I m addicted pleas please please

Donald J Trump Always has pouty lip lolPosted by 2016-08-16

It's so funny to me!!! The DJT and Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders DJT I'm not a bot either lol soooooo idk

CoolPosted by Casual Fire Fan 2016-06-12

You know it's cool and when my tablet got reseted it all got erased did you know what badge I am? Colony?!

Posted by shivshankar patwa 2016-05-26

awesome game, but please update this I want 2 play so many levels plz plz plz plz love u guys for the game

Great game!Posted by Randher Bilale 2016-05-20

Can you please try to update the app for new upcoming levels. Im too excited for it. Hope it soon. Thanks!

AddictivePosted by Rizwan Baloch 2016-05-03

Good game but, bubble world levels are hard to play due to its interface, plz change background or bricks,

Its good gamePosted by Reddenzel Garcia 2016-04-28

I love this game bomber freind ia very cool game and its funnt when you died ahah love it ♥♥♡♡ :-D

SOPHAT PIRATEPosted by Ghost pirate 2016-02-27

when i play this game .i can play with it very happy.u will be belive me? But u must try to play

Fabulous gamePosted by Deepak Kumar 2016-02-09

So funny entertaining game.Good job.plzz update more levels as soon as possible , i cleared all 220 levels

Awesome gamePosted by Rohit Barse 2016-08-28

I have completed all levels please add more levels I'm addicted to this game now please bring new levels

HhahahahhaPosted by Gwapo Louie 2016-04-07

Never thought i'll find a game like this so much love it i recommend everyone to play this exciting game

Awesome gamePosted by Gourav Lodha 2016-04-19

First it told that couldnt be downloaded but after it did. Awesome one loved it. Keep making such games

Great game butPosted by mohd usman 2016-02-28

Problem connecting to multiplayer I have a faster Internet still it says game not found or reconnecting

BEST GAMEPosted by Rana Muhammad Waqas 2016-02-23

plz more level update I complete all level so plzz .so amazing fun.Thanks for this game I lot of enjoy.

Posted by Ruby Ann Lawas 2016-02-16

I have'nt try but my friends told that this is a great game . Thats whay i rated ths game

Bomber FriendsPosted by miguel ortiz 2016-08-04

I like this game it's fun and entertaining for teens adults and also Kid's it's fun that's my opinion

ChallengingPosted by ALI DAHER 2016-06-15

After long time waiting this game on android, so much fun and extremely Challenging.Good Job Hyperkani

Posted by Rizky Artha 2016-04-13

I love so much this games. but plissshhh don't be lag again. and the control is slow. must upgrade it!

Love itPosted by Awais Abdullah 2016-07-06

I likeeeeeee itttttt. Mustttttt playyyyyyy dailyyyyyy.Can'ttttt liveeee withoutttt playingggg ittttt.

Nice gamePosted by arun arunjack 2016-07-03

I've like online games. v can with unknown persons and with friends. dis game is gud nice maintenance

Nice and PerfectPosted by Chad Gaming59x 2016-04-28

Well ive never played bomber friends before and its really a cool game ty for creating bomber friends

Addictive gamePosted by Jean Marvelo 2016-09-09

Im hook up to this game, Its a good time killer. killing enemies was great, great idea thumbs up :D

So awsome.Posted by Boss Gamer 2016-08-15

So great but can yall take off the ads but yall did great on making the game love it.❤❤❤❤❤

Awesome!Posted by Jas Is Going Crazy :P 2016-04-27

It's cool! I downloaded it while searching for a multiplayer game with my cousin and it was awesome!

Very addictivePosted by Edwar Joseph 2016-06-20

It's a very fun game, good multiplayer mode, good single player, it's a game you'll never be bored.

Cool..!!Posted by Roshan Bastakoti 2016-06-20

Excited to play with many tricks should be applies that helps increase our brain power.

This game is really aweaomePosted by Mavis Vermillion 2016-03-16

First time I play this game... It makes me want to play it again and again.. ( sorry if my eng bad)

LOVE IT!!!!Posted by Jake From state Farm 2016-07-10

but for some reason level I think 20 or 21 isn't working in wanna do the bonus level please fix=)

NC GamePosted by A Google User 2016-03-17

This game is cool but could you make the controler a little bigger? Still love the game so 5 Star.

nice game but robo pack should be freely availablePosted by Harshdeepak Manchanda 2016-03-07

nice game but robo pack should be freely available in game plz make Robo pack freely available ...

Im going to give 5 starPosted by Llyod J Zarsosa 2016-07-15

Because this is so time killer game and also not just time killer only its also addictive :-) :-)

My son & I are loving it!Posted by Aimee P 2016-07-03

We looked for a multi-player game that both of us will enjoy, and I'm thankful I found this game!

Love this gamePosted by Namia Freeanaria 2016-04-02

please add more bases with special effects as in the first version of Bomberman on kega emulator

ChallengingPosted by Wesley Poe 2016-03-11

There is so much stradegy put into this game. Who ever came up with this game deserves five stars

UpdatePosted by Rajan Raut 2016-03-10

Can you make the robot pack purchase by game coins rather than real money.Only that pack please !

Hello may you creators readPosted by Dovydas Kacinskis 2016-06-16

Can i have my money back please ca7se i dont even play this game so please can i have money back

GOOD GAMEPosted by christian dequina 2016-07-03

it was verry cool i like it. add more cool stuff please that can buy with gold like cool dress.

IMBAPosted by Anthon Belara 2016-06-01

Its owesome , I finished all the lvl until 220 , when will be the next update for the new lvl??

needs more improvementPosted by MeNerd Avila 2016-03-12

you guys did a good job. but please add a game that me can play to get special packs and stuff.

New levelsPosted by Arsalan Iqbal 2016-07-28

Bohot mushkil levels bna diye hain banda tapp or thak jata hai. :/ You may GoogleTranslate it.

Posted by Leigh Wagener 2016-07-23

สบืยอยกยกยกยำ กยยหยหบำยำยำมำสำหว

AddictingPosted by nice sagubo 2016-07-19

I already finished the last level which is Level 220. Should I update the game for more level?

I loved this gamePosted by Nicholas Tembo 2016-06-30

You guys should make a number three of bomer friends. It s so good i mite have to kill my self

Posted by Raven Morehead 2016-05-28

I love it! But the only thing I wish is that I should really love to do vs with nearby people.

Still waitingPosted by con yan 2016-05-04

Please create a continuation to level 220 already.. Been waiting for new levels for a while :)

It is so funPosted by Machai Williams 2017-01-10

The game is so fun that I almost never get off of it except when I'm tired or I'm very hungry

It Made Me An AddictPosted by Alek Armstrong 2016-08-07

I actually got addicted to this game. This game has reached the maximum level of fun. LOVE IT

IT WAS VERY FUN!!Posted by Jaszminn Zara 2016-06-06

I love this game. PSS Zara .:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Really Addictive and EasyPosted by Kiyo SAT 2016-06-02

Its really easy to get the hang of it! Plus really Addictive gameplay, easy mechanics and etc

NEVERMINDPosted by Diamondknight v 2016-05-02


FunPosted by 2016-08-28

Its is sooo fun and its is awesome beacause you play with real ppl so go ahead. INSTALL IT!!

Posted by Crazy Explosion 2016-06-24

Great game but can you add change controls to the game. My fingers are too big for my phone.

UpdarePosted by Nasir Chaudhry 2016-06-14

Update tha game. I done all levela. I love this game. Thanks. No i dont play the rebot level

Screenshots & Video


Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.
- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support! (Also MOGA-Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
- Supports Android TV!

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Bomber Friends on Google Play

Current Version:
Content Rating:
Everyone 10++